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Works beautifully (Linux/Ubuntu), USB and Bluetooth. Zippy scrolling. Impressive battery life.5/17/2021 1:53:25 AM

Pros: Met my high expectations and more. Used with Linux Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and 20.04, stock. All mouse functions "just work", and very well. This mouse tracks on seemingly anything, even glossy surfaces like postcards or plastic bags (not glass; for that you'd need a MX). Fast scrolling, almost silent, with just the right amount of tactile feedback. Different audible "clicks" between "normal" buttons, middle (wheel down), and wheel left-right. USB receiver (Logitech Unifying, included) and Bluetooth. Both work great. The mouse indeed pairs with two computers/receivers (I haven't tried more), with one click or zero for the included USB receiver; that one just works right out the package. Reconnects instantly, all the time very much unlike that @*#$ Apple mouse I will now retire. No need to click to "wake it up" after a period of non-use like others. This one just works. Plenty of range, it seems. Works perfectly from across the room. The USB receiver comes, and can be stowed back, inside the mouse if/when not needed. Smart! Compact (as advertised), relatively light, my kids love it. Uses just one standard AA battery, included. Trivial to replace, future-proof. Works with rechargeable Ni-MH just fine, down to 0.95~0.9V very good. Mindblowingly low power consumption. I thought "2 years battery life" was marketing manure, but nope, it seems achievable, or not that far off. I measured very roughly 2 mA average during my normal/moderate use (browsing etc). That'd be 1000~2000 hours of use on a single AA. Impressive! Well done Logitech engineers.

Cons: Hard to find anything bad, honestly! Maybe: The wheel moves slightly more freely than I would like. The middle (wheel) button is relatively stiff, but at least that ensures no accidental middle-click while scrolling.

Overall Review: Back to Logitech after some less-than-stellar experience with others. Going cheap did cost me in the end, especially this past year of mostly working-from-home. Dependability is underrated. Sure, the Logitech MX are even fancier. This one seems the right combination of affordable yet uncompromisingly solid for me. I have not evaluated Logitech's software (Options, Flow) at all, nor obviously any function specific to it, such as copy-pasting between computers which I don't need, and didn't buy this mouse for anyway. See other reviews for these. On Linux, open-source software like solaar (standard Debian/Ubuntu package) shows the mouse battery status, manages devices paired with the Unifying receiver etc. Optional. This mouse happily accepts a rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Do use a low-self-discharge one though (e.g. Eneloop or Ikea Ladda) if you'd like it to actually last 1~2 years between charges.

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Much slower than advertised4/14/2021 4:02:40 PM

Pros: Supposedly very fast and good endurance compared to similarly-priced SSDs.Responsive (but not very tech-savy) tech support.Easily RMA'd, but the replacement behave exactly the same.Still works fine, as "fast" as originally although it's only got a dozen TB written over the past few months and remained only ~half full (given the performance shortfall, I used another SSD for write-intensive applications).

Cons: Less than half the throughput advertised from day one (even on a 12-core Xeon)!Very disappointing.Drive comes by default as 512-octet sectors, not sure why Corsair thought it would be a good idea. Tried switching to 4K (losing all data on it), with almost-negligible improvement.Replacement drive (reporting zero writes initially) is exactly as "fast"; at least everything is consistent.Missed the return window, so I'm stuck with it.

Overall Review: Corsair support responded quickly and was nice to work with but was unable to offer any suggestion short of exchanging the device (which I did, and didn't help).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi O, Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us via your existing or new ticket if you have any additional questions/concerns, we'd be happy to help: -Albert
Defective. Returning.4/14/2021 3:43:13 PM

Pros: No packaging Looks nice (aluminum and white plastic) Newegg makes returns easy

Cons: Defective or flawed: doesn't work for more than a few minutes (connected to a MacBook pro; any port), then repeatedly disconnects/reconnects.Gets too hot to touch when used while charging.Also Sharp edges Very short stiff cable

Overall Review: Will update this review if/when I get the replacement.

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No good for VHF!10/28/2010 6:52:29 PM

Pros: Works fine for UHF. While reception wasn't better than my old indoor antenna, the situation improved quite a bit once set up outdoor, as should be expected. Installation of the antenna itself was easy (cabling is another matter).

Cons: Very poor performance on VHF, to the point I'm considering returning this item. Completely lost DTV channel 7 (KGO here); signal on ch 12 was marginal with my old rabbit ear indoor and hasn't improved with this thing on top of the roof (and yes, I've tried multiple locations and orientations) -- disappointing. This is basically a UHF-only antenna. Check -- if some of the channels you hope to get are on VHF, buy something else.

Overall Review: The included cable may be handy to "just check things out" but is likely too short for most installations. This antenna requires power (fed through the coax); keep that in mind when planning your cabling and esp. the location and type of splitters if you need any.

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