Great card, with one caveat...11/8/2014 5:31:25 PM

Pros: -Good looking card. -Amazing performer (just look up some benchmarks and comparisons against 780's, 290x's, etc). -Great value. Probably one of the greatest performance-per-dollar cards ever put out. -EVGA quality. -Free backplate from EVGA with purchase. -These cards are great overclockers, BUT...

Cons: -Somewhat loud fans. Not coil whine, just loud. Not unnervingly loud, just louder than I'm used to. These cards run so cool though that you can maneuver around this problem with custom fan profiles. -No matter what you do, these cards throttle at times, and it can get somewhat frustrating when trying to get stable overclocks. Considering hardcore overclocking isn't something that these specific cards were designed for, I probably shouldn't complain. It's still an amazing card, and an amazing bargain at this price point.

Overall Review: -Newegg started a free game promotion with the purchase of these cards a few days after I purchased mine. I chatted with customer support, and they immediately sent me a code for a free game. Newegg customer service at it's finest. It doesn't get any better.

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Great budget HDD11/5/2014 6:42:40 PM

Pros: -WD quality. They never disappoint. -Affordable. -Great packaging. I know it seems weird to comment on that, but I've seen so many PC's and PC components get destroyed in the process of shipping, it's worth noting.

Cons: -Not as fast as my 5 year old WD Black or my Seagate 'Cuda, but I knew that going in. If you want something a little faster, go with one of those (or even an SSD) and spend a few extra bucks. This was for a budget build for grandpappy, and he wouldn't notice the difference anyway.

Overall Review: Great drive for the price. Impressed with WD, as usual.

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It's RAM, it works.11/5/2014 6:41:58 PM

Pros: -It's 1600 Mhz, dual channel RAM, and it was affordable. -It works. -No conflicting issues with the BIOS. I've noticed on a lot of RAM, it defaults to lower-than-advertised frequencies, but this one was going at 1600 Mhz from the get go. No big deal, but nice none the less.

Cons: -It's kind of an ugly color. Obviously from the pictures, you can see the color, but in person it's just kind of *bleh*. Probably wont' match anything else inside your case.

Overall Review: -Affordable RAM that works. No complaints.

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Affordable, no frills optical drive11/5/2014 6:36:27 PM

Pros: -It's black, so it will match 99% of cases out there. -Sturdy construction -Amazingly affordable (~$10)

Cons: -It doesn't make toast? Honestly, not really any cons I can think of.

Overall Review: For ~$10, you can't go wrong with this optical drive. Lite-On continues to impress.

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Great case for a budget build11/5/2014 6:33:57 PM

Pros: -Very spacious -Nice fit and finish for a mostly plastic case -Black inside and out. I've noticed a lot of budget cases are unfinished (bare) metal on the inside, and I do not find that attractive. -Great cable management options for it's price point. -USB 3.0 header, which I've noticed is rare on such cheap cases. -Plenty of room for multiple HDD's/SSD's/Optical/Floppy/Media drives.

Cons: -Don't plan on mounting anything in the top slot. Was going to mount the optical drive in the top slot, but it's not possible. The cables for the USB/Audio/Power headers on the front panel prevent you from installing anything in this slot.

Overall Review: Other than the unusable top drive slot, this is a ridiculously good budget case. It's easier to work in/on than other cases twice it's price. Can't be beat for $30.

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Corsair Quality on a Budget11/5/2014 6:30:17 PM

Pros: -Modular -Corsair quality, great fit and finish as always -Amazing PSU for the price

Cons: -Not a whole lot of room for powering lots of SATA/peripheral devices. You can only power 4 SATA/Peripheral devices with this PSU. Not a complaint, just something to note for those considering a purchase.

Overall Review: -430W Modular PSU built to Corsair standards, can't complain for ~$25. I believe you can even get it for $20 now after rebates. Can't beat this PSU for a budget build.

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Amazing budget CPU11/5/2014 6:26:05 PM

Pros: -It's an Intel chip. -Even though it's only a dual core, it seems like it outpaces my AMD 965 Black Edition (granted it's a 6 year old chip, but still). -Ridiculous amount of overclocking headroom. -Runs cool and quiet with the stock HSF, even under load.

Cons: -None. This is an amazing budget chip.

Overall Review: Got this for free with an MSI Z97 PC Mate motherboard. It's an insane bargain and you can't go wrong with this chip when building on a budget. It's a great way to get into overclocking.

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Quality budget Z97 board11/5/2014 6:23:28 PM

Pros: -Easy to use UEFI BIOS -Very affordable -Good layout of USB hubs, SATA ports, etc -Has heatsinks on VRMs, I've noticed some budget MSI boards do not. -Overclocking is easy peasy with the UEFI.

Cons: -Somewhat flimsy, which I've noticed in other MSI boards. When you're plugging things in to the board, make sure you support it from the underside. Wouldn't want to snap a chunk off of your brand new motherboard. -Some questionable "utilities" bundled in with the drivers, and no descriptions of said utilities. Just something to pay attention to when you're installing drivers/utilities.

Overall Review: Got this and a G3528 for $100, can't really beat that when you're building a budget rig. Would definitely buy again when building another budget rig.

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Affordable, no frills keyboard11/5/2014 6:19:15 PM

Pros: -Doesn't feel cheap or flimsy, despite the ridiculously low price point. -Cherry quality, as expected.

Cons: -None.

Overall Review: Great keyboard for the price. Can't go wrong for ~$10.

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No frills, great flash drive11/5/2014 6:17:48 PM

Pros: -Sturdy -Looks good -Corsair Quality

Cons: -It doesn't come with a lanyard or something? No real cons I suppose.

Overall Review: Use this as a Win 7 Bootable Flash Drive, no problems whatsoever.

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This case is a dream come true.11/3/2014 9:40:27 PM

Pros: Size (Slightly smaller than my old Rosewill Challenger) Spacious (Way easier to work in than said Challenger) Spectacular Cable Management PRICE Aesthetically Pleasing Very Well Designed

Cons: Doesn't make coffee...?

Overall Review: I got this case on sale for around $50, and honestly, I probably wouldn't have hesitated to pay 3 times that much, now that I know how great this case is. The fit and finish on this product is A+. I've never bought an NZXT product before, but you can sure bet I'll be getting my hands on some more NZXT goodies now. The cable management, and the amount of room you have to work in this case (despite it's deceptively small size) are amazing. I was concerned that I wouldn't get very good airflow in this case, but I was wrong. The guys at NZXT did their homework on this one, and it paid off. This case has beat out the Corsair Carbide Air 540 as my favorite case. Unless you need room for 4+ HDD's AND 3+ SSD's, as well as an optical drive, there's no reason you shouldn't buy this case. It's amazing.

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Quality is outstanding for a refurbished product10/19/2014 2:01:18 PM

Pros: - I was convinced the unit I got was new, until I discovered the "refurbished" sticker on the bottom of the box. - Great price ($60 at time of purchase).

Cons: - None

Overall Review: I have yet to install this unit, as I'm waiting to purchase a bigger case to go with it. However, I just wanted to let people know that when buying a refurbished product from Corsair, don't be hesitant. I'm still not sure the unit they sent me was ever even used, it seems brand new. Will update when unit gets installed.

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Enthusiast Performance at a Budget Price10/19/2014 1:58:47 PM

Pros: - Fast - Affordable

Cons: - Doesn't include any extras, like SATA cables or drive adapters, but for the average PC enthusiast, this is no biggy.

Overall Review: I'm going to cut to the chase. This is an enthusiast level SSD (i.e. Vector 150's, 840's, Crucial MX's) for a budget price. I only paid ~$70 for the 240GB model, and it performs well (if not better) than most enthusiast SSD's at almost double the price. Can't go wrong with this SSD.

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Wanted more storage, got more than I bargained for!10/5/2014 12:55:21 PM

Pros: -Great price per GB (got it on sale with a promo code). -Seagate reliability/warranty. -Better than expected performance.

Cons: - It doesn't make toast.

Overall Review: Basically, I was running out of room on my 3 year old WD Caviar Black 750GB drive, and needed more storage. I opted for this Seagate unit due to it being on sale. For curiosity's sake, I ran CDM on my old HDD as well as the new one just to compare them, and the new HDD was faster in every category. Accordingly, I ended up switching my OS and everything off of my old HDD to the new one. Definitely happy with this purchase.

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Upgraded from Antec Green 650W9/26/2014 9:15:51 PM

Pros: -Modular -Great price for the wattage -Comes with velcro EVGA stamped cable management ties -Comes with PSU tester

Cons: -The port where you connect the power cord to the PSU seems somewhat flimsy. I don't know if this affects all units, or I just got unlucky. It hasn't caused any problems yet, but definitely something to watch out for. -Doesn't include mounting hardware. Most cases give you plenty of extra hardware though, so shouldn't be a problem for most users.

Overall Review: Got this on special for a great price, can't really complain.

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Bought as a replacement9/26/2014 9:12:06 PM

Pros: Decent amount of features for a budget board Good price

Cons: Somewhat flimsy, make sure you support this motherboard well when installing components, lots of flex. No heatsink on the VRM. That being said, I run a constant 10% overclock and haven't reached any unreasonable temps.

Overall Review: Good value, replacing a failed ASrock 890GX Pro 3, no compaints for the price.

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