Keeps me cool and quiet2/16/2011 8:14:33 PM

Pros: I just bought this from Newegg. I have a phenom II x550 and when I was doing some video rendering it would show my processor exceeding 200 degrees. It would only run for a little longer then automatically shut down in the middle of my projects. After installing this fan, my computer has not exceeded 90 degrees and I am putting as much stress on it as possible. Its nice to know I dont have to worry about it shutting down any more. This thing is super quiet also. Cant hardly hear it running which is what I like.

Cons: None.. this cooler is worth every penny.

Overall Review: You have to be very careful its a little tricky to install and you have to remove your motherboard in order to do it. It's also very large and you may have difficulty clearing your video card and ram. It was very close on mine but it fits just perfect.

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Great Drive10/28/2009 5:40:15 PM

Pros: Great Drive, working fantastic, Newegg must have changed how they ship these drives. I have seen complaints about how they dont package them very good. The last two drives I have ordered were thick with bubble ram and styro foam. You could have dropped them off a building and not damaged them.

Cons: none

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Great Ram, Worth the extra cost10/28/2009 5:38:30 PM

Pros: As usual Great ram once again from corsair, runs at advertised speed, no bad sticks passed all memory test with zero errors.

Cons: none

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Antec Strikes with Sonata9/16/2009 5:40:33 PM

Pros: I have owned several Antec cases over the years and the Sonatas have always been a great choice. I am not disappointed at all. Excellent case for a nice mid to high range computer. Very well layed out. Hardrive racks are not just for looks they are also very functional. Very easy to swap drives in out if you need to. Ample room for optical drives, as well as esata connector. The case is also very solid, has a nice weight to it. Something you dont get with a 50 dollar case. Also, these cases run very quiet, I know some people love big loud computers and fans but not me. I would rather not know its sitting next to me. Antec has always made a great power supply in my opinion and for the price of this case, it could not be beat. This is money well spent. Thank you Newegg for fantastic service once again. The rest of my parts will come from Newegg also.

Cons: None, you need a good case for a good price this is your best choice.

Overall Review: None, Thanks for the good service

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