great system for the price. adding more RAM helps.10/1/2009 7:31:23 PM

Pros: small, cool running, and QUIET! put it right next to the TV and you'll never hear it. my wife was amazed it was actually a computer. it's so tiny and neat looking as well. looks great next to a plasma. comes loaded with XP home, ready to roll right out of the box, after the 5 minute setup. booted relatively fast (though slow next to my dual core win7 machine), but hey, it's a single core 1.6Ghz processor, with 1GB of ram.

Cons: -first off, this thing is LOADED with bloatware. loaded. not an exaggeration. like, 20 different stupid games, free trials, etc etc. took me about 30 min to delete all this superfluous junk off the system. why not give us a disc with all these unnecessary programs? booo acer. - couple of tough mods on this system. changing out the hard drive is tricky. i can't tell if the drive is actually adhesive mounted to the board as well as torx-ed in. i only spent a few minutes trying to remove the drive, but was unsuccessful. there were three exposed TORX screws that held the drive on the board. after removing them (yeah, yeah; warranty schmarranty), the hard drive had no 'play' to it, as if it were physically 'stuck' to the board...weird. so i didn't switch it out. memory was really easy to get to though. the processor is really tough on flash video. youtube, hulu, all those sites will give you some jaggies and render issues while watching them. it's not a powerhouse.

Overall Review: one big difference right off the bat. Newegg specifies that the memory capacity is 1GB, and has two slots. the second part of that is right. just for giggles i picked up a 2gb stick of g-skill memory in the event that it would work. the revo comes with 1 stick of 1gb ram. i simply put the 2gb stick in slot 2, and turned it on, and voila! now i have 3gb of ram. this pc is totally worth it so far. get one.

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LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!1/28/2008 7:01:20 AM

Pros: Price, newegg service/shipping, canon name and quality. NOTE: don't buy the 18-55 lens with this. hit am@zon and buy the 50mm 1.8 macro lens for eighty bucks, or the tamron 75-300 macro lens for 129 bucks. i bought both lenses and i couldn't be more smitten with my overall purchase. the 18-55 is pretty junky, i have one at work that came with the 20D we have, and it's a paperweight. save your money and pick up some good starter lenses instead. also, buy a second battery. the dolica one i bought was perfect as a backup.

Cons: absolutely none whatsoever. seriously.

Overall Review: i've been shooting at work with an EOS 20D for about 2 years, and sharpening my skills enough to want to get my own DSLR. i know all the options out there, and the pros and cons to brand vs. price vs. quality. i was very hesitant about which camera to buy. based on my experience with canon cameras, and their commitment to quality.

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Verified Owner
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Fast, Cheap, Quality, BUY!1/28/2008 6:53:20 AM

Pros: CHEEEEAP! totally inexpensive for it's capacity and speed. if you're not a pro/don't require burst RAW shots, you'll be happy with this card. if you're a pro, you'll probably get a turbo superfast awesome card. i use this in my Canon Rebel XTi and it's perfect so far. i took it out yesterday in 10 degree weather, camera and card were in perfect running order. BUY IT!!

Cons: absolutely none. every card reader i have reads it no problem. durable and solid.

Overall Review: just buy it. i see you eyeing this. seriously. i'm real picky about this kind of stuff, and was kind of on the fence about this based on the price. but it's awesome. really. thanks newegg!

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uh..not sure about this router....1/18/2008 9:49:31 AM

Pros: Cheap. looks cool with my d-link switch, which is the same color scheme. blinky lights look nice in the dark.

Cons: look, i'm no idiot when it comes to networking. but this router's driving me nuts so far. it's wonky at best. tried the factory setup with my comcast cable connection, worked fine at first (nice web interface, by the way), but then it would either take forever to load any site, or not load at all. i never get a lost connection prompt nor does the router physically lose connection. it just won't load pages. on the router side, everything seems fine, my NIC is fine, and the modem's fine as well. after i restart the router it's perfect...for 5 minutes again. then boom. nothing. i may have to return this one. my DI-604 never did this.

Overall Review: boo, d-link. maybe i'm just missing something, but it seems like this is just a bad product. oh, and to the people having firmware issues, mine came as 2.0 FW.

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just got it for xmas! BUY THIS!12/25/2007 4:34:01 PM

Pros: nothing but pros for this. software is easy to use (although almost 60 megs!), bright lighting, awesome and familiar button layout, usb compatible. does exactly what you think it will do (and everything i'd hoped for)!

Cons: absolutely none, except the cost.

Overall Review: this was so easy to set up. it took me no longer than 15 min start to finish. you DL the logitech software, tell the software what you have in your theatre setup (HDTV, receiver, dvd, xbox, etc), and set up activities, and you're rolling. boom. that's it! my girlfriend's not afraid of it, was able to get things moving in no time, and she's already mastered it. totally amazing device, and a must if you own a home theatre with a 360 involved. i even have a DG510 receiver, and had to do the 'trick' where you have to set up as a component device and still get 5.1 optical, and the remote had NO problems figuring it out. as a matter of fact, the first time i booted up the xbox in activities, everything turned on except the xbox. the menu on the remote prompted me to see if everything was on. it wasn't, so i hit 'help'. then, it turned my xbox on, and said 'did this fix the problem?', and i entered 'yes'. now it turns everything on together. it learns, it's intuitive, and i'm glad i own it.

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H0ly Huge Monitor, Batman11/28/2007 4:58:32 AM

Pros: Good sweet lord, this thing is monstrous. literally dwarfs my Acer 17" lcd that sits directly to the right of it. You'll be able to save money on the lighting in your computer room, as this thing simply brightens up the entire room. it's bright. NO DEAD PIXELS! woohoo! i'm 4 for 4 with newegg now! Did i mention this thing is huge?

Cons: ok, some important pointers. first it's TOO bright, if there's such a thing. i'm a graphic designer, so my monitors have to be pantone calibrated. this monitor is brighter in the middle and dimmer on the sides (but it's still pretty bright everywhere). it's just not consistent. so if you're not looking directly at center screen, it's gonna look a little off...has lots of tweakables though (color, brightness, contrast, etc), so you can customize to your liking. it's tough though. i recommend the pantone huey system though. the brightness variance is why i gave it a 4 instead of 5.

Overall Review: got this for a black friday deal on newegg. two-hundred buckaroos for a gigantic monster of a monitor? you betcha. my games look awesome on this. world in conflict, amazing. now i can see everything. my multitrack programs are great, i can keep all my tracks in one window, and my VST plugins in the other, and see everything perfect. BUY THIS. thanks newegg! AGAIN!

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Goodbye Apple11/16/2007 7:28:59 AM

Pros: awesome interface. lets you run the firmware for the new zune on this one. customizable background. apple fanboys don't realize how important customization is. wifi, radio, video, huge screen, all for way less than a nano. this was seriously a no brainer.

Cons: this thing is ugly. really ugly. but who cares, i'm ordering a case for it. bloated software that requires updates from MS. software not H@X()R friendly, but i made it work. video recompression is no picnic either.

Overall Review: first off, let me say that i've had an ipod nano for over 6 months now. it was my first apple product. i don't like apple very much to begin with, and am a PC guy in general. but i bought a nano for my girlfriend for her birthday, and thought it was cute and small enough to carry around, so i picked up a refurb from newegg. it was cool and cute and functional, but for 50 bucks less i could get 30 GIGS, VIDEO, AND A BIGGER SCREEN, not to mention a radio and wi-fi? i just sold my nano on craigslist and bought this zune. it's awesome. don't hesitate. push the buy button. seriously. a no brainer.

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Best...Trackball....ever...11/12/2007 4:33:04 AM

Pros: wireless is flawless. it's right on my desk, so no problems. like any logitech el cheapo wireless device, if you go any further than 3 or 4 feet you're gonna lose connection. but if this is on your desk, you're fine. buttons are awesome. i've been using a marble mouse forever, so gaming has been a pain in the keister, as the MM has no scroll wheel. this TB has so many buttons, and they're all mappable via the software. playing World In Conflict just got easier!

Cons: IT'S HUGE! this isn't really a con, but it'll take some getting used to, especially if you're used to the dainty little marble's pretty expensive....for a mouse.

Overall Review: if you're jumping into the trackball side of gaming, or just wanna give this one a try, DO IT! you can't go wrong. newegg rules. shipping was super fast as usual, and no problems. thanks again newegg for keeping me out of the big box stores!!

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6 MONTH REVIEW7/24/2007 8:13:16 PM

Pros: i got this for fourteen ninety-nine at circu1t c1ty in january. it's been such an awesome tv. dvd's look great, my comcast HDTV looks amazing. i didn't buy the extended warranty on it, as i never had any issues with a TV before, and i always bought name brand.

Cons: here's where it gets yucky. about 4 weeks ago i noticed some blue 'clouds' forming in the top left corner of the screen, appearing in the darker white shades. it's gotten progressively worse over time. it's not burn in, and i even tried running the test pattern screen saver tool, but it's always there. totally uncool. it's still under warranty, but come on. 6 MONTHS!!! i'm not happy at all. my next tv will not be a samsung. boo-urns to this tv.

Overall Review: i've done lots of research on this particular model, and found that there are RAMPANT problems, from these blue cloud thingys to buzzing power supplies, to burn in from everyday use (i.e. the station id transparancies that stay on the bottom of the screen)...if you're going to make someone pay almost 2G for a product, make it last for a couple of years at least. me and the wife both have FT jobs, and no kids. this tv is hardly used!! very unhappy about this.

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dear reviewer below7/20/2007 11:25:01 AM

Pros: Dear reviewer below: i'm sure you tried your hardest to conceal your identity as a Sony rep, but it really didn't work. you're totally a rep, and it's reviews like this that make people skip over bad marketing decisions like a PINK CAMERA. you gave it the ol' college try, but you're a sony rep posting a false review. i actually own a DSC-***, and it's truly a 5 star product (which is why i gave this the rating i did). go back to the XBOX 360 forums and post some good points about the PS3 now. thanks.

Cons: Sony reps are con artists.

Overall Review: i'm getting a little fat in my old age.

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awesome! plug and play!6/15/2007 9:44:50 AM

Pros: PRICE! less then twenty buckaroos for a great switch! all of my stuff is D-Link so i've never had an issue. this kept me from running 3 different cable for all my stuff in the living room (Xbox 360, PC, etc). just ran a CAT5 from the router to the switch, connected my networked devices, and voila! i really love hassle-free networking, so i just made a big network-y mess all over the place!! woohoo! don't hesitate, buy it!

Cons: ok, so i really didn't make a big network-y mess all over the place, but that was fun to type. no cons though.

Overall Review: i want to travel back in time, to tell myself what an unnecessary review this was. i also would like a gas grill.

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WARNING! READ THIS!!5/11/2007 6:14:15 PM

Pros: cheaper than from the big box stores! i bought it before MS released the update and this cable went up in price due to higher demand. now it's the big box store price on newegg. easy tp hook up. cable is LONG and quality. comes with RCA to 1/8" adapter AND gender changer.

Cons: CHECK YOUR VGA PINS!! i read another review that said to watch out for bent vga pins, so i checked before trying to plug it in. sure enough, my pins were MANGLED!! this was a retail blister pack too! what's the deal, MS? i spent like 10 min bending back the pins to fit in the gender changer...

Overall Review: with the update from xbox live, you can get pretty close to component quality HD on this cable now. you need to change some settings in the dash, but now i can play my XB360 in style, even on my budget acer 17" 4:3 monitor. i have a USB Fast Track USB for sound, and it's amazing. it's not 5.1, but this is just to use in my studio when the wife's watching tv on the plasma anyway. thanks newegg. OH, and something got messed up in shipping this, so newegg upped my ground to 2-day air. THANKS newegg...again!

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what a deal. quiet, cool, woohoo!4/12/2007 5:48:29 PM

Pros: ordered this with a Athlon 64 3200, it was a little weird (but not hard) to install, as i'm used to a much more difficult clip situation. then again, i never even removed the mobo from my case to put it in. just move some wires, be patient and gentle, and this goes in no problem. SUPER quiet!!! it's not too big, not too small, and keeps my idle system @ 33C. great quality fan and heatsink. don't hesitate to buy this!

Cons: none at all.

Overall Review: like i said, awesome product. oh, and i ordered this on wednesday @ 10am, was at my house thursday by 4pm. only newegg can provide this much satisfaction. thanks a million.

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get 'em while you can4/12/2007 5:44:43 PM

Pros: if you have a 754 board, get this before you can't anymore. no bent pins, arrived in tip-top shape with great packaging. soon as i got it in, booted, recognized, and gave me a nice speed boost on 3dmark05. a nice upgrade from my older Athlon 64 3000.

Cons: none whatsoever. it wasn't free?

Overall Review: bought this with a Arctic Cool Alpine 64, and setup was a breeze.

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WOW!3/21/2007 2:30:35 PM

Pros: so, instead of reviewing this card as soon as i got it, i figured i'd stress test it on everything i have game-wise before doing a review. as soon as i installed it, i tried games like COD2, Halo, Hitman: Blood Money, and the C&C3 demo (which is the game i decided was worth this upgrade. i was running a 6600 before this, and i could run most of my games at low-med settings with your standard glitching during battles and hi-intensity moments. as soon as i installed this, my framerate and quality jumped substantially. BUT, the big surprise came a couple hours ago. i decided i should probably re-install XP again, so i did that today. and WOW all over again. i was playing the C&C3 demo at 1280x1024 on ultra high, and wheee...not a jump, skip, or quiver out of this thing. same with hitman BM, and cod2. you won't be able to run 16x AA or anything (it IS still an AGP card), but everything you can throw at this thing will run awesome. specs: Athlon 64 3000, 2G G-Skill RAM, this card.

Cons: it's huge. weighs almost a pound and a half. long, so if you have a micro ATX, you may have issues. had to move some drives around, but overall no problems getting it in...heh heh. it's not as loud as everyone's making it out to be. it IS louder than any other card i've had though. i'm already used to it. my guitar amp is loud too, but that's pretty awesome in itself. gets pretty hot, but not above 55C. you need a molex free and a pretty honkin' PSU. it wasn't free either. hope BFG honors my rebate.

Overall Review: if you don't have the moolah to upgrade to Dual-Core or 939, get this. you will not regret it. i started with a 5200, got a 5500, then a 6600, and now this. nvidia's always been great. OH, and i ordered this on wed. at 9am, and it was at my house next day at 4pm. thanks again, newegg!

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yay for DivX, yay for newegg.3/15/2007 5:12:52 AM

Pros: ok..pros? let's see...i can burn data DVDs with video and they play on this!! all those 'movies' i download can be enjoyed without burning them in movie format, which takes hours. sure, you get menus and all that, and with straight data you don't get menus and chapters, but with a certain kind of movie, you don't really care about menus and chapters sometimes. seems to play anything i throw at it. i just went through my torrents folder and put a bunch of random stuff on a disc, old and new. all played perfectly, with audio! as far as regular dvd's (retail), they look awesome on my 42" plasma. the component out rocks. progressive scan looks outstanding. great menus, picture customizability, and locks for the kiddies. you can also register the player with DivX. oh, and PAL/NTSC/Multi options, too.

Cons: i don't like standby mode. it just kind of creeps me out. it's like my DVD player's all 'haha, i'm "on" but not really "on", but short of unplugging me there's nothing you can do about it.'...the remote is a huge joke, unless you have little tiny girlie hands. seriously, were there oompaloompas on the R&D team for this? hopefully you have a universal remote, like i do. the uni-remote that i have handles ALL functions of this player. newegg shipped it in the RETAIL BOX. cripes, come on newegg. i'll pay an extra 3 bucks for piece of mind to see it in a brown cardboard box. same thing with LCD monitors. this makes me cranky! things in retail boxes get stolen. fact! also, 3 day shipping turned into 7 day. i feel newegg's been slipping up on this lately. they shouldn't. you guys should be vigilant in reminding them of that. i am.

Overall Review: just buy this for now until HD-DVD gets a little cheaper in the next year. it'll look awesome on your HDTV. to heck with those upconvert players. i had one and returned it. these look way better, IMHO. AND you can watch your 'video downloads' on data discs. awesome.

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skip this one. save up for HD-DVD.2/13/2007 9:47:06 AM

Pros: good price. nice look. lightweight. fast read/startup time. it's newegg, so you know it's a deal.

Cons: read below. lots of em. i tried to be fair as possible.

Overall Review: while this is most likely the best dvd up-conversion player out there, it really only makes a difference on newer dvds. older dvds actually look much much worse on this, even with the HDMI. i have a samsung 42" plasma, and for instance, i put in Saving Private Ryan (retail, 16:9), and it looked terrible. artifact city, as opposed to spider-man 2, which looked much better, but not THAT much better than the s0ny component dvd player i already have. it's not a bad product, and i imagine it will look great on a 22" lcd or something, but on a big-screen plasma? save your money. put this hundred bucks towards a HD-DVD player. i bought this exact model from c1rcu1t c1ty, and returned it next day. another issue i had with it was that it would auto-zoom on random scenes for no apparent reason. weird. anyway...caveat emptor.

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Newegg wins again!!1/26/2007 8:21:37 AM

Pros: seriously, don't support worst buy and cxxcuit xxxxxx by paying 125 bucks for a 12 foot cable. this cab le is dirt cheap, and better than the HDMI i conned comcast into giving me with my HDTV box. i have a 42" plasma, so component cables were making my SD channels all blurry, and the resized bars to make it 4:3 were silver, and totally distracting. i hooked up the cable box with the comcast DVI to HDMI cable (CC's boxes only have DVI out), and the picture for SD was better, but not great. so i hooked up THIS cable to it, and voila! my SD channels were crystal clear, AND the 4:3 resize bars were BLACK! it's so much less distracting. the HDTV looks awesome, AND my SD channels are great now, too!! i was totally skeptical about this cable, being a no-name brand, and it being only twenty smackeroos...but get this! it's long, and it's a great cable!! thanks newegg.

Cons: 3-day shipping took 8 days. AND the box was not packed with hundred dollar bills, like i had in a dream the other night...but maybe next time newegg will safely pack my items with large-denomination currency instead of packing peanuts!! ok, time for my medication!!

Overall Review: Why do they put braille on the drive up ATM machines?

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newegg does it again!!10/27/2006 6:53:18 AM

Pros: as we say in new england, wicked cheap!! good quality picture. buying this for my girlfriend's pc, and she's not a hardcore gamer. NO DEAD PIXELS!! awesome quality. UPS even put a big gash in the box during shipping, but didn't compromise screen quality at all. great deal.

Cons: UPS damage. they're 1diots. always have been. wish newegg put this box inside a better box. gash in box was on screen side of monitor and could have killed this thing. monitor stand is a biiatch. should have a release button or something. vga cable is hard-wired to the monitor itself, but AC cable is detachable.

Overall Review: thanks for free shipping newegg. i ordered this tuesday AM and it was at my house wednesday PM. amazing price, amazing quality as usual. hope this site continues to put businesses like t1g3rd1r3ct to shame. way to go.

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First time having to do this10/19/2006 8:27:19 AM

Pros: newegg shipping. that's all the pros for this review.

Cons: bad drive. bad, bad naughty bad drive!! set it up to install Vista x64 on it, BSOD'ed right out of splash screen. ok....checked everything, all was set up well. tried again, same result. ok. tried installing XP pro on it. no problem. 10 min setup start to finish. installed SP2, wouldn't boot on restart. tried repair install. BSOD. tried format/reinstall. BSOD. ...POC. that's all i got to say about this one. RMA to the rescue. i'm going to pick up something else.

Overall Review: as usual, newegg rules. thanks again for making everything better.

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Does The Job10/19/2006 8:22:09 AM

Pros: CHEAP! Cool color, 2 fans, TONS of connections, 20/24 pin connector, sleeved wiring, Newegg shipping. this thing is dead quiet. everything in my pc is annoyingly loud now.

Cons: fan doesn't output very much air at all. this leads me to believe that either this isn't really 430 watts (as i have very very little extra stuff in my case), or that 2 fans = better airflow and less fan output. either way, it makes me a little nervous. NO REBATE INFO! if anyone knows how to get rebate, please post.

Overall Review: once again, newegg rules. thanks.

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another great newegg deal!8/22/2006 6:20:53 PM

Pros: cheap. cheap cheap cheap. brand name, worked right at startup, firmware installed no problem. no coasters.

Cons: it came covered in goat's blood. i'm kidding. no cons.

Overall Review: ordered it on monday at 9am, was here tuesday by 5pm. newegg always rocks this hard. seriously. you guys rule. tiger who?

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