decent desk, missing a screw (no response from customer service)8/30/2021 2:54:11 PM

Pros: inexpensive, decent desk.

Cons: packaging was missing a screw. I emailed customer support but haven't gotten a response in over a week. It took more effort to put this desk together than similar products I've purchased in the past.

Overall Review: The missing screw and lack of customer support is an issue. The assembly issue is a one time event. Really depends on how you feel about the level of effort required to put it together yourself. It's functional and inexpensive compared to similar items.

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did not fit fully7/27/2015 3:41:28 PM

Pros: nice length

Cons: must get full plug in to work. I was hoping it would work with a phone cover to my 3.5mm plug but between the opening in the cover and the width of the plug, it did not make a solid connection.

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fair if Motorola Support didn't suck6/26/2015 6:53:01 PM

Pros: Good bluetooth range (up to 150 ft per spec) Works as expected (until wear and tear causes it to start failing) better than LG Tone (HBS-700 or HBS-730).

Cons: horrible Motorola support. Would not accept emails from for proof of purchase. unreasonable warranty policy if your purchased item away from online. Motorola support did not accept 2 separate emails from as proof of purchase which is required to return item for warranty exchange. I have owned 2 of these items and each has lost sound in one earbud within 6-8 months. If it was easy to do a warranty repair from an online merchant (not I would not list this as a con. While not required, a Motorola ID helped in getting warrantee exchange info. Do not use a different email/ID when processing a warrantee exchange or you will encounter lots of grief. The first one I received, the left metallic plate fell off which prevented the left earbud from attaching. Had to superglue the piece to the headset to get it to attach again.

Overall Review: While not noise cancelling, the correct ear cushion will block out a lot of external sound. Wearing both earbuds, it took co-workers having to tap on my shoulder to get my attention while using the Buds.

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does not charge ipads6/2/2015 7:16:33 PM

Pros: long 2 meter cable at a great price

Cons: does not charge my ipad3 (last version with 30pin connector). I'm sure it'll sync it but I needed extra charging cables for my old ipad.

Overall Review: I have friends with old iphone4s and ipod touch 4 that may be able to use this better than I could.

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worked for a while1/20/2014 5:32:42 PM

Pros: has 2 USB ports plus a lighter adapter. tilts/adjusts so you can position it with a limited range, esp important if you have some obstruction (center console is blocking some of the airspace above the charger port in your car). 2 year limited warranty.

Cons: The first one I owned, worked great for almost a year but at some point, the 2 USB power ports stopped working and the green light indicator stayed off. The pass-thru adapter kept working. It happened on the replacement and 2nd one I bought.

Overall Review: The device has a 2 year warranty so after a few days of back and forth to verify the model, they shipped out a replacement. I bought an extra one from Newegg while waiting for the replacement. Both stopped working after a couple weeks. After having 3 of these exhibit the same problem (USB power ports stop working), I'll try something else.

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