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Amazing airflow1/19/2010 10:02:06 AM

Pros: This thing is a monster. I tried installing it on the included internal mount of my Antec 1200 but it was a little too big (I didn't check its size beforehand; if I had I'd have realized it would only fit a 25mm fan). Since my first plan failed, I decided to swap one of the included fans of my noctua nh-u12p se2 with the ultra kaze and place the noctua fan in the internal mount. Wow, my temps dropped about 3-4C idling and up to 7C on load. I'm getting about 33C now on my i7 920 @ 3.5GHz on idle and hovering AT MOST around 65C on load.

Cons: This thing is LOUD. I was expecting it to be noisy, but even running it at 70% through my Sentry 2 it sounds like a handheld vacuum cleaner. I can hear literally hear it two rooms away.

Overall Review: If you don't mind the noise, this fan is more than worth it. $10 for its performance is a done deal.

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what can be said that hasn't been already?12/10/2009 12:37:27 AM

Pros: Amazing performance on this little chip. It astounds me how much of an improvement I'm seeing on this CPU compared to my last (intel X9000).

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Runs slightly warmer than I thought it would with an aftermarket cooler on stock settings, at around 35C. I was hoping for 30C, as I'd seen many people reporting temps as low. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. My cooler is a Noctua NH U12P SE2.

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does a good job12/10/2009 12:29:23 AM

Pros: Keeps things cool. My i7-920 idles around 35C and hasn't gone over 50C at load. Fans are quiet (but not silent as some here have suggested), and installation is initially easy.

Cons: Beige? Is there even one person here with a machine these fans don't totally clash with? Working with this cooler's components inside a case can be a real pain. I don't mean installing the backplate (though that's no bundle of fun either), but actually adjusting the fans and the pins that secure them. They can get very finicky when you don't have much space to work with.

Overall Review: I've seen others report much lower temps than I saw, so I tried removing and reapplying my thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5) before reattaching my heatsink in hopes of seeing an improvement. There was none. My temps are still more than adequate-- keeping an i7-920 at 50C on almost max load is nothing to scoff at-- but I was hoping for something more. Maybe I'm too greedy.

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Best card I have ever used12/10/2009 12:19:09 AM

Pros: Just about everything is a pro for this card. It's fast, very quiet, and runs very, very cool. I haven't OCed it (haven't even come close to needing to), so my temps have stayed pretty low. It idles between 34 - 38C and the hottest I've seen it get is a toasty 48C-- obviously very cool for a card of this caliber. I am simply blown away by its performance. For the price, it can't be beat.

Cons: I had to RMA my mobo because of dead RAM slots so I'm going to be waiting a while until the next time I can admire this beast.

Overall Review: As others have said, it blows hot air out into the case of the PC. I'm assuming this won't be too much of a problem for those who choose to purchase it since they'll likely have well ventilated machines.

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Gets the job done12/10/2009 12:13:44 AM

Pros: It does exactly what it's advertised to do. I have my 80GB intel x-25 M in here with no issues whatsoever. Easy to install and sturdy build quality.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had my SSD simply help in place with duct tape before using this converter. SSDs are great little things and I had no problem with the earlier "installation," but with this piece of hardware I could clean up a little better and tidy up the inside of my case.

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Didn't work as advertised12/8/2009 1:17:54 AM

Pros: Lots of slots and stylish design.

Cons: DIMMs A1 and A2 do not work. I'm trying to get a replacement from Asus at the moment. I can't run my Dominator RAM in a triple channel configuration because I only have two working DIMMs in each channel. Very frustrating.

Overall Review: Besides that one technical issue the board is pretty nice. As I said, I'm looking for a replacement and not a totally new product. It still runs well despite the issues, I just want the functions that I shelled out my cash for.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the memory relatedissue you're having with this board. If you would like to check your RMA status you can do so at -> click "Service" button. On the left hand side, click "Repair Status Inquiry" and enter your RMA information. Sincerely, ASUS Support Team