Solid version of the 6800XT1/25/2021 2:32:31 PM

Pros: - Not too long, fits in case with limited horizontal space - Quiet and cool - Is a 6800XT, and this year new video cards are terribly hard to find

Cons: - Wish price was closer to the reference 6800XT

Overall Review: Good card, runs well and is attractive in the case. I can't say I 'chose' this one as I was just clicking on whatever was in stock when new cards dropped -- but I am quite happy with it.

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Excellent display device!1/4/2008 3:11:06 PM

Pros: Excellent picture quality, no load on host system when playing MPEG2 video, works great with SageTV.

Cons: Stock menus kinda cheap looking -- don't nearly do justice to the excellent hardware.

Overall Review: Initially had a problem where it wouldn't boot when connected to my Cisco/Linksys WRTP54G router. Problem was resolved when I connected both the MediaMVP and boot server through a seperate switch (and then the switch to the router).

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Excellent TV tuner for an XP system1/4/2008 2:58:12 PM

Pros: Picture quality is excellent, extremely stable (unlike some other tv capture solutions), native MPEG4 encoding. This unit works great with SageTV, and also has manufacturer provided linux drivers.

Cons: No vista driver, only 1 tuner, analog only (but all this was known when I bought it)

Overall Review: I wish Plextor (or someone) would make a hardware MPEG4 encoder for ATSC!

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Trouble free memory1/4/2008 2:54:08 PM

Pros: Works as expected in my HP nx6325, dual channel functions flawlessly.

Cons: Was missing a UPC code I needed on the package, contacting support took a long time.

Overall Review: I doubt the heat spreaders serve any purpose on laptop memory, but they don't seem to hurt anything either -- fit in the case with plenty of room.

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good cost/performance1/10/2007 9:56:35 PM

Pros: large number of certified compatible systems, low price.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Newegg was as fast as everyone always says on shipping. Thanks!

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