Played me for a sucker this time NewEgg :(3/23/2017 3:52:20 PM

Pros: It looks nice, price was great, it fits nice on the head, and It had pretty great sound... out of the right speaker...

Cons: Left speaker was DOA, if anyone actually tested it, I'd be shocked and amazed as the cable was severed inside the ear piece. It doesn't even buzz a little with no connection like the right speaker. Not a shipping issue, a manufacturing issue that was not resolved before sale or resale. Obviously more on Logitech's side than Newegg's.

Overall Review: My first, and last Logitech product I think. I've purchased a few refurb accessories, but not had such an obvious failure out of the box (not had any fails out of the box actually) Being smart with a soldering iron, when the left speaker wouldn't make noise, I decided to see if it was just a disconnected cable, it wasn't worth the money or hassle of dealing with an exchange. It was a severed cable within the speaker housing, but so close to where it enters the ear cup that I couldn't get to it. Note: This headset is NOT user serviceable, the entire speaker assembly is glued together so no chance of removing the speaker and running a fresh wire. Like I said in my title, played me for a sucker, and took $40 for a mostly dead product. I absolutely understand I could get it returned as Newegg's return policy is pretty awesome, I just don't want to wait another week+ for $40, to the trash this set goes. Oh well... live and learn...

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Best budget machine out there9/28/2016 8:05:45 PM

Pros: 1080p at around 500 bucks, Dedicated GPU, 8gb of ram in 1 stick leaving a second slot open for expansion, 1 USB Type C port which is now the standard connector for almost every phone. Super slick. WD Blue 1TB hdd preinstalled, not super slow, not a speed demon. (WD10JPVX if anyone wants to know).

Cons: HDD really should be replaced with an SSD day 1 for best performance. That's why most experience any slowness. The LCD has a fairly narrow viewing angle and not super fantastic color.

Overall Review: Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely, try finding 1080p, dedicated GPU, and an i5 all in one for under $600 and you'll be hard pressed, I've installed quite a few of these and had nothing but good luck. This laptop (and any modern laptop) neeeeeedssss and SSD installed to preform it's best. Is this a gaming PC? no, maybe for some light stuff, but it's just not set up for it. Is this a general workhorse to last 5-7 years? Yes I believe with the specs included it should stand the test of time well.

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Exactly what I expected from NZXT5/8/2014 6:53:33 PM

Pros: Full Tower = Easy to fit parts inside Price is low enough to be worthwhile I/O LED's are placed well, and bright Plenty of room for large air coolers, I personally have the ThermalTake Typhoon (an oldie but a goodie) which is not a small cooler, and there is a good 3" between the grill, and the case side. Fit and finish are superb, only what I would expect from NZXT, I also own a Phantom full tower, and I'd really say I like this case better. The cable management is 10/10 having an SSD tray behind the motherboard was an ingenious idea! Having to install them in standard trays when they give off no heat has always been a problem for me. The Fan header was well placed, and serviced my needs exactly, there is no speed control, but I leave mine full boar anyways. All in all if you're looking for a full tower case (it is sizeable) but don't want to spend a ton, this is the answer. p.s. There were no typical "slice your hand on this" budget case problems!

Cons: I didn't have a USB 3.0 header on my MSI 890FXA-GD70 :( With the case, a big whopping 0!

Overall Review: I have been building systems for about 8 years, I will say this case impressed me at the price point, I placed my backup system into it and it fit my dual 6870's, Full ATX motherboard, large cooler, and hard drives with room to grow! Can't say enough good things about it!

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Works Great12/29/2013 3:27:16 PM

Pros: Works with AMD cards running Eyefinity across 3 displays. I've also tested it with my Surface Pro and it seems to do the job well. I'm not a fan of HDMI for computer displays, and Display Port isn't readily available in monitors yet.

Cons: Haven't found any

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Does the job it needs to do at a great price10/18/2013 8:25:24 AM

Pros: This is a good starter for anyone needing to do networking. The included ends save on cost as well. The tester will show you continuity on both ends, If there is an issue it is displayed at both transmitter and receiver. Crimpers work just fine on rj45 ends punch down tool will work just as well as the more expensive models. The cutting blade hangs down just a miniscule amount more than others, which is a big plus if you're punching in Cat-6 instead of 5e, which it will still work great on. All in all a great value for the money, and a lot less expensive on the initial cost vs. professional tools.

Cons: The kit is inexpensive, and it does show. I have a more expensive versions of all of these tools, these were for a second backup kit. The RJ-45 ends are not ez-connect and attempting to get Cat-6 into them is extremely difficult, the only reason I tried them was to see how they would work. With standard Cat5e they work just fine once you get your wires in line. The crimpers will not work with the newer ez-connect (most all cat6 ends) which I did not expect due to the price point. Tester is cheap, seems like a short fall would break it, it tested some runs it did not detect issues in the punch block. However it is fairly accurate when making patch cables

Overall Review: All in all, you're paying a low price for a kit that will function 1-ok in most conditions. If you are looking to do wiring professionally, spend the money on the right tools it does make a difference.

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Simply the best.7/12/2012 10:52:12 PM

Pros: Keys are in perfect placement for all first person shooter games. Backlit with various colors and brightnesses USB ports on the top Audio in and out on top Ergonomic Keys WILL NOT wear down

Cons: It doesn't have powered USB ports It doesn't come with a free puppy It can't make me pancakes :) On a more serious note, the absolute only downside to this keyboard is you will start gaming so much you won't be able to stop ;) and the non powered USB

Overall Review: I have been using this keyboard for over 3 years of gaming, and I don't just game every once in awhile, I game daily for hours on end. it is extremely comfortable to game with the pad has a perfect design and I have pretty long fingers and large hands. If you have read this far into this review then you need to stop reading and add this to your cart, you can thank me later!

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Portable, Yet powerful5/13/2011 8:46:17 PM

Pros: P-R-I-C-E Battery life is incredible! with half an hour of Halo 2 it dropped about 20%... I am greatly astounded! AMD's newest APU processor Full keyboard! Large LED backlit display This thing zips!

Cons: only 2gb of ram... but extremely easy to upgrade 250gb is not enough for the customers I'm getting these for so I end up getting a 500gb or a 1tb sata drive, not a con if you're just using it as a netbook. McAfee preinstalled, download and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead as a previous review states, you will be much more satisfied

Overall Review: note to everyone it is DDR3 not DDR2 as listed! the 1.6ghz dual core processor is deceivingly amazing Out of the box there is the normal amount of promotional software that none of the customer's "want" to use but it's simple to remove, and interesting to see newly developed software... all except for McAfee.... All in all, if you judge this laptop from first pulling it out of the box, you are going to be dissatisfied, but if you remove the extra software you don't "need" you will find underneath a sleek, awesome little laptop for the GREAT price!

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