Nice, But Not Great10/6/2020 4:49:31 AM

Pros: Looks Great 8-Leds compared to the 5 on the old Trident Runs XMP Fine on X470 It's 32gb

Cons: My Set Is Hynix C-Die Forget About Overclocking(At least on x470) I've read that this set doesn't OC well on X570 too Overpriced for C-Die

Overall Review: I needed to go 32gb because of MSFS 2020 and this set seemed like a decent buy. I didn't think it would be the much better performing Samsung B-Die, but I had hopes for at least a little OC'ing headroom. This set won't don't anything.....actually pretty disappointing for GSKill ram. You can't change ANYTHING and still be able to boot. No timing changes, not speed can change Voltage, that's about it. Hindsight being 20/20, should have held on to my Viper 4000(B-die). I will say this in defense though. I don't really see much of a drop in performance in gaming compared to my GSKill Trident Z(3400) running at 3666CL16 though. Of course, games are usually GPU bound, so that makes sense. Overall....just a meh set of ram, not great, not horrible....just 3 Eggs.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Bruce Great to hear the memory kit is working well in your AMD Ryzen system. The specifications of this RAM are at the top for the second generation platform so any overclocking may be limited. It can surely maximize performance of the system so any gaming will be great. Especially for Microsoft Flight Simulator that is very memory intensive, this is a perfect kit to avoid any lag or delays. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for choosing G.SKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
External Link(s):
GSkilll F4-3600C18D-32GTZN QVL
Very Nice A Few Bio Control Quirks3/13/2020 4:49:19 AM

Pros: Sturdy Works Well WiFi Integrated I/O

Cons: Voltage Control

Overall Review: Very happy with this board. This is my 3rd Gigabyte board to use with Ryzen. I have the "Mack Daddy" board, X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WiFi with a 3700X in it. No issues at all. My son's rig has the B450 Elite running a 2700 in it. I bought this board to put in a back-up rig. It has a 2600X on it. XFR/PBO seem to work, it does turbo up to 4.250ghz. Voltage control is where the real issues are. They are fine if you are just going to run everything out of the box and not touch anything. You can't set a static voltage, but there are off-sets for the Core and SoC. The VRM's seem to handle the 95w 2600X OK, temps seemed fine. I do have it in a Phanteks Enthroo Pro with 2 140mm Yate Loon fans pumping air in. I have a EVGA 240 CLC keeping it cool. Also a 140mm Bitfinex fan for exhaust. I have a Samsung Evo 970 M.2 in there and small SSD and a old HD. Overall, really a nice board. It lacks in a few areas, but handles the 2600X with no problems.

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Price=Performance Great!12/30/2019 12:56:56 PM

Pros: Price Looks Performance Overclock RGB

Cons: Timings(not the fastest) Compatibility(new this when I bought it--see Overall Notes)

Overall Review: I think this ram looks great, guess it depends on the individual. I bought this ram because it was reasonably priced for a 16gb kit. I wasn't sure if it would even work on my son's rig. He's running a 2600X(AMD) in a MSI Krait X370 motherboard. For whatever reason I can't get anything to run over 2133mhz on the board any longer. I had some GSkill Flare X 3200CL14(Samsung B-die) that I ran at 3400CL14 with a 1600X without any issues. I also tried my other set of GSkill Trident Z 3466CL16(also Samsung B-die) and it wouldn't run over 2133 either. I don't blame any of the ram, including this set. It will only boot at the 2133mhz as well. I say I don't blame the ram for the issues because I threw this set of OLOy in my rig, 3700X on a X470 motherboard, and it booted into the AXMP profile on first boot. I was also able to get this set to run at 3600mhz on the same board. That was at stock voltage(1.38 in Windows, Auto in bios).The timings weren't too bad either(16-18-18-36 CR1). Adia showed a latency of 68.1ns, not the best, but much better than the 3000mhz(81.1ns). I knew going in that this set probably wouldn't work on the X370, but I took a chance anyway. That's on me, not OLOy. IIRC, the memory modules were Micron. Besides the compatibility issue I was surprised at being able to get this ram to 3600mhz. The only other thing I didn't care for is that there is not temp reporting for this kit. I'm a bit OCD and both of the GSkill showed temps, which if you are going to tighten timings, or a must have on Zen+/Zen2. Oh...the 3600mhz achieved was also with the Infinity Fabric at a 1:1 ratio(1800mhz). I've read where a lot of people say these have a Two Year Warranty...but according the website, they are a Limited Lifetime on them. If I were to recommend these I would say, make sure you are on at least a B450 board, with at least a Zen+ CPU. You may not get the timings much tighter, but you should be able to get around the sweet spot on both Gens of CPU's. To me, that would be 3400 on Zen+ and 3600 on Zen2. Just my thoughts, hope this helps making a decision.

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Wow!12/11/2019 10:50:59 AM

Pros: Fast Less $$ than the bigger brands Good Warranty

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this to replace my main NVMe drive, a Samsung 970 Evo. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I was blown away. It's fast, stays cool. This is my third Silicon Power product. I have a old SSD(still going strong in my son's rig) and a USB 3.0 128gb thumb drive. Have been beyond happy with all three. I did reach out to Customer Support via Facebook, and the responded fairly quickly. After waiting a few day's, I reached out again(they are in Asia, so sometimes things take longer). This time, they responded via Messenger, and I had a nice long conversation with the Rep. In the end, I was satisfied with their response. If you have doubt about this drive....don't. This is one of the fastest/cost effective drives I've ever owned. In fact, now I wish I would have bought the 1tb model!

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Great, But Loud10/22/2019 10:20:40 AM

Pros: Move a lot of air Self Cleaning(it seems to work fairly well) Not Expensive(compared to Noctua Industrial)

Cons: Super Loud(expected) Sound Strange On Boot-up(not really a con since they are cleaning themselves) Button For RPM Mode Change is Short

Overall Review: I was going to use these on my 360 rad....decided they were a bit too loud. I went back to my Gentle Typhoons(best fans I've ever owned). Just be aware that these fans spin in the opposite direction when you first boot. Sounds they are going to blow up...then they go to full speed(airplane ) then back down to what you have set. While louder than my GT's at about the same RPM....I'm pretty happy with these fans. I have a pair of the Noctua Industrial...and those are just as loud as these in the same RPM range. The self-cleaning does work....these also have a rpm control button on the fans. There are three modes. There is a little LED on them so you can determine which rpm mode you are in. Red/Blue/Green

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We appreciate the kind feedback. Regarding noise problem, please feel free to contact us at We will be dedicated here to provide a satisfactory solution. Thanks for choosing Enermax, Enermax Technical Support Team
Not Worth the Money2/8/2018 3:29:04 AM

Pros: They're Red

Cons: Loud Don't move that much air

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Sweet!1/30/2018 8:10:38 AM

Pros: Small Not too expensive Work

Cons: N/a

Overall Review: I bought this for my son so he could hook up some kind of VR headset that works for phones. I'm not really clear what he actually has, but he was able to use it with the laptop that has Bluetooth. Item cam quickly, worked right out of the package. This is the second Wanlink product I've bought, and I'm very happy with both!

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It Just Works1/9/2018 2:49:52 PM

Pros: It does what it says Easy to install SSD in Price USB 3.0

Cons: Cord is a bit short

Overall Review: I bought this to attach a 512gb SSD externally that I have most of my games backed up to. Works like a charm. In fact, just a minor hit to speed overall. Other than the cord being pretty short, well worth the money in my opinion.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Looks Great, Performance Meh1/9/2018 2:46:32 PM

Pros: Beautiful Easy to Install Well Made

Cons: Overpriced Not Much Difference in Temps

Overall Review: I bought this for my Samsung 960 Evo. I wasn't having temp issues really. I just thought it looked nice, and I had a 15.00 Newegg Gift Card. Item looks well made, there are a couple of blemishes in the finish, but you have to get pretty close to see them. My opinion, spend the 15.00 elsewhere. I really haven't seen a drop in temps at all. In fact, just surfing around, temps are actually a bit higher than without it. High temps are even just a tad worse. Again, no real issues with temps to start with.

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Very Happy12/21/2017 1:21:19 PM

Pros: Looks just like the pic Easy to assemble Fast shipping

Cons: None really

Overall Review: This item came on the second business day after ordering. The Seller responded to my emails quickly, and answered all my question. Highly Recommended. While the chair is a little was described as that, and I knew that when I purchased it. My son loves it!

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Fantastic12/21/2017 12:57:48 PM

Pros: Cheap Works Appears well made

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: I ordered this so I could move my Corsair MP500 120gb NVMe drive out of the M.2 socket on my AMD Ryzen board. I replaced it with a Samsung Evo 250gb. Worked like a charm. Plug and Play. That simple. They even included a small screwdriver to mount my drive to the adapter. Love it! Not a single complaint from me!

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The Case I Hate To Love8/29/2017 7:37:56 AM

Pros: Roomy Fit and Finish Removable HD Rack

Cons: Mounting of CD/DVD Drive Cable Management Hard Mounts For Fan(See Other) PSU Mount(See Other)

Overall Review: After reading a few reviews here and online, I decided to purchase this case. Overall, it's a 2.5-3 Egg case TOPS! Issues: PSU(Bottom Mount) This has to be the worst case I've ever try to mount a PSU in. Only one hole matches up with my EVGA Supernova G2(750w). Thankfully, the enclosed strap(which in any other situation would be useless) actually served a purpose. I have never had this issue in any case I've owned or built in the last 20+years. Top Fan Mounting The mounting holes for fans/rad in the top are hard pointed. I'm not sure why they chose to just drill single holes and not have them slotted so you can move the fans/rad backwards/forwards. I'm not sure I could mount my 240 AIO in the top. If I would be able to get it in there, I would probably lose that CD/DVD mounting. At the moment that is not a option. Cable Management Needless to say, if you have more than a couple of drives/GPU's there isn't a lot of places to make the backside wiring look that great. There are a few mounting points that are usable to zip tie to, but there needed to be more. Final Thought As the title says, "The Case I Hate to Love." There are so many tiny issues that I really want to hate this case, but with being able to mount my 240 AIO in the front and still have the HDD/SSD tray makes me want to love it. The biggest complaint is the PSU mounting and fan mounting in the top. It really takes away from a lot of the positives of this case. Is this case worth the asking price or the price I paid? NO! This case to me, with all the +/-'s is not even close to being a 60-70.00 case. If it were <50.00, maybe. That would be stretching it in my opinion. I've had 40.00 cases that were made better, and laid out better than this. If I hadn't already broke my rig down, and had it 95% of the way completed, I would have returned this case. I also bent part of the chassis to get the PSU to even come close to fitting, so a RMA is probably out of the question. Even if Rosewill decided to let me RMA it, no way am I going to pay shipping on it. GRRRRRRR. UPDATE 8/29/17 OK. I decided to give this tower to my son for his rig. Again....even with his PSU(Rosewill 750 Capstone), I was only able to 1 screw to line up. Also....I was able to mount a 240mm AIO in the top with fans, problem is, the DVD burner blocks about 40-50% of the second fan. While the specs lists a radiator in the top, it is a bit misleading. After all the issues I've encountered with two builds in this tower...I'm downgrading the rating from 3 eggs to 2 eggs. THIS TOWER IS NOWHERE NEAR BEING WORTH $60.00-$80.00! Certainly not worth the "listed" price of over $100.00.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Bruce. We appreciate your purchase. We have forwarded your valuable feedback of the RISE design to our product management for review and please rest assured that your feedback will receive the attention it deserves. If you change your mind and would like to return this case, please feel free to contact us. We will further check what can we do for you. We will continue improving our products in future. Thank you. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
If You have Ryzen, this is the kit to get!7/13/2017 7:35:56 PM

Pros: Runs at rated speed(3200) Runs at rated voltage(1.35v) Run cool(28°C Idle/33°C under heavy load~~y-cruncher/INT AVX) Samsung DIe

Cons: A bit high priced compared to other kits

Overall Review: I was having issues with my Corsair kit, and my MSI X370 Krait Gaming motherboard. This DRAM has eliminated just about all my issues: slow boot times hitting the rated speed cut latency down by at least 10ns it what few runs I've made(Adia64/Performance Test 9) lowered DRAM voltage no shutting all the way off on restarts(that was driving me nuts)when no changes were made in Windows or the bios To be honest, I'm simply amazed at the difference!! I would also like to note that I chatted with aGSkill rep on Newegg, and not only was helpful about this ram kit, but also had some suggestions about trying to get my Corsair LPX CL16 3200mhz ram kit to run at the rated speed. It was like he was the "Progressive Insurance" of ram. If you are having some of the same issues I had, then spend the extra $$ and pick up this kit. I picked it up on sale, so the difference over the Corsair kit was only 40.00. It will save you a lot of time, headaches, and frustration in the long run! Update: I ran Intel Burn Test last night using 12288mb of RAM, 10 passes...No WHEA or memory errors. I am very happy with this kit!!

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Booooooo6/3/2017 12:24:38 PM

Pros: They look fantastic.

Cons: They move very little air They don't run at the stated RPM

Overall Review: I bought these for a new Ryzen build. I had mostly red fans, but they really didn't go with the new motherboard. So, I thought I would try these. They came fairly quicky(considering I got free shipping). I already had my rig up and running for about a week. So, I took most of it apart to install these. After spending around two hours getting things rearranged and these installed, I fired it up. Well....they don't run ANY WHERE NEAR what is stated. 1500 +/- 10%. At a MINIMUM they should run at 1350rpm, right? Nope, out of the three, the highest runs around 1100rpm. So, I contacted Newegg. They told me to contact Apevia. I emailed them and explained everything to them...this was their response: "We are sorry to hear about your problem. However, even though the fans are spinning slower than expected they should still work as intended. If you do want to get replacements, we'd be willing to do an exchange. However, we cannot guarantee that you won't have the same problem." So, with that said I contacted Newegg again. At least they made it right. I gave these two stars.... One for the looks of the fans. One for Newegg for doing what was right. UPDATE 06/03/17 Well, I had one of the three fans quit already. Apevia wanted me to pay to have the defected unit shipped back to them for replacement. I balked at that idea. They did finally agree to mail out a replacement at no charge. Again , the replacement fan's RPM's are around 1100 max. At this point, I have removed all of these fans from my computer. If you want them for looks, then they are great. If you want them for actual performance, then I would pass.

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Very Nice Card5/5/2017 10:23:27 AM

Pros: Well made Cool Fans can be swapped out without removing card

Cons: See Other Comments

Overall Review: Well....first of all, I'm very happy with the card overall. I did have a few issues though. The card I received appeared to not have a working DVI Out on it. I contacted XFX several times, and tried several things to get the card to work. It was the same symptom on two different computers. Since I had already removed the UPC Code(more on that in a minute), I was unable to return the card to Newegg. After talking with XFX, they issued a RMA. I received a replacement card back. Worked like a charm. This card actually performs a LOT better than the other one. As for the UPC. I removed it to claim the rebate after having the card for about 30 hours. This is where my vision of XFX has soured. I did a online claim on the 8th of March. They received the claim documentation on the 20th of March. The claim was approved on March 21. Here is the 5th of May, and I'm STILL waiting on my rebate. This is by far the slowest rebate I have ever gotten. I had a rebate on another card, total time less that 4 weeks. I contacted XFX about this on the 12th of April...was told, "Please allow 8-10 weeks from approval date for the rebate to be mailed." Needless to say, this will be my LAST card from XFX if a rebate is in play. Final thoughts If this card didn't perform so well....I would be REALLY upset, at this point I'm just upset. Tired of some of these rebates that take forever after you jump through the hoops for them. As far as the card.....very nice performer. I have a pretty good chip on mine, It can OC to 1500mhz without much of a issue. Some of the RX480's struggle to get to 1450+. That is the ONLY saving grace for XFX atm.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX
Wow! Nice card for the Price!12/7/2016 6:07:54 AM

Pros: Runs very cool New Arch 6gb Vram Price/Perf

Cons: Nvidia Boost 3.0 Unable to change led color(Not really a con to me)

Overall Review: This card is a excellent choice for 1080p. It ran everything smoothly and never missed a beat. The only exception was Battlefield 1 in DX12. While frametimes and FPS were better, it is clear to me that DX12 has a ways to go. It just didn't seem as smooth as DX11. Micro-stutter, a little lag, etc. Of course with DX12, it is now more dependent on the developers to take advantage of it. Perhaps EA/Dice will with future updates. I do have a Powercolor RX470, and it experiences some of the same issues in BF1 with DX12. This particular card feels solid, and the cooling on it is excellent. There are a few things holding this card back. I would say the biggest factor is nVidia. Boost has never been friendly to overclockers, and normally there are ways around it. No SLI as well. I can understand nVidia's decision, they didn't want to hurt the sales of the mid to high end cards. They also wanted to keep the power consumption low. With a TDP of 120w, it really hurts this card. It uses a 8-pin PEG connector. That and the power from the PCIe slot, we should have 225w available. It could be that the 16nm process it more sensitive to power and voltage. Voltages are also all over under load, again, easy to overcome on previous gen cards. Core clocks also bounce around, but normally even out for the most part. This particular card seems like 1936/1949 for the most part. Even with the limits, I will say that this card is able to reproduce results that don't have a big variation. This card has 384 less Cuda cores than the GTX970, a smaller memory interface(196-bit compared to 256-bit), a lower TDP, and launched at almost $100.00 less! I would say that is a win for the consumer, especially those that are gaming at 1080p. This card doesn't have the 0db fan profile on it. The fans seem to idle around 48-51%. At those percentages it's equal to +/-1600rpm. At 100% the fans are around +/-3100rpm. Overall, the fans aren't loud at all, even under load. After having the card for about a week, I can honestly say I haven't seen the temps even close to 70°. The fans around 60° seem to increase in % in relation to the temps. Example of what I'm trying to say.....At 65°, the fans are at 65-66%. At 68°, they are around 69%,etc. While I was able to achieve some nice OC's, none of them kept a stable core clock. Because of Boost 3.0, I really didn't push it really hard. The Vram on the other hand OC's like crazy. The stock is 8000mhz. This card, like my GTX970 has Samsung, I felt confidant that I could get a OC of at least 1000mhz. I was right. In fact, if you look at my sig, you can see that I was able to hit 9500/9600mhz on both Time Spy and Firestrike. I did do a OC'ing run on all the benchmarks with Driver 376.19. On average I saw about a 8% increase in FPS/Scores. Although, the actual card was not in a anti-static bag. This didn't seem to be a issue for me. The card came with a stock bios of 1582/8000mhz. The bios is overclocked to 1797/8000mhz. It is listed as a 120w card. By using nVidia Boost 3.0, the card never see's 1797mhz on the core. It actually runs over 1925mhz+! I have tested this card for 3 days. I'm very impressed. Most of these comments are from another website where I did a more in-depth review, but I'm sorry that I can't link it here. I took one Egg off, nothing against PNY or the card itself really, against nVidia. They have put limits on this card as not to hurt sales of their higher tiered cards. Also, SLI(I knew that when I bought it coming from 970's in SLI). Again, nVidia didn't want 2 250.00 cards out performing their higher priced performers. There is a difference between the 3gb and 6gb model. While most will think it's just less Vram, it's not. The two cards actually have two different cores. So think about that when considering either card.

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Wow!11/7/2016 6:16:51 AM

Pros: Built like a tank 10 yr Warranty Single 12v Rail Holds all voltages above spec

Cons: Cables are a bit stiff Flat would have been better

Overall Review: I recently started having issues with my old PSU(Roswewill Capstone 750-M). It appeared that the unit was starting to fail. It was not keeping the 3.3v/5v/+12v within spec. I contacted Rosewill and they told me this particular unit was no longer available. They offered me a RMA to Newegg, and a credit for the purchase price. I've had this unit for about 2 years. Warranty is 7. I didn't want to go without my rig, so I decided to order this unit. It came highly recommended by several of my Clan members. While I was waiting for this unit to be delivered and to ship the Rosewill back, I decided to check all of my connections on the Rosewill unit. I hadn't changed any hardware in months. Low and behold the Rosewill unit after testing with OCCT PSU test, and Adia64, the unit was back into specs. I cancelled the RMA for it. It will now go into my son's rig. His PSU is a Corsair CX500, and works flawlessly. The Supernova G2 750w is built like a tank. It's fully modular, another plus. I believe this unit is made for EVGA by SuperFlower. I also believe that the Rosewill unit is as well. They are well known for their power supplies. The unit was boxed really well. The PSU itself was in its own little canvas bag. There is also a canvas bag for the cables that you won't be using. The first thing I did after getting installed was run OCCT PSU Test and Adia64. This beast didn't blink a eye. The 5v rail NEVER is a constant 5.040v. The 3.3v rail, moves a little but stays right around 3.328-3.312v. Same for the 12v rail....12.320-12.144.(All under load) If you want a great PSU this is the one. While 750w might not be enough for some, there are others from the same G2 class with higher wattage. I look forward to having this PSU for a long time. I don't see a need for anything bigger in the future, at least not for me. System Specs: i7-4770k@4.0ghz 16gb Corsair Vengence DDR3-1600 MSI GTX970 SLI @1506/8000 default OC Lepa AquaChanger 240 2 Gentle Typhoons (120mm) 2 Yate Loon(140mm) 2 Lepa(120mm) 1 BGears(92mm) 3 SSD drives 1 WD 7200rpm Drive

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Great for 1080p9/3/2016 7:27:15 AM

Pros: Looks great Runs cool(at least in my test rig) Quiet(for the most part) 8-pin Power connector(allows for 150w+75w from PCiE) Runs just about every game/benchmark I have with High or Ultra settings@60fps cost/performance ratio

Cons: Power limit makes the card throttle(add +50 via Wattman and this card holds its boost at 1270/7000 all day long) Wattman*(see other comments) Red Devil badge on side is upside down when installed(Really Powercolor?) Fans are loud@100%

Overall Review: I bought this for my son's rig for Christmas. It is replacing a Sapphire R9 270x 4gb model. A great upgrade for the price. I decided to put it through some testing. I wanted make sure the card wasn't DOA, or had any issues. The only issue really was the throttling on the core. The card is supposed to boost to 1270mhz. It did at the stock settings, but it never did hold it there. The card at stock was about 1190-1225 or so. Enter Wattman, AMD's OC utility. I added +50 to the power limit(FYI, you have to enable manual temp control). Card stays at the boost of 1270/7000. I didn't really OC the card, since it will be pretty much at stock in his rig. I was able to 1310 on the core stable. This card has a OC out of the box, so I don't think there is a lot of room for much more on the core. I believe that the current driver set has a issue of seeing the memory the card doesn't scale well with the memory OC. I'm sure that AMD will fix this with the next driver release. Wattman.....what can you's buggy, it crashes, and is really not stable if you change a lot of settings. This needs to be fixed by AMD as well. I have a benchmark suite that I run on all the card I have. I put this card through all of them. I try to do them all the same. I run 14 tests, each 2 times. Some of the tests, like Metro 2033 and Last Light have multiple runs within. I keep the CPU locked at 4.0ghz. The only things I change are the power settings on the GPU. This card made it through all the tests without a single driver crash. I didn't have Wattman crash during any of those. There is a difference between a driver crash and Wattman. After all of these tests, as well as gaming, I would say this card is a great value. It held its own against the GTX970, and blew away the R9 270x. Granted these are compared at STOCK settings. The 970's pulls out into a big lead once OC'ing is factored in. For $199.99, about 150 cheaper than my 970 when I bought it, with a backplate! It is a good value. Team Green(nVidia) is out of control with their pricing. Team Red(AMD) is making headway, especially in the lower end market. Once AMD gets some of the bugs straightened out with Wattman and drivers, I think this card will only improve. Took one star off because of the throttling, and Wattman issues.

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Nice Keyboard~No Frills12/26/2015 6:42:32 AM

Pros: The keyboard seems to be really well built. The version I bought has the CherryMX Brown switches. It really isn't any louder than my old keyboard. This keyboard doesn't require any drivers or set-up of any kind. I like the fact that I can remove the palm rest. I started with it attached, but have since removed it. It was comfortable, but it seemed to be causing me issues when typing. It could be that I'm not used to the keys yet. They are just a little smaller than my old keyboard. Overall, I would say for the price I paid, I got a really nice mechanical keyboard.

Cons: While a lot of people may say the rubberized feet are nice, I find it a bit annoying. Every time I want to move the keyboard, the feet grab, and the top feet collapse. Not a real big issue, but enough to annoy me. The palm rest that comes with it is very nice, but in the center when attached, it bows. It seems to need a little more support

Overall Review: This is my first mechanical keyboard, and I have not been disappointed at all. It seems really well built, and typing isn't really a bit change from the membrane type of keyboard. I love the feel of the keys when typing. You can really tell when they have been activated. If you are looking for your first mechanical keyboard, give this one a try. I think you will be impressed. It doesn't have all the back lighting and some of the other features, but it does what it was designed to do, and at a pretty decent price.

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Corsair H601/19/2015 6:37:27 PM

Pros: Easy to Install(1150 Socket) Quiet(pump) Looks Great Cools better than my old HSF

Cons: Loud Under Load(read other thoughts) No Light On Pump Housing No extra screws for second fan(push/pull)

Overall Review: Well, this is my first AIO cooler. I would say that I'm very happy with its performance. It was easy to install, looks great, and the pump is whisper silent. I do wish the pump had an LED so that you know that it is running without have to look at some type of monitoring software or the BIOS. I run Folding@Home if my computer is on. My temps with my old HSF were in the mid-60's. After installation, I am now seeing temps in the mid to upper 50's. It might peak at about 64°, but normally I am running about 57°. I am running a i7-4470@3.9ghz when folding. I do wish that Corsair would have included another set of screws from mounting a second fan to the rad. I had the stock fan on the unit on first installation, and I would have to say, that is the loudest fan out of all the fans that I have. FYI, I have a total of 5 120mm. I quickly replaced the stock fan with one of my Lepa 120's off my old HSF. FYI, the screws for the second fan can be found at any hardware store. They are 6/32 x 1.25, save you the time to look it up. I very happy with this unit overall.

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Very Nice10/13/2014 12:48:34 PM

Pros: Compact-for a 120mm HSF you would think it would be big. It's big, but it doesn't take much more room than the Arctic Freezer Pro that it replace. Clearence-even with two fans this HSF clears my RAM. I think it would be clear of RAM with the over-sized heatsinks on them. Price-I found the price a bit high, but I am happy with the quality of the build. Install-This unit installed in about 12-20 minutes.

Cons: The only con I can think of so far is the fan is not as quiet as I thought it would be. When it is set to top speed, it is pretty loud.

Overall Review: This unit dropped off about 8°(C) off the high temp of my CPU( i5-3470) under a 100% load for 10 minutes. I like the coating on the fins, they do cut down on the cuts. Overall, this unit is a knockout. It's not as big as some of the other HSF's I looked at. It was easy to install. I was able to mount it in either direction(F to Back, B to Top). I mounted mine B to Top. I also purchase another fan and have it set in a push/pull configuration. It does come with a extra set of clips for mounting another fan. The only con, is the noise of the fan. Again, I have my set to low since I have two fans mounted, and I can't hear it at all, even under load. FYI, if I'm just surfing or whatever, I just have the main fan on. If I'm gaming or doing video editing then I turn the second fan on. I have a total of six fans that I can control through a controller. I am very happy with this unit.

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Corsair 230T-Orange10/9/2014 12:35:14 PM

Pros: Space-This thing is huge. I love all the room in it. Price-It came with a $20.00 Rebate(Which was processed fairly easy and timely) Color-Orange(My Favorite)

Cons: The only negative I can say is that the front panel is a little difficult to take on and off. It seems like it might break easily if you don't pay attention.

Overall Review: I love this case. It has so much room. It has two intake fans built in that are pretty easy to clean. Be careful of the front panel though. That is the one fault. I have a full ATX board mounted and still have a ton of room. The top is open and I mounted two exhaust fan there. I also have a 140mm heatsink/fan mounted on the CPU. Overall, this is a sweet case. Plenty of room, nice layout.

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Rosewill RX35-AT-IU10/9/2014 12:26:37 PM

Pros: Everything. It performs perfectly. I bought this on for my brother so he could back up his software/pics/mp3 on.

Cons: None that I can think off.

Overall Review: I bought this on for my brother so he could back up his software/pics/mp3/etc on. He loves it. I have had the same one for going on 2-3 years now, and have had zero problems with it. It's fairly easy to swap out the drive if you need to as well.

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Rosewill Capstone 750-m10/9/2014 8:17:55 AM

Pros: Price/Performance I bought his on sale. $83.99/free shipping. It performs well. Silent, efficient.

Cons: CPU Line-Most of the cables were about the right length. The CPU line(s), seemed shorter than the one it was replacing.

Overall Review: I read a bunch of reviews on this unit to help be decide on what I really wanted in a PSU and the actual value. This fit the bill. I didn't find many bad reviews at all. In fact, most the tech benchmarking sites gave this unit glowing reviews. Rosewill is Newegg's "house" brand. This unit is made by Super Flower. I couldn't find much, but what I did indicated that they build very good products. This is a step up in power, going from a Corsair cx500. I considered many "brands" before buying this one. I put my multimeter on this unit and it stays steady on all three rails even under load. It's modular. Enough said. Warranty- 7 YEARS!! REALLY!! ( I think they know it's a solid unit)

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MSI GTX970 Gaming10/6/2014 7:39:21 AM

Pros: Price-Wow is all I can say. This is a amazing card at this price! Performance-This card performs so well in so may configurations. Overclock-Very forgiving with settings. Value-For the price and what you can do with this card, I don't see why anyone would not try and get it at this price.

Cons: Availability-This card sells out so fast. It was available for about an hour one day, and I just happened to check the website, and it was in stock!! I had set up to be notified by Newegg when it became available. By the time I read the email and checked it was sold out again. I was lucky I guess. Fans/Noise-I've read where some have complained of fan whine. I have not had that issue. I will say that if you are just surfing the net and perhaps playing a few game that aren't really GPU heavy, the stock fan settings are fine. The fans will not run until the GPU hits 61°(C). It does do a decent job of keeping it cool. On the other hand. If you do play games that are GPU heavy, I would suggest using MSI afterburner and making your own fan curve.

Overall Review: This card comes shipped overclocked over a stock GTX970. It hit 1328mhz on the core easily. The memory is 3505mhz stock. I was able to get 1538mhz on the core and 4005mhz on the memory with not problems. I did not at any voltage or increase the power limit. Results Firestrike: Score:10122 Max Temp: 60°(C) Max Fan%: 61% Unigine Valley: FPS: 100.3 Score: 4196 Min FPS: 31.5 Max FPS: 150.6 Battlefield 4 (These are just numbers I observed) I think the setting were HIGH, AA OFF. The numbers went from: 99-138 FPS I played about two rounds or about 50 minutes. Max Temp: 64°(C) Max Fan%: 54% All of the overclocking was done in MSI Afterburner. All of the temps were from MSI Control Center and HWiNFO32 I've been overclocking and testing on this card since I installed it. I have so many tests results. My System: MSI Z77-G43 i5-3470 3.2 ghz MSI GTX970 Rosewill Capstone 750-Watt PSU(FYI, is a great buy) G.SKILL AEGIS 8GB DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Corsair 230-T ATX Tower(Orange) 3 SSD 2 7200rpm HD

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