One of the best laptops with a gtx 1070!12/11/2016 4:54:29 PM

Pros: -4k screen looks amazing -the specs on this laptop allow you to do intensive tasks with no problems -great battery life for a laptop with these kind of specs -laptop is pretty thin -you can run the newest games with no problem -build quality is superb! -really love the minimalist design, allows you to take this to professional meetings, etc. -there is a lot of storage space and it is really fast! -notification lights are very useful -not much setup need! -laptop does not feel hot under load

Cons: -the bezels are bigger than I had expected; this makes the footprint bigger than other 15" laptops -fans do get noisy when doing intensive tasks like gaming -pretty heavy for portability (but I found out this is the lightest laptop with these specs) -power supply is pretty big

Overall Review: I really like the included gigabyte software. It is very helpful. I did not consider any of the preinstalled software to be useless and a waste of space. DVD drive is useful, but they do give a caddy to replace it with if you want more storage instead of an optical drive. Also, I am pretty sure gigabyte throttled the gpu and cpu at 90 degrees(this does not affect gameplay as I get more than 60 fps in any game), which makes sure they do not overheat. I would have preferred separate buttons in the trackpad and a bit more key travel in the keyboard, but that is just me being picky and I got used to it pretty quickly.I love the inclusion of a webcam, it is pretty good. Overall, this is a great laptop that I would recommend and you can not go wrong with it. Even though it is pricey, this was the best laptop I found in terms of specs and size. Great Job Gigabyte!

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