3/12/2010 3:30:56 PM

Pros: Very, very fast

Cons: Small size, cannot update firmware from within windows.

Overall Review: I just have used this as a temp folder and the pagefile. Just these steps have a system that used to grind down to a purr. The raid0 raptors seem to enjoy not having any extra i/o and the terabyte drive is not the same thing as the ssd for the pagefile. Without reinstalling, I am happy.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Wow5/12/2009 5:29:07 AM

Pros: Keeps your CPU cool with almost no noise.

Cons: You might cut yourself quite badly.

Overall Review: My cpu went from 65C down to 50C (OC'd and fully loaded). What a difference!

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HUGE5/12/2009 5:19:39 AM

Pros: Huge, can order extra caps from Corsair. Came with a lanyard.

Cons: Slow write speed.

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Good grief what fans5/12/2009 5:18:08 AM

Pros: High air flow, quiet and has fan speeds with temp monitoring.

Cons: No holes around the rear of case for cards like a gtx295 to exhaust through. Stickers on fan motors come off slow, making a clicking sound until they finally fall off. Also, a GTX295 will not fit snug enough to use the screwless card holder.

Overall Review: Overall a great case for the money! My gtx295 and quad core are 29C (according to the sensor).

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No problems yet12/23/2008 11:48:33 AM

Pros: Fast and expansive. Runs 100F with case off and no airflow.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I have monitored my system using HDtune and have found that the load cycle on this "green" drive is at 3,000 for just a little over a month. I think this drive will be around for a long time, just gotta figure out if Suddenlink will cut my service if I subscribe to Mozy to back all of this up.

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You must get a Raptor8/13/2008 3:58:14 PM

Pros: The fastest single drive I have ever used. This Raptor even beats a 10k SCSI that is three to four years old.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you want your system to fly then buy two or maybe four of these monsters. Just one is enough for most people and the speedup is simply amazing.

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Fine board12/8/2007 5:22:27 PM

Pros: Solid board, worked well with an add on PCIE card.

Cons: Just one con: myrebates411 I got this board back in October with a with the same $25 MIR. Beware, this is the only con about the board: two emails are unanswered as to the rebate. I'm qualified, but no check in over 3 months now.

Overall Review: If you want a good board for $44, go for it. Don't count on the rebate.

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Great board but where's the rebate?11/15/2007 7:33:14 PM

Pros: Built in graphics card, included DVI connector. Foxconn has quick RMA process if it ever does fail, faster than most. No OS reinstall necessary when switching from old AMD XP 462 VIA chipset mobo. I won the bet from the Cons. (Manager bet 3 months)

Cons: It's Foxconn, your boss at the computer store will start taking bets as to when it will fail. This board didn't like my SB Live Value card and would BSOD 'machine check exception' when the card was inserted, sound wouldn't work on the card either.

Overall Review: This board has performed just fine while in service. I was willing to pay $30ish for a Foxconn board, but not $54.99. While myrebates411 swears we are qualified and the check will be sent soon, they cannot promise 'when'.

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Good processor8/11/2007 8:05:51 AM

Pros: Cheap dual core with lots of extra L2 Cache. Using a Divx->DVD program that support dual core, it can convert 1 1/2 hours in less than 30 minutes.

Cons: I cannot overclock this prcoessor more than 5% without risking a reboot. I use non brand name memory.

Overall Review: I've had this processor for over 3 months, dropped it into an Nforce4 MSI Neo board. After installing this prcoessor a strange ram detection issue I'd been having went away.

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