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Not good, even for $8 on sale3/10/2016 7:28:15 PM

Pros: Small Cheap ($8 on sale) Reputable name They work

Cons: Not loud at all (compared to my other similarly priced USB speakers). Inferior sound dynamics compared to my other similarly priced USB speakers. No off button, so you get noticeable static when nothing is playing. Short cables

Overall Review: I would not recommend this product.

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Good for the price!3/9/2013 9:04:23 AM

Pros: Well built. Includes a lot of accessories. Looks good Works fine. Ball bearing

Cons: A little loud for a 1300 rpm fan 40000 hours of estimated run time is low for a ball bearing fan, worried about long term operation.

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Never again from newegg6/8/2011 2:32:13 PM

Pros: Cheap, it was around $11 shipped.

Cons: Blocks adjacent USB slot, will not into all USB slots do to size. Disconnects every few minutes and needs to reset, makes playing online games impossible.

Overall Review: In order to retrun this item, even though defective, I need to pay return shipping and a restocking fee, thus I would get back around 45% of my purchase price. This is unacceptable to me. Been a long time new egg customer, but I mostly lucky and didn't need to return items before, I guess I will not have to return anything to newegg again.

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Great PSU, looks terrific!1/27/2011 12:18:04 PM

Pros: Just like the previous reviewer, I purchased this during a shell shocker deal. I did not need a new PSU at the time, but the price was too tempting. This replaced my Corsair VX550 watt PSU, which went to my brothers PC to replace his Sigma Shark, which than replaced my ancient coolmax PSU in my server PC. It look great, espacially in contrast to my all black NZXT Hades case. Its 80Gold, so its greener. 650W is plenty for a single GPU set up (phenom II 955 at 3.5, Geforce 460) Modular. Silent.

Cons: Did not properly fir in my NZXT Hades, as it is a bit longer than the standard size, had to fiddle with the case to get it in properly. The cabling and connectors aren't as nice as much cheaper Corsair, but are still good. PSU didn't come in a bubble wrap or any kind of a bag like my Corsair (just warped in plastic). NO CASE BADGE! I guess I leaving the "powered by corsair" on my PC

Overall Review: Time will tell.

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Great DDR2 mem1/23/2011 10:36:11 AM

Pros: Been using for about 1.5 years now. Instead of running them at 5-5-5-15 1066 with 2.0v, which makes them run hot, I run them at 840 4-4-4-12-16-2t at 1.8v. Fast and cool.

Cons: Price went up since I bought them? Heat spreader not very robust, but idk with 1.8v, its enough.

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Basic, but works!1/20/2011 5:33:25 PM

Pros: Its has been working for in my system for about 7 years now! Has gone from powering a single core AMD64 3200+ and a Nvidia 6600GT to a Athlon II X2 250 (3 GHZ) and a Geforce 250 GTS.

Cons: No PCI-e connector, had to use an adapter to power my GTS250, but works fine! Produces a descent amount of heat when under load, but I might be pushing it with my hardware. Probably not very efficient (80plus PSU this is not).

Overall Review: When I bought this y years ago to replace my freshly bruned out terrible PSU that came my X-blade case, I paid $50, its far less now. If you want a low power machine that will not be on 24/7, this will work, if you want a gaming machine get something with a PCI-e connector, if you gonna run a PC 24/7, get an 80Plus PSU.

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Great Dual Core CPU7/16/2010 12:22:01 AM

Pros: Cheap, AM2/AM3 compatible (worked on my AM2+ board). Very coll running CPU, I have mine OCed to 3.3 and with stock coller and arctic silver 5 it runs 27-28C idle and around 45C load. My brothers Phenom II X4 at 3.4 runs 45C idle... Runs all my games just fine!

Cons: Garbage stock cooler, the bottom plate doesnt even make full contact with the cpu, I would get an aftermarket coller and OC further, but this works for my needs.

Overall Review: You can get a very descent board + thus CPU for under 150$, good luck matching that with an intel platform.

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Best Bang for the $7/5/2010 9:50:36 AM

Pros: Price, efficiency (heat and power), size, DX11

Cons: Drivers

Overall Review: where is the competitor from Nvidia?

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Exellent Monitor for the Price4/17/2003 6:55:54 AM

Comments: <a href='' target=_blank></a><br><br>Got this monitor to replace my 3 year+ old Viewsonic E771. Its Sharper, brighter ( a little too bright, but can be adjusted), has exellent color saturation and its sharp where my Viewsonic was whased out. It can do 1280 by 9... at 75 hz and still looks good and is flicker free where that resolution on my View was painfull to watch. Its also small and nicely styles. If you need a good (not the best, there are better but you will pay more, like $200+ for the Sony) 17 inch monitor thats is smalled than most of the others in its group, get the Philips. I posted a link for a Pro review of a monitor similar to this.

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4/2/2003 6:41:12 PM

Comments: Well I got this car today, and I have to say I am not very pleased. The card was running only 200 mhz memory, and LE card should be running 250... it did double my score from 3200 (3d Mark) with my Geforce 2 GTS (PIV 1500, 768 PC133) to 6100 with the LE, but I am gonna RMA mine and get the ASUS Geforce ti4200 128 MB with 3.3 memeory, sure its double the price but its worth it in the long run!

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