20% DOA2/27/2014 8:42:04 AM

Pros: stiff plastic, tip does not easily break like the ones from (m o n o p r i c e) reasonable price cat6

Cons: stiff plastic hard to unplug 20% of our order was DOA (most link depot orders only have 0-2 bad ones but this order was the exception)

Overall Review: we ordered these in bulk and more than we really needed to plan ahead for future expansion, as we got around to putting each one to use over the years we found that roughly 20% of our order was bad (no connectivity at all) Link Depot needs to do better in terms of quality check(all was in sealed plastic bag untampered) however this was the only order that had such a high fail rate, we also order many other Link Depot cat6 cables of other lengths at the same time and those only had 0-2 bad ones in the whole order which is normal for any brand.

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works and more reliable than other nvidia cards2/13/2013 9:21:34 AM

Pros: VGA: works reliable (have not burnt out yet despite not having a fan, had 2 other cards with fan burn out on me) 1920 × 1080 compatible no stuttering at high resolution (but runs kinda hot)

Cons: S-vid 4pin: max resolution is 1050 but video is curved at edges with no software options to correct for this no way to adjust margins independently can only move picture in 4 directions or shrink/enlarge

Overall Review: quality product cheap

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only VGA port works2/13/2013 9:01:03 AM

Pros: good viewing angle no dead pixels VGA works matte finish (no glare) swivel works has USB ports plug and play

Cons: no power switch at back (must unplug power cord and replug power cord) power button does not work (sticks, requires mashing or multiple presses, other buttons work fine though) height is not quit high enough still has to put a phone book under it on standard desks height locking mechanism is not that reliable, sometimes monitor slides down on its own useless tilt (it sags to a tilted position requiring frequent restraightening out the monitor when in horizontal mode, vertical mode is stable though) DVI max resolution is 1366x768 only... not true LED (LED backlighting) expensive (can get better more functional monitor for this price...) DVI port is glitchy (sometimes has to choose DVI input instead of auto detect to get it to display) giltichy when switching between VGA and DVI port to same computer USB ports leaves multiple instances of phantom hubs in computer management USB ports sometime does not recognize USB devices (most likely the power supply of the monitor is not supplying enough power to the ports since the devices work fine if plugged into the computer directly) Dell has horrible customer service

Overall Review: VGA: fully functional same as reported specs (ex: 1920 × 1080) DVI: max resolution is 768 anything larger and it goes off screen (auto adjust grayed out) does not play well with my nvidia control panel changing setting sometimes auto resets to 640×480 or changes does not apply or save at all (other monitors on same computer and same graphics card does not have this problem) DVI with 16:9 aspect ratio gives black bars at top and bottom while the horizontally it goes off screen USB2.0 ports not 3.0

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not durable10/10/2012 8:42:10 PM

Pros: not DOA worked ok for about a year (environment: frequent power outs for a few sec to a few minuets, maybe two major power outs lasting several hours)

Cons: after one year of use the battery no longer charges (only one light on bar/meter at all times) and the fan revs up randomly even though room temp is low (quite noisy) heavy (most batteries are heavy) expensive

Overall Review: other brand is older but is still working without problems...

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding the CyberPower CPS1500AVR. Based on the experience described, the issue appears to be a unique situation. We are disappointed that any customer experiences anything less than 100% satisfaction. CyberPower offers an industry leading 3-Year Warranty on all of our UPS products, which includes the batteries. Please contact us immediately at 877-297-6937 M-F 8-5 CST, or priority1@CPSww.com, so that we can act to completely address your issue and ensure your total satisfaction.
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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
junk3/2/2012 6:16:27 AM

Pros: length

Cons: no shielding whatsoever, causes double/ghost image definitely not worth the price

Overall Review: cmple sells better cable and for much cheaper as well

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reliable2/18/2012 8:34:27 AM

Pros: reliable

Cons: none

Overall Review: more reliable than an intel port on dell computer with windows 7 we have had a few motherboard network ports fail on us over time and this card has been our solution, none of our startech ports has failed to date

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12/14/2011 8:36:14 AM

Pros: 4 lines can transfer calls audible without having to put every call on speakerphone cordless good range no static headset works(not included) not flimsy (dropped a few times and still works)

Cons: whenever other lines rings it cuts out for a few seconds on the line you are talking on (many brands do this) “off” and "hold" buttons should be on opposite sides of the phone (too close to each other) other end often has difficulty hearing unless you tilt the phone horizontally and speak into the hilt(holding it to your ear on the side of your head like with traditional phones does not work due to the lack of curvature in the handset) some of the backlit LEDs stopped working within a week but we don’t care about that NiMH instead of Li-ion only line one can check messages (if line one is in use, no one can check message)

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works12/14/2011 8:29:59 AM

Pros: 4 lines many features on hold music can transfer calls cordless good range no static headset works (not included) audible without having to put every call on speakerphone not flimsy (dropped a few times and still works)

Cons: whenever other lines rings it cuts out for a few seconds on the line you are talking on “off” and "hold" buttons should be on opposite sides of the phone (too close to each other) other end often has difficulty hearing unless you tilt the phone horizontally and speak into the hilt(holding it to your ear on the side of your head like with traditional phones does not work due to the lack of curvature in the handset) some of the backlit LEDs stopped working within a week but we don’t care about that NiMH instead of Li-ion only line one can check messages (if line one is in use, no one can check message)

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Great for office use(documents) bad for home use (pictures) For home users go with cannon (2454B002 for the same price and jams much much less :)5/19/2011 7:28:47 PM

Pros: Does not hog the computer as most scanning software does Speed (drastically reduced our workload, the bottleneck used to be scanning now it is our software for faxing/linking/e-mailing that is the bottleneck) Logical design Fewer jams than ADFs that bends the paper 180° Small hardware footprint Duplex scanning with autoremoval of blank pages Auto orientation correction(no need to worry about feeding it the right way, simply drop it in and press the button!) no complicated menus to perform simple tasks Save as multipage pdf or many individual pdfs No dysfunctional power save mode(HP)no long warm up phase Works with x64 systems(installs as x86) there are some models that claim x64 support but had network sharing problems(brother) No lag/stall every few pages due to memory limitations(cannon) Can save several scanning profilesYou do not need to renter scanner parameters each time you want a different profile(no need to go through a tree of folders each time, no need to name e

Cons: better if had button on scanner to scroll through the different saved profiles (currently changing profiles requires using computer) Poorer scan quality(cheaper epson=better quality, smaller file, but slower) Low quality forces us to use higher settings=larger files (older gen fujitsu was just as fast without the loss in quality) smudges from over exposure The ADF jams despite u/s sensor and design Doesn’t handle stacks with multiple item sizes in the ADF(sliding bar must be slid to hug each page, else the page spins while being pulled along and causes a jam) When it jams it can sometimes rip/wrinkle two vertical lines at the top(sensor took too long to recognize jam) requires using software to remove the bad scans or merge the successful partial scans (editing is time consuming) Note to unjam: pull the black release on the right and lift Large software footprint (better than buggy dell scanning software) sometimes due to dirt on the bottom of the pile it’ll add a bl

Overall Review: cons:1yr warranty(wish fujitsu had more faith in their engineers) not as durable as older fujitsu models but still more durable than dell/hp/lexmark(had to use warranty multiple times with those brands) price usb cable is too short Hinges do appear fragile, but they have yet to break on me. Yet to have jam due to output tray, all during intake so far But yes the ADF can only safely handle about 5-15 pages at a time, loading 50 pages at a time becomes a gamble (jam rate increases to almost as bad as 50%) No TWAIN Not a network scanner (no Ethernet port/IP adrdress) but this scanner outperforms all the network scanner I’ve tried (ex: dell/hp/etc) Poor customer service but not as bad as dell or hp not PC compatible other fujitsu scanners have drivers for both PC and mac note for windows 7 users buying s1500: the problem is with windows 7 not Fujitsu, upgrade to xp pro and you will see what I mean (running in windows 7's xp compatibility mode does nothing) or you can

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Acer > Dell (Dell used to be rock solid)4/29/2011 4:29:16 PM

Pros: small (significantly saves desktop space/legroom) gives user options over certain bloatware on whether to install them or not when the PC first starts up no BSOD 3yr warranty 4 front USB ports instead of just 2 (rear has 4 as well same as most pc) DVI-D compatible wireless capable front audio ports work media control buttons and volume control dial on keyboard no cables are too short

Cons: runs ~10°F hotter no OS cd or drivers cd but has option to burn your own and most computers nowadays don't provide cds anymore :( location of cd drive button is not ideal since closing the drawer often accidentally presses the button and causes it to come back out nonergonomic mouse does not come with monitor (V193WEJbm costs an additional ~$120 or B193WGJbmdh ~$160)

Overall Review: not a con or pro but windows comes unactivated nonstandard power cable (laptop style) replacement for a cheaper Dell with nearly identical specs (less ram) and only 1 yr warranty but slower (multiple applications randomly hang on occasion) and with network issues (inaccurate display) power supply and hard drive died in just just over a year(HD could just be seagate's fault since their failure rate is much higher than in previous years, PSU was simply bad luck since Dell PSUs usually lasts ~10yrs)

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worked for 3yrs+2/3/2011 2:24:12 PM

Pros: works

Cons: each manufacture uses different mount screw positions (for the grill and not the fan) so if you switch brands the holes may not align and new holes may need to be drilled :( screws were a bit small for threading plastic(installing will put wear on the screw head so do not plan on dismounting and remounting often). Prethreaded parts or larger/longer/stronger screw would have been a plus.

Overall Review: if one day you find that your LEDs works but the fan stopped spinning, touch the center to see if it is warm, if it is try dismounting it and pealing the sealing sticker off a bit, then squirt some WD40 at the axel and put the sticker back in place(sticker reduces dust accumulation at motor). This got mine to start spinning again, thus prolonging the life beyond 3 years. (tell tale sign is if fan started to spin slower and slower for no reason before it completely stopped one day)

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excellent12/23/2010 3:46:30 PM

Pros: fully modular, no lines are forced on the user by the manufacturer, did not advertise overrated wattage, did not skimp on parts (I was unlucky and was missing one of the minor cables which they promptly replaced for me at no additional cost) Only practical 400w PSU I could find with 5yr warranty on the market at time of purchase.

Cons: The extra 4 pins on the main motherboard connector(20pin +4pin) is near impossible to separate and even once separated the unbound potion of the cable is too short and inflexible for the 4pin to be put out of the way (constantly pushing against a capacitor next to the connection on my mother board). Similarly the extra 4 pins on the cpu connector (4pin +4pin) was not flexible/long enough to be tucked out of the way so as to not touch the motherboard. Location of the power cord interface is not ideal, wrong side on my case unless I flip the psu upsidedown, which the manual specifically says not to do. So I guess this unit was designed for bottom mount case or top mount with open top (btw, I never understood the logic of open top cases, seems like an opening for debris to enter the computer and unnecessary risk from spilled coffee to land on psu and fry the computer, yes, my coworker has accidentally spilled their drink before and it overflowed enough to drip onto both computers)

Overall Review: psu’s interface with modular cables only allows you to connect 3 of the 4 SATA/molex cables (not that you should need all 4). The 2 floppy connections is optional at the expense of one of the 5 molex connection(most people will not need these anyways). No switch between 115v and 230v(most people don’t need it anyway unless you plan on taking your computer through TSA to Europe, the switch usually just adds confusion to inexperienced buyers anyways) The line with the 2 molex connectors and the line with the 2 SATA connectors were barely long enough for the longest connection to reach the closest item in my case so the shorter connection on those lines may be useless in many cases. The other lines had plenty of give to reach their targets. Warm to touch but cooler than other PSUs I’ve encountered DOA PSUs from reputable companies like antec and corsair but none so far from seasonic. Athena lasted 10 years and still working Antec, Thermaltake, Rosewill all still working after

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Linksys going down hill6/8/2010 10:27:56 PM

Pros: nice look, brand name (used to have good rep), high end(at time of purchase)

Cons: drops wired connection randomly through out the day for split second to couple minutes (not long enough to bother the webrowser or e-mail reader but if you are running server based software it can get pretty annoying having to restart the program and redo your work) drops wireless connection randomly and does not automatically reconnect (need to disable wireless and reenable each time) signal strength decreases as time passes (good strength when you power on computer but everyday when you comein in the morning you will find the wireless died overnight) Note: computer was 10-12’ from router with one wall in between switched to older 12.5MBPS hawking router for the stability and peace of mind

Overall Review: shop for reliability or lifetime warranty and read the user reviews before you buy, happy hunting

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works2/22/2009 9:06:08 PM

Pros: works on arrival, easy to set up

Cons: max volume is quite low

Overall Review: usb is bulky(blocks my spare lan port) and droops due to lopsided weight (you might want to buy another model with a short usb cable so that you can avoid this by just setting the card on the ground or on the computer)

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?2/22/2009 8:59:15 PM

Pros: works on arrival, little to no noise

Cons: producess a burning plastic smell the first time the fans power on(fans only power on every now and then to keep it cool)

Overall Review: warmer to the touch than my other UPS and the manual did not match the software version provided on the CD but the difference was minor.

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2/13/2009 5:09:20 PM

Pros: works, reliable, better than many others on the market(logitech is still my favorite brand)

Cons: only ~2 feet range (I hooked up my computer to my plasma tv and was trying to access it from the couch and it did not work due to the short range. But I'm guessing this was not what it was designed for.)

Overall Review: waste of batteries in exchange for an invisible 2 feet cord

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nice monitor with good features2/10/2009 8:20:19 PM

Pros: it works on arrival

Cons: very rarely the monitor will refuse to powerup when you turn on the computer. Pushing the power button with the blue LED does nothing(LED does not light up). The only way around it is to turn the other power switch with the “–“ and “o” off and then on again, then pressing the power button with the blue LED(LED will light up blue). Afterwards the monitor will power up with a no signal message even though the computer is on. But if you remember the hotkeys you can blindly use the keyboard to restart your computer in which case the monitor will start working again after the reset.

Overall Review: For this quality and cost the only real competitor is VeiwSonik. Samsong is only a little more expensive but with fewer features.

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