Short and Thick USB-C to USB3 cable5/26/2019 4:01:46 PM

Pros: The cable that came with my external M.2 enclosure failed. This cable is the same length but much thicker. I've only used this cable for about a week now, but I believe it will be a reliable cable.

Cons: none

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One of few 2242 sized external USB enclosures5/26/2019 3:56:53 PM

Pros: The whole beauty of this this is that it is 2242 size. This is not a con. This is THE reason I bought it. It is easy to disassemble and install your 2242 sized M.2 SSD, and build quality seems really good. The internal circuit board looks nice, and the machining of the case is nice. The paint finish and texture is really nice too. The combination of this enclosure and the 2242 drive I put in it uses an amount of power within USB2 power specs. This is extremely nice because it means you can power this completely through a normal cable when connected to an ExpressCard to USB3 adapter on a laptop AND still run at USB3 speeds (ExpressCard USB3 adapters can only supply USB2 power levels through the USB port). These ExpressCard adapters usually come with (obnoxious) USB to DC adapters for USB3 devices needing more than USB2 power levels. These are commonly needed when running 2.5" SSDs off USB3 ExpressCards, but it is NOT needed for this.

Cons: The cable it came with failed after only a couple months of light usage. Luckily, for some reason, I bought another USB-C to USB3 cable along with this item, so I am still in business. The cable I bought is the same length, but is much thicker. The original cable didn't seem too thin or anything, but yeah, it failed. The board in this gets pretty warm. The 2242 drive I put in it gets hot. The combination of the 2 boards causes this enclosure to get surprisingly warm. I am considering stuffing in some thermal pads so the M.2 drive will have better conductivity to the case, but I am probably over-reacting.

Overall Review: It is not easy to find 2242 sized M.2 to USB3 adapters, or at least it wasn't when I was looking for one a few months ago. That alone makes this an awesome item. I benchmarked this hooked up to my desktops on-board USB3 using a script I made specifically for benchmarking, and got 250MB/s. The drive I put in it claims to dp 500MB/s. Not sure what real-world USB3 drives usually get, so I don't know if this is possibly bottle-necking my drive, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions and blame this enclosure. I am pretty happy with those speeds. I feel bad only giving it 4 stars, but that is mainly due to the failing cable. If I could give it 4.5 stars I would. The fact that it also gets somewhat hot worked against it, too. All in all I love this thing, and I highly recommend getting it if you want a small external SSD that is really fast and runs at USB3 speeds while using USB2 power (just buy a spare or better cable). It is nice when manufacturers put out niche items like this, as it was one of the only choices for a 2242 sized USB3 enclosure.

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Working great in an old Thinkpad3/12/2019 8:48:45 PM

Pros: I bought these since they were CAS7, some of the very few 4GB per module DIMMs for laptops that have such a low latency. I'm probably not seeing any speed benefit as I'm not sure my laptop can access it at that CAS latency, but at the very least I get some piece of mind knowing these DIMMs are rated to be pushed much harder than I am using them at.

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: I have these installed in a Lenovo Thinkpad X200s, for 8GB RAM total. I guess sometimes this model can be picky with 8GB installed, but they've been working out perfectly for me.

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Super simple KVM switch12/3/2018 11:15:39 AM

Pros: I got this because the first KVM switch I got was extremely annoying to use. It had a software switch, and did annoying things like interpret keyboard strokes as commands to switch, change modes (modes?!), etc. It would also randomly disconnect and switch during use. I also didn't like it's permanently attached cables. So, I went looking for a simple, mechanical switch, and found this. It is just that; a simple mechanical KVM switch. No fancy software needed, no drivers needed, just a nice simple switch. Just what I wanted. I also love the fact that it doesn't have permanently attached cables, and has 3 USB ports instead of just 2. If you live by the philosophies of "do one thing and do it well" or "KISS", this is the keyboard/mouse switch for you.

Cons: Uhh, it doesn't have DVI ports instead of VGA?

Overall Review: I don't use the VGA functionality, I use the monitor itself to switch between multiple inputs (DVI and DP). I guess I wish they offered a USB only switch, since I don't need or want the VGA portion. Not sure if they offer a similar switch but with DVI/HDMI/DP connections, but it'd be nice if they did. I think other manufacturers should look to this as the model for what a KVM switch should be. Thanks for the product Tek Republic, and if you make the same thing but with digital monitor connections, let me know and I will buy it. THIS SWITCH DOES NOT USE DRIVERS. IT IS A MECHANICAL SWITCH AND ANY REVIEWS CLAIMING DRIVER PROBLEMS NEEDS TO BLAME THEIR OPERATING SYSTEM FOR NEEDING TO RELOAD DRIVERS EVERY TIME A MOUSE OR KEYBOARD IS CONNECTED

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Useless8/18/2018 5:40:33 PM

Pros: Since it's clear, I can see the poor quality solder joints without taking it apart.

Cons: First time I used it, it didn't work. I got it to work by pulling the HD out slightly. That was the only time I remember it working. It is not working right now. I think it may be because the solder joints on the SATA connector are seriously starved of solder. Also, USB plugs fit way too tightly.

Overall Review: Looks like I need to look for another external SATA to USB enclosure.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Bought in early 2011 and still using it in 2018 and counting !!1/1/2018 11:14:23 AM

Pros: Ive been using this for like 7 years (well it took a break for like a year or 2 in that time), and I just recently sold the latest computer it was in to a friend and he is still using this memory. So, I would say this is very reliable memory.

Cons: None that I know of. I think the packaging may have been hard to open? I coud be confusing it for some other memory I bought more than half a decade ago though.

Overall Review: I used this in multiple Core2 based systems.

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Does what it's supposed to and does it well1/1/2018 11:05:44 AM

Pros: Well, I bought this to use various USB devices on my cell-phone, and that's exactly what this allows you to do. Ive used game-pads, keyboards, and mice on my cell-phone, and it worked flawlessly.

Cons: One time I lost it and couldn't find it but a few months later I found it

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Reliable, fast, what more could you want?1/1/2018 10:58:20 AM

Pros: I used this in my main rig for the past 2 years or so with zero problems. The operating system was Lubuntu 16.04. Havent had a single problem, the PC was on 24/7 the entire time. Ive since parted out the computer and will likely continue to use this as the primary drive in the next machine I build.

Cons: Literally none. I havent benchmarked it, so I can't comment on the speed, other than to say it's obviously several times as fast as a mechanical hard-drive.

Overall Review: Completely happy with this SSD.

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Great low power video card with good Linux performance1/1/2018 10:52:12 AM

Pros: This video card has very good performance especially for a relatively low power card. It is very quiet, and if I recall correctly you can switch to silent mode via a switch on the card itself, which will stop the fan from spinning below a certain temperature. However, even when not in the silent mode it is very quiet. I only used this card on Linux, mostly for Quake 3 based games, and performance was quite good. I would game at 1920x1440 at 96 Hz and average frame rates exceeded the 96 Hz refresh rate.

Cons: Well, in my humble opinion, Nvidia really needs to start open-sourcing their Linux drivers. Kernel upgrades are not as smooth as if using an open-source driver such as Intel or certain AMDs. You are also limited in what kernels you can run easily.

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend this product. However, if open-source is a concern, check out the progress AMD has made recently.

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Great very rugged case2/9/2016 10:48:18 PM

Pros: Fits my Nexus 5 beautifully. It is very rugged. It absorbs impacts very well. It looks good and is a nice size and shape. The rubber buttons line up perfectly over the buttons on the phone. The rubber seals off most of the phone and does a great job of keeping water off the phone

Cons: If I had to pick one thing to criticize it would be that the USB cover seems a little weak, but mine hasnt fallen off or torn yet. Ive had this case for 2 years, and I imagine in another year or two the USB cover might finally break off.

Overall Review: I dont use the screen protector, as the screen on the Nexus 5 is hard and doesnt scratch easily. Ive really fallen in love with my Nexus 5, and I completely trust this case to keep it safe

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Didnt work with my cellphone case2/9/2016 10:26:55 PM

Pros: micro usb and standard usb connectors

Cons: base of micro usb connector is too big and wouldnt fit through my cellphone case

Overall Review: I wish they would have anticipated people wanting to use this in cellphones with cases and made the base of the micro usb connector smaller. I dont think there is any reason for the base to be as big as it is.

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Been great for over a year!2/9/2016 10:20:59 PM

Pros: I bought this and put it into a ThinkPad X200s that I purchased without a hard-drive 13 months ago. I have used this laptop extensively in that time. The laptop is on 24/7, and I have had zero issues with this SSD. It is fast and responsive. It is very light-weight.

Cons: none

Overall Review: My ThinkPad has run Debian ever since I got it. The ThinkPad only has SATA-2, which maxes at around 300MB/s. I did a quick benchmark of this SSD using a benchmarking script I wrote which uses the dd command to measure read and write speeds. I got a read speed of 255MB/s, and write speed of 135MB/s. This is very good as far as Im concerned.

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Its ok2/24/2012 6:57:29 PM

Pros: I used ATI for like 15 years (since the time that 4MB was a lot of VRAM) and wanted to try nVidia, especially because my ATI 4850 didnt support anti-aliasing under Linux. Well, one pro to this card is that it does support anti-aliasing under Linux. It gives me better frame rates than my 4850 did. The cooler seems to do a good job cooling.

Cons: By far the loudest component in my system. Especially when put under the slightest load or a high ambient. The other components in my system are a 150mm fan, 2 x 120mm fans, a 135mm fan in the power supply, and an enterprise class hard drive. The hard drive is the 2nd loudest component. Naturally the larger fans will be quieter so I suppose it was obvious that cooling the hottest component in my system with the smallest fans would result in a lot of noise Linux support is odd (Im using nVidias proprietary driver). It seems the kernel needs to be modified which I think is taken care of by a script. Its not difficult, but the process needs to be repeated every time you upgrade the kernel and I think youre also limited to older kernels. Also, the included control panel is lacking, particularly overclocking and fan control. NVclock does not work with this card; I was going to use it to set the clock down to quieten it down but I guess I need a Windows machine, which I dont have

Overall Review: I am, in general, disappointed in most hardware manufacturers attitude towards Linux. nVidia is no exception, but I still think that their proprietary drivers are better than ATIs, if not only because anti-aliasing seems guaranteed to work no matter the card. ATI is good in that they have a good open source driver, but in my experience the proprietary ATI driver gets much better frame rates. Obviously, I think nVidia should contribute to an opensource nVidia driver, but you already knew that. All in all I plan on keeping the card, and unless ATI starts having anti-aliasing work on their new cards under Linux, I also plan on staying with nVidia. IF I replaced this card, it would be to get a reference card so I can put an after-market cooler on it, as I am doubtful if those will work on this one.

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Love it2/17/2012 8:15:28 PM

Pros: I love this CPU. Stock temps were 35C idle and 45C under load. I put on a big cooler and overclocked to 4GHz and now idle is 25C and load is 35C. CPU throttling is pretty good. Cores stay at 800MHz most of the time, but jump right up to 4GHz as needed. I feel confident that I could overclock more if I wanted to, considering my temps are actually lower than stock.

Cons: Stock cooler is too loud IMO. Has only 1 temp sensor, while Intels have a sensor for each core.

Overall Review: Location of the temperature file under Linux (for me) is: /sys/module/k10temp/drivers/pci:k10temp/0000:00:18.3/temp1_input

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Happy2/17/2012 8:06:14 PM

Pros: The onboard PWM fan controllers work very well; no abrubt changes in fan speed. There is LOTS of options in the BIOS for overclocking and tweaking both the CPU and RAM. I am using this with a PhenomII980BE@4GHz. I am happy to know that I can use a BullDozer CPU in the future with this same mainboard.

Cons: Ethernet Driver uses non-free firmware. Please Gigabyte, its just an ethernet controller, use one with free firmware. This means that to do a net install of Debian you have to find and use a special version of the installer. Its ironic that the included Gigabyte boot disk runs Linux. If I would have knocked off an egg this would have been why. RAM seems abnormally close to the CPU. Its 50mm from the first RAM slot to the center of the CPU. Turbo3D heatsink is so corny. Luckily its an aluminum sticker that can be removed. Its still an ugly heatsink though. I wish it had more fan controller ports, it has 2, CPU and SYSTEM each with one connector. I also with it had a parallel port at least on an internal header.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this board. The worse thing about it is the ethernet controller using non-free firmware. This doesnt affect Windows users. Even using CrunchBang Linux it had no effect on me. But I only went with CrunchBang because Debian didnt work and I wasnt aware of the special Debian net installs that will recognize proprietary ethernet firmware.

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Got it working perfect with Linux10/28/2011 5:23:48 PM

Pros: I am using it on a Panasonic laptop, with Crunch-Bang Linux (based on Debian Stable) installed. Under Skype, video worked instantly. Sound, however, took a while, but I did get it working. I installed various Pulse-Audio packages to get the mic to work. 720p is a good resolution for a web-cam.

Cons: No Linux support from Logitech that I am aware of. Though it does work, I think the so called clip is silly. I wish it literally did clamp on. This basically just rests on the top of your LCD.

Overall Review: I dont think it would be too much effort for Logitech to throw some information into the user manual concerning usability with Linux. For example, I downloaded almost every Pulse-Audio package I could find, but I probably only needed one of them. It took me maybe 2 hours to figure out how to get the mic working.

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Good buy10/28/2011 5:10:55 PM

Pros: Works as it should so far. It booted and installed from Linux Mint LXDE and Linux Mint Debian Edition XFCE onto an HP Mini net-book. It was used to create the LMDE DVD (via CrunchBang Linux), and worked perfect the first try. Its not loud and it doesn’t feel cheaply made.

Cons: I think the USB cable is pretty silly, though it seems such a cable is common among drives like this. I wish it came with a regular one though.

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Great overall monitor, Im satisfied4/23/2011 12:44:01 PM

Pros: I was upgrading from a 17" 1280x1024, and didnt want to have a lower ppi than that. This 24" 1920x1200 has almost the same exact ppi as a the 17", so my icons, taskbar, etc all stayed physically the same size. Colors are better than the 17". Also, the viewing angle is great. The colors dont change depending on viewing angle like a TN panel. When watching movies in bed, I used to have to tilt the 17" all the way down and I still wasnt at an optimal angle; now its no longer an issue. The stand is awesome. I cant imagine the stand being any better. The screen does not wobble whatsoever. Adjusting it is painless. Not a single hot or dead pixel. Been using this about 3 weeks now.

Cons: I wish it would do at least 70Hz at 1920x1200, but it only goes to 60Hz. The highest resolution it will do at 75Hz is 1280x1024, and it wont do anything at 75Hz with a 16:10 aspect ratio. I notice screen tearing watching movies and playing games. However, I also get screen tearing on my 23" TN panel at work, so not sure if this is just a fact of life right now. And Im also on Linux, and I may not be running an optimal v-sync setup Maybe not the best monitor for fast paced gaming. 6ms GTG is excellent for an IPS panel, but is a little slow for an actual gaming monitor. I play a game called Urban Terror which is very fast paced, and it is very playable, but I occasionally notice some screen tearing which I am sure cant be good for a FPS. The fastest IPS panel I am aware of is 5ms GTG, so if you need faster than 5ms, you wont be looking at an IPS panel anyway.

Overall Review: I think this is a great monitor. Comparing this to a TN panel, it has higher resolution, a better aspect ratio,more accurate colors, and much better viewing angle. Its only disadvantage is raw speed, a 2ms 120Hz LCD would be better for gaming. But this is still not bad for gaming and as soon as I finish writing this review, Im off to Urban Terror for some fast paced FPS.

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