Exactly what I expected, great price!!!2/25/2021 6:52:18 PM

Pros: Worked very easily with my PS4 Dual Shock controller! Has good range. No lag or lost connection so far, only been using it a few days...

Cons: You need to install a 3rd party software to get the controller to work with games. This has nothing to do with the dongle however so not so much a "con", as a warning for future purchasers. Dongle communicates with Windows perfectly, as advertised!

Overall Review: I was looking for a low cost way to connect my PS4 controller to my PC for gaming, gave this a try and was not disappointed! Windows picked it up immediately, installed the necessary drivers and immediately picked up the Dual Shock controller! It also picks up my Iphone, which has lost the capability to charge or sync via cable. If you are trying to use this with a PS4 controller on Windows, you need to download DS4Windows. After that, the controller will work immediately! Overall a great product for the price, so far... If it seems to be standing the test of time, I will order a second for my sons PC!

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Better than expected, MUCH better than my last!2/17/2021 2:01:54 PM

Pros: Keyboard - LED's are very bright! Will remain to be seen if the numbers will fade off the keys but so far after a month, all is well! No sticky keys, easy to keep clean, types well, no ghosting while gaming. Mouse - Mouse works well and is very comfortable! The mouse is NOT addressable RGB though! It cycles colors, however will not stay one color.

Cons: Other than the mouse not being RGB, none, so far.

Overall Review: Out of all the cheap RGB keyboards I have purchased, this one is definitely the best! Keys have a mechanical feel, more so than the other mecha-membrane ones. LED's are bright and shut off automatically after a few minutes of use, which is a cool feature I think! Wish the mouse was true aRGB but none the less is comfortable and accurate. Would buy another one for the price!

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Great as always from Sapphire!12/1/2020 8:31:56 PM

Pros: Good base clock speeds! Stays really cool! Pretty quiet!

Cons: Sapphire logo LED only shines red :/

Overall Review: Sapphire have always been the best AMD GPU's made! This one is no exception! Runs any and all games at 1080 on highest settings, without flinching! Runs most titles at 60-75FPS at 1440p on high settings. WILL run most titles at 4K at high settings, however be prepared for a drop in FPS. If you want to run games at 4K, either reduce settings to medium or opt for the 5700XT... I do wish the Sapphire logo would light up different colors, my PC has RGB everything and the red clashes if I have my PC any other color but red. Luckily, red is also my favorite color and most of the time, I have it on red.

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Awesome looking RGBs! One fan got noisy...12/1/2020 8:26:16 PM

Pros: RGB's are very bright (can be dimmed). They do many different color variations, chase patterns, strobe effects, have impressed everyone who has seen them! Remote control makes it easy to change the colors, love that! 3/4 of them are very quiet! Price! :)

Cons: One fan got noisy... Just one of them, almost sounds like an old "crunching hard drive" when spinning. If I unplug that one fan, the noise goes away. Was going to RMA the fans but removing and sending all 4 back due to noise in one just is not worth it for me, especially with how cheap they are. Although I knew what I was getting with CFM's and will not deduct an egg for such, they could move more air. They aren't the WORST I have owned, my original SAMA case fans move much less!

Overall Review: They were an aesthetic choice for me and in that aspect, they more than held up to their end! The chase/strobe patterns are amazing! They do not move a TON of air, however having 8 of them in my case and an AIO, my PC stays cool! They are much quieter than my original fans also... I installed 4 of these and still have 4 of the original RGB's, one of which cannot be seen. Plan to purchase another 4 pack, replace the noisy one and 3 of the original fans. Hope I do not get another noisy one, will have to RMA if this is the case.

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Excellent AIO!12/1/2020 8:15:46 PM

Pros: Keeps my overclocked 8700K cool! Fans supplied are decent.

Cons: Wish the pump LED changed colors but it's not the RGB model so....

Overall Review: Definitely a nice AIO so far, have been running it 24/7 on my 8700K @4.8Ghz! Keeps my temps down, CPU does not exceed 50c on full load. I did use the fans supplied with it for a while, temps only dropped maybe 2 degrees with the new fans, which I only installed for the RGB. Wish I would have got the RGB version, even though I used my own fans, would be nice if the pump LED changed colors. Other than that small detail, it's been great so far! Plan to buy another for my sons PC fairly soon!

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Great price, great performance!12/1/2020 8:09:53 PM

Pros: Fast read speeds (3700Mb/s) Price!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Very solid, fast NVMe drive! Was not expecting to see over 3000 Mb/s given the price but much to my surprise, it scored 3755Mb/s read speeds in CrystalDiskMark! Does not get overly hot, even with the lack of a heatsink. Have had no errors in the 4 months I have owned it, runs very stable! Came with the correct screws, my SP drive did not! Would buy another one!

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Awesome airflow, great cable management!8/5/2020 5:30:32 PM

Pros: Cost!!! Got it for $78 out the door! Comes with 4, ring LED RGB fans which is cool. Includes a fan hub and a button to change the colors. Airflow is great even with the stock fans... Has bottom fan spots on the PSU cage, I thought that was cool and utilized them. Cable management was really easy, lots of room behind the MOBO plate. and back side panel. Has rubber isolators on the glass pegs, no metal to metal sound. Even my Rosewill Cullinan has issues there. Dust build up is minimal thus far, been about a week and I haven't had to wipe off the front mesh once.

Cons: Nit picking at this point but not enough to deduct an egg... Button for RGB is hard to push, almost need to use your pinky.

Overall Review: Definitely one of the better built cases in this price range! Got this for a mid end build and did a lot of shopping, was always sold on this one. Would definitely recommend, wouldn't recommend for an open loop as space may be a factor. Case is a bit more shallow the long ways than it appears in the pics, which was not an issue for me.

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Good so far!3/16/2019 11:34:10 PM

Pros: Bright LED, moves more air than the Rosewills.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Have had back luck with Corsair fans in the past but needed a 140mm for my Rosewill Cullinan case that matched the 120's made for that case, Rosewill did not make a 140mm. This one matches the Rosewills almost perfectly and moves more air than the Rosewill 120mm's. So far I am happy with it.

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Great fans!3/16/2019 11:27:10 PM

Pros: Very quiet, move a nice amount of air, LED is bright and very vibrant colored!

Cons: None at all!

Overall Review: Purchased to add to the CULLINAN case I purchased... Have 5 of the 120mm's and a 140mm Rosewill in the rear, MUCH quieter than my previous case! Will be my new "go to" fan for any build! :)

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Awesome case! Best choice I ever made!!3/16/2019 11:23:05 PM

Pros: Everything. Cable management is incredible, wish I could post a pic on here to show just how good it is. Installing the hardware and routing the cables was easy and the result is very clean! Fans are super quiet and move a good amount of air. I purchased a separate 140mm and 120mm to match, put the two 120's on top and the 140 in rear, still cannot hear them! Fan controller is kind of limited compared to my digital but with the fans being so quiet, I can let them rip full speed! Keeps my overclocked 4790K cool at 4.9Ghz! Tempered glass is very thick and sturdy, metal of the rest of case is durable and not chincy.

Cons: Only two. One, which I knew before purchasing, was the lack of a DVD drive bay. I suppose with this style case, it's just not possible... Two is the placement of the SSD bays. There is no other spot to put them, I wanted them visible yet they are not inside the main case. Also, where they are mounted, the power cables put strain on the connector due to the case being too close. They still work, won't deduct an egg because nothing is perfect!

Overall Review: Overall and by far the nicest case I have ever owned! If cable routing is done properly, the result can be a VERY clean look inside the case! Beautiful to look at, easy to install hardware and route cables. Would recommend to ANY gamer!

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Should have went with a rechargeable...3/4/2019 10:42:22 PM

Pros: It functions like a basic mouse....

Cons: The sensitivity is horrible, it skips a lot and lining up a shot through a scope on any game is easier done on my $10 Logitech... It shows bright red LED's in the photo, the side ones BARELY light up and they are the only lights on it. I got it to match my Corsair red LED keyboard and my tower, which is bright red LED. It does not match, no red can be seen at night. It also eats batteries! My other wireless mice have ONE AA battery and last a long long time.... This one takes TWO AA's and lasts half as long. I use rechargeable, still annoying.

Overall Review: Should have got a built in lithium mouse, will be buying something else and keeping this as a back up. Not a great product, was a shot in the dark and I missed!

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Manufacturer Response:
We are very sorry that our Viotek Meister VT-MS-10W Wireless 2.4GHz 7-Button 2000dpi Optical Gaming Mouse did not exceed your expectations! Adjusting the DPI will make the mouse more sensitive and can help with this issue. You need to make sure that the mouse is positioned comfortably in your hand and ensure you have a smooth mousepad to help it glide easily around. Customer support is standing by to assist with any issues or concerns that you might have with our products. If you have any questions you can ask here, DM our Facebook page, Live-chat us at Viotek.com OR email support@viotek.com! -Viotek Customer Support
Excellent quality and response!3/4/2019 10:22:04 PM

Pros: Video Quality: Playing GTA V, Fortnite, BF5, Far Cry 5, max settings and it looks awesome! Smooth transitions, nice darks and smooth response time! Long Lasting: Have only owned it a month so can't say much thus far for dependability but I have 3 other Dell flat screens in my home network and they are all between 7-10 years old. Dell monitors usually last, as I am sure this one will!

Cons: No cons on performance, my only dislike on the monitor is the base is ugly and bulky. I will be switching to a wall mount very soon so I didn't deduct an egg for that, otherwise a perfect, budget gaming monitor!

Overall Review: Would recommend to any gamer who don't have a wad to throw at a high end monitor. The size is perfect for desk gaming and the quality and response is better than I expected :)

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Excellent RAM for it's day!10/13/2018 11:23:40 PM

Pros: 9 years ago when I bought this RAM, it was the coolest RAM on the market! Fast, low latency and ran cool. Also looked awesome and even after 9 years, these modules are STILL working in a PC!

Cons: Absolutely none!

Overall Review: I can't believe I forgot to review this memory but it was some of the most reliable memory ever made in the DDR2 era! Still being used today in a classic console game PC! Will last forever!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
L.E.D's did not stay bright, bearings finally went.10/13/2018 11:20:03 PM

Pros: They looked good when they worked.... Good air flow, quiet

Cons: The L.E.D's went very dim less than a year after purchasing. I continued to run them, the bearings lasted around 2 years which isn't a hugely long lifespan for a fan.

Overall Review: I have since bought the identical fans but in green and those L.E.D's are nice and bright so far, they are also quieter. These started going dim within a month and before a year were almost invisible behind my grilles.

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Owned it for many years, case outlasted the drive.10/13/2018 11:16:32 PM

Pros: Was cheap, case is rugged and could probably take a drop from 20'. Enclosure circuitry is still going today, after 7 years!

Cons: Drive that came with it failed within a few years. I replaced it with another 1TB WD drive, then another Seagate 1TB just recently. Was very hard to get apart each time.

Overall Review: I am amazed the enclosure still works, given how long I have owned it and being on it's 3rd drive now. Deducting an egg for the original drive not lasting and showing hours of usage with a disc management program. Not sure the drive was "new" when it was put into the enclosure.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Nice and bright! Quieter than my Rosewills!10/13/2018 11:11:03 PM

Pros: Price, low noise, bright L.E.D's (even after 6 months of constant use), good airflow!

Cons: None yet!

Overall Review: Great fans if you want to brighten up your PC and not have it super loud.... These are considerably cheaper than my Rosewill 120's and they are quieter, equally as bright and move about as much air. Rosewills boast a slighter higher CFM but it isn't noticeable. Would definitely recommend them!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
4/7/2009 9:43:12 PM

Pros: Brought my XFX Nvidia 8600gt from 119 degrees celsius at full load, to 66 degrees celsius at full load. Comes with video memory heatsinks as well which helps.

Cons: Somewhat loud, rattled some of the surrounding components at first. After tightening the rattle has gone though.

Overall Review: Very good cooling for the price, if you can afford the little extra noise I recommend this to anyone with an Nvidia VGA.

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4/7/2009 9:39:46 PM

Pros: Lots of fans, big side window, and very sweet looking.

Cons: The case came and the box was banged up pretty good. When i took it out of the box, the front panel fell off and the reset button fell out of that. As others have mentioned, the front panel fasteners are weak. Otherwise, if the case was in tact it looks to be a serious cooling case. LOTS of fans! :)

Overall Review: Case was RMA'd for a replacement immediately, i'm hoping the next one sent is blemish free, or i will be RMA'ing it for a refund!

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