Very Powerful, Minor Drawbacks (Linux, Fedora 34)5/26/2021 5:17:23 AM

Pros: Hardware: - Very powerful processor. Completed the Blender BMW benchmark in less than 4 minutes, about 1.5x faster than my desktop's lightly overclocked Ryzen 5 2600x. For reference, the 2600x draws ~4-6x more power at full load. - The SSD is very fast. Load times are minimal. Since it's not listed in the specs here, lshw reports the model "SAMSUNG MZALQ512HBLU-00BL2". - The screen looks good to me. Minimal backlight bleed, seems bright enough. - Touchpad is spacious. - Overall the keyboard is adequate. Travel and spacing are okay. The addition of the number pad is nice. I also like being able to switch the default behavior of the function keys. - Battery life is adequate. Better if you don't mind tweaking the CPU settings a bit. Linux: - Good support out of the box. No need to download any proprietary drivers for basic functionality like Wi-Fi or touchpad/touchscreen. - Most of the special functions of the function keys work, excluding the gear one, the lock, and the mysterious symbols above Insert and PrtSc. Haven't had the chance to test the external display button. All of the media controls work. - I took the risk and ordered the Lenovo branded active stylus, and surprisingly it worked out of the box, including the buttons and pressure sensitivity. - Tablet mode works (turns off the touchpad and keyboard), and the palm rejection is alright when using Xournal++.

Cons: Hardware: - Heat is probably the biggest issue. When I ran the Blender benchmark, I had the power profile in the bios set to the default, the CPU governor set to ondemand, and frequency boost enabled. The fan started to get pretty loud and Since then I have changed bios setting to powersave, governor to conservative, and disabled boost, which seems to have fixed the issue. The heat is much more manageable, I'm not sure if the fan even needs to turn on any more. The tradeoffs for me has been worth it: slightly worse gaming performance, CPU-heavy tasks like rendering and compiling take longer. - The non-upgradeable ram is pretty standard on this class of laptop, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Your mileage may vary, but I have come uncomfortably close to the max capacity when doing work that requires my Windows VM. - Keyboard is a bit mushy. The plastic chassis results in a bit of flex. - The integrated graphics seem a bit underwhelming to me, although I'm hoping that some of this will be fixed in driver updates. That said, most of my games are playable on low settings with a decent framerate (Stellaris, City Skylines, The Long Dark, Universe Sandbox 2). - It feels pretty heavy when you try to use it as a tablet. In other situations (in a backpack, on my lap), the weight isn't an issue. Linux: - Fingerprint scanner doesn't work. - Although the stylus works fine, it's not detected by Gnome's system settings and I haven't been able to do much with the additional Wacom packages I downloaded, even though they detect the stylus. A shame, because I was hoping that I would be able to customize the function of the buttons. - The accelerometer doesn't work. - Bios updates require Windows. - Assorted bugs, the worst two are: * Occasionally, the system will not accept my disk decryption password on startup. * Wayland/GDM misbehave in various ways: certain XWayland apps like Steam become unresponsive, system freezes or logs out my account without warning, etc. I'm not sure if this is typical or machine-specific, as I was using i3-wm on X (no display manager) on my previous laptop.

Overall Review: After using this for a couple of weeks, I don't regret my purchase. This is a solid laptop overall, and the price is very competitive for what you get. For me, coming from a laptop with a dual-core Kaby Lake i5 with 8GB of ram, this machine feels incredibly responsive. It has ample processing power, even when limiting the processing power to control heat and extend the battery life. It would be nice to have a better cooling solution, more RAM, a sturdier chassis, and a bigger battery. Then again, those changes would almost certainly make the laptop heavier and more expensive. For the price, I think it'd be difficult to find a PC with equivalent power, responsiveness, and portability.

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Great, Cheap Drive.9/6/2010 2:21:50 AM

Pros: I got this drive a couple months ago to add to my rig and it works perfectly. When I bought it I wasn't actually aware that it was capable of light-scribe so that was a nice surprise. The software that comes on the disc is very useful. And, and it's slightly faster than my old drive B)

Cons: It can't make coffee.

Overall Review: I'm very please with this drive. I have always had good fortune with the other hardware I have from Asus, I guess I can add this to the list.

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