Great non-gpu laptop for these times.6/23/2021 6:30:00 AM

Cons: Come with no ethernet connector (my bad for not checking) so make sure if you really don't need the LAN port, then this laptop is for you.

Overall Review: Would recommend it.

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Product is what it is.11/3/2020 6:52:35 AM

Pros: - Solid base - doesn't wobble with a solid desk. - 60hz/144hz as advertised. - Low blue light (your eyes will thank you) * It came with a Display Port cable.

Cons: - This ain't for graphic designers or anyone who needs accurate color display. (It comes by factory with low blue light). - Menu navigation needs better design.

Overall Review: - Would recommend for anyone looking for a cheap FPS monitors. - It SHOULD have an accurate color profile.

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