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This you must have, period. Buy me ! ! !

TATUNG TPC-6LB 6 Liters Electric Pressure Cooker
TATUNG TPC-6LB 6 Liters Electric Pressure Cooker

Pros: I took a chance on this unit, and bought it on sale. Lucky me. At first I couldn't understand the instructions. It's written in Chinese and Chinese (well Chinese American). But then I got it. This pressure cooker really doesn't need much help from you at all. First you press Meat Chicken, wait for the pan to come to temp. It has a nice thick ?Aluminum? plate on the bottom of the pot, so the heat is distributed very nicely. OK, hot pan, now add oil, I used a couple of tablespoons of a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, popped a little watter in the pot, watched it dance and then threw in the chicken. I browned four sides as best I could, then threw in my onions, celery peppers, and a clove of garlic. I let that sizzle around in the bottoms until the onions just release. In goes 1/2 cup Cabernet Sauvignon. Don't ya just hate wasting good wine in a pot, so I had a sip. Then in goes your spices. I used paprika, chili pepper, black pepper, corriander (powder and leaves)., some salt, Bay leaf, and Basil. 1 can of tomato sauce, 1/2 cup water, 2 TBS Rice. I also threw in 2 potatoes, but failed to adjust the salt. Next time. Then I put on the top, cleared the machine, pushed the Meat Chicken button, and took a nap. It did everything else, including keeping it warm until my galivantin around wife came home. The chicken was marvelous, the potatoes magnificent. Awesome, and all for the push of 1 button. And a nap of course. You should buy this. Truly a time saver, and it does good things for your food, including taste good.

Cons: I had trouble with the manual. Please get one that makes a little more sense. Also, it would be nice if you had a bunch of recipes and pictures so that you could model your cooking. I'm just using my stove top recipes, and pushing that one button. You have to buy this, wait for it to get on sale, and buy it.

Overall Review: I'm guessing some of my old pressure cooker recipes for white , red and black beans will go just fine. Press one button. You have to buy this.

You Need This

AVG Ultimate 2015 - Unlimited Devices / 2 Years
AVG Ultimate 2015 - Unlimited Devices / 2 Years

Pros: First, you are able to use this on every PC in the house. Next, it's easy to install. And it cleaned virus' off my computer and made them run again like new. I especially like the ability to "white list" a program, and set priorities on programs you like. It's easy to turn the protection on and off if you have a program that's being difficult to load. It's constantly looking for those little bugs. I'm very happy with this product.

Cons: I haven't found any.

Overall Review: This works out to be a subscription buy. However, for what it does, it's a bargain, especially if you hate it when some little gremlin commandeers your computer, and you have to spend a day undoing. This is a good product, I'm glad I bought it, and hope you will be as well.

Here's Quality

PNY 32GB Elite Turbo Attache 3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (P-FD32GTBOP-GE)
PNY 32GB Elite Turbo Attache 3 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (P-FD32GTBOP-GE)

Pros: First, thanks very much for getting this to me, almost overnight. The item comes in a blister pack that isn't too hard to get open. I ran this item through H1testW to get the specs back on it. I'm please to say this item did great. Transfer times were greater than advertised and there were no corrupt areas. I don't normally do any testing on these until I purchased some bootleg 64GB chips from another vendor. Those chips were sub grade. Watch out, 64GB for $10.00, should have been a clue. I'm sure we'll get there some day, but $10.00 for that item was a $10 overpayment. This chip worked great. Thanks for that Newegg!

Cons: I'm happy, no "Cons" for me...

Rare Bird....

Dell E1914H 18.5" HD 1366 x 768 D-Sub LCD Monitor
Dell E1914H 18.5" HD 1366 x 768 D-Sub LCD Monitor

Pros: There are a few things which aren't readily available on a 18.5" screen or any of these little screens anyhow. It's 1920x1080. Most all of these are less, sometimes a lot less, so watch out. The problem is this set only takes a VGA input. If you have vga, you're home free. I have a new Dell laptop and the only output is HDMI. I tried several HDMI to VGA converters. The ones that cost less than $5.00 would not convert the HDMI to VGA. (Theres a problem going from digital to analog). I finally found a conversaion cable at $29.00 that worked, but initially would only give me 1600x1080. I had to go into the monitor set up and check the box that allows you to access all of the different resolutions. 1920x1080 was in there, I checked it and we've been clocking along just fine ever since.

Cons: None really, came with a VGA cable. I wanted to go from HDMI to VGA. The color set up really nicely also.

Overall Review: It would have been nice to know about the HDMI to VGA conversion problems. Maybe have the correct one listed as extra stuff you might want to buy, along with a caveatte that says, watch out you can't just convert digital to analog with out putting a few dollars down.


Very Nice...

Genuine Opal 14K Yellow Gold Earring
Genuine Opal 14K Yellow Gold Earring

Pros: I have had difficulty buying my wife jewelry. I kept buying her diamonds, but she wouldn't wear them. " Not for work", she says. But these opal earrings were perfect. Her birthstone, nice brightness and it had diamonds, just Jhe right size. She loves them. I love them,. They arrived promptly, came in a box, within another box. and with a gift bag and a little doll puppy. I came down within budget. Perfect.

Cons: Did I miss the little greeting card? Wouldn't that have been amazing. Just a thought, and definately not a con. I have no cons.

Overall Review: This is twice I've gotten jewelry through newegg, and both times I have been pleased with the product and the deal. The little gift bag, the presentation and the little puppy doll were unexpected surprises. Thanks newegg, really.


These are awesome

Nemesis Battle Copters Lazer Tag 3.5CH RTF RC Gyro Helicoptors (2-Pack)
Nemesis Battle Copters Lazer Tag 3.5CH RTF RC Gyro Helicoptors (2-Pack)

Pros: Durable, responsive, great eye hand coordination exercise Definately something you can enjoy. Has a charger pigtail built in to the controller for field charging.

Cons: A little difficult to fine tune. Easily buffetted by the wind outdoors. There is a charging cable for the coptor but no charger, so you have to plug this into your computer, or cell phone charger. Takes 6 double AA's.

Overall Review: In order to get these to fly right, you must adjust the trim (button on the right side). Hover the copter about four feet off the ground and adjust the knob CW and CCW until it flys stationery. Now to turn, you move the right gimbal right or left until headed the right direction, then push the right gimbal up to go forward, down to go back. I'm still learning but think you have to locate your target in front of you and then raise the helecoptor (left gimbal forward) to go up, then fire. These have crashed into the house, coffee table, fence and haven't broken yet. They have undergone full powerdown drops from 15 feet and made it. Pretty amazing little toy. Granddaughter age 8 flies one.

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Programmable Everything

I wanted a programmable mouse to give my left hand a break. I have been using a Logitech G13 programmable keypad for stock chart analysis. This mouse did just that. You can set just about anything/everything on it. Initially, I thought the keys were too small. Later, I learned the geometry of the keys kept you from pressing the wrong key. As an example, if you wanted the "2" key, all you had to do was put the majority of the pressure in the middle. Programming the keys was pretty easy, and robust. I could set the acceleration to zoom across multiple monitors with just a flick. The DPI is adjustable, as coarse or fine as you would like. There is a light on the top which tells you the bank of keystrokes you are accessing. I'm going to set up a bank of keys for PhotoShop, Word and Visual Studio. Switching between these is as easy as pressing a single button. All in all, a great little mouse.

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