Runs as advertised. Try to get it below $2007/3/2018 11:01:31 PM

Pros: - No hassle with trying to get it to run at 3600 and advertised clocks. Just the flip of a switch.

Cons: - It's right on the line of being worth it to upgrade from 2400 to 3200 in terms of price. If you could get this for $185, you should.

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Best consumer card on the market.7/3/2018 6:24:27 PM

Pros: - You get what you pay for. A beautiful beast. - Was pleasantly surprised by how much RGB is on the card.

Cons: - The RGB at the top of the card, opposite where it slots in, doesn't quite match the RGB on the back-plate. It's off a few hues, but not worth removing an egg for.

Overall Review: - I use mine for gaming.

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It's dope.7/3/2018 6:20:31 PM

Pros: - Well priced for the wattage and efficiency. - Very quiet, like other reviews mention. - Cords are well made and covered. - Cords come with velcro strips that you can re-purpose for cable management. - 10 year warranty.

Cons: - Honestly, none.

Overall Review: - I got lucky and caught mine on sale for $79.99 with an additional $20 rebate. I don't know that anyone else will be as lucky, but I'd happily pay $80-100 for this PSU.

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Careful using 280mm radiators with this case.7/1/2018 4:07:58 PM

Pros: - Looks incredible, the glass is a great aesthetic for an RGB build (highly recommend going with the white case if you do RGB). - Has a great deal of space underneath to get bottom fed airflow. Wouldn't recommend on carpet, but if you must, the added leg height helps.

Cons: - If you're doing a 300 series motherboard build, 280mm top mounted radiators won't fit. They should have done a better job communicating this. I bought the h115i Pro radiator by corsair to match the theme of the tower, but it doesn't fit in the top mount position, so I have to either return the radiator or mount it at the front of the case where the stock RGB fans would normally be. Really unhappy about this. (Update: I've decided to RMA the h115i radiator and bought an h100i, the 240mm version, and it fits beautifully. I've adjusted my review of the case from 2 to 5 stars, as it's mostly my lack of research on the product that resulted in buying a radiator too large.) - Finger prints. Make sure you place it, clean it, and leave it be. Careful touching the insides of the glass before placing them back into position.

Overall Review: - Ultimately, I'd say for what it's marketed as, this case is not worth the price. Buying a case this expensive should give you full mod potential with the most current and soon to be products on the market. Real shame the tower isn't just 30mm taller. Not worth removing an egg over though.

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Should last longer4/22/2013 6:34:55 PM

Pros: - Braided Cord - Mic can be pushed in - Comfortable (doesn't hurt your ears over long periods of use)

Cons: - The headset isn't 1 wire strung through. It has several joints that the wire passes through, one of which is right in the adjustable ear flaps. After 2 years of taking the headset on and off, the left-ear's joint finally gave and broke the closed circuit to the right-ear. - Hard to clean its cloth. After a year of use I would be embarrassed if anyone saw my headset, there's a ton of skin gunk that can't be removed.

Overall Review: For a 2 year lifespan, I think the headset is a little over priced. I'd value it at 40-50 dollars... so if you can get it on sale or something, go for it!

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It's okay.4/15/2011 8:34:38 PM

Pros: The best part about this headset is the braided cord, which lowers the risk of having the dreaded shorts that the $15-$30 headsets are plagued with.

Cons: Going to list them. - The material used for the ear coverings could have been selected better. It feels a little scratchy. - The distance between the ear cushions and the speakers could have been another half a centimeter. I don't have big ears by any means and after wearing this headset for awhile my ears feel only slightly irritated. I was expecting the cushions to complete alleviate this problem. - The mic has an incredibly low pick up level. I had to turn up my system settings, and vent to max in order to be heard normally. Other things can cause this, but I thought i would mention it anyway.

Overall Review: Honestly, I gave this 4 eggs because it gets the job done and the biggest problem with it (the mic) has the potential to be my own issue rather than global. My advice: - Do some shopping for other headsets in this price range and read other reviews of them. Pick what you feel suits your needs best. And please for all that is sacred, buy a headset with a braided cord and/or 1 year warranty... think of it as an insurance policy. I can't count how many $15 dollar headsets I've thrown in the trash after failing to sauder/repair them correctly.

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Confusing9/20/2009 3:36:05 AM

Pros: The Monsoon looks amazing inside the case and lowered my load temps by 20 degrees Celsius from the stock cooler. The packaging is nice and protective for shipping as well.

Cons: The directions are horribad, the pictures are very small and many of the written directions are flat out wrong. The product has been on the market for awhile and something of this nature should be addressed. I highly suggest memorizing the YouTube steps before attempting to install the heatsink. Especially for people installing this onto 1366 sockets. Also, my idle temps only dropped by about 4-6 degrees. I am baffled as to why... so take this con lightly.

Overall Review: THIS THING IS HUGE I highly advise making sure you have the clearance for this before purchasing it. I had to mod a 120mm fan on my side panel in an Antec 900 case in order to fit the heatsink in properly. DON'T INSTALL THIS IN BACKWARDS! Meaning, make sure the air flow is going in a direction in which the air can be expelled. I installed it facing the wrong way and had to disassemble my machine all over again to fix it.

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False Advertising9/11/2009 4:38:17 PM

Pros: -Memory ran wonderfully upon initial installing. -Looks nice -Used to be cheaper (Price has gone up about 30 dollars since mid August.) -Came with a free 4GB OCZ Diesel USB drive.

Cons: -Not cheap anymore -Pain in the rear trying to get it to run rated speeds with no issues. Went to the OCZ forums for guidance, but every suggestion given to me did not work.

Overall Review: I am extremely angry with this memory. I cannot get it to run anything close to the advertised speeds. I7 920 CPU EVGA X58 3x SLI board The best I can get it to run at is the stock settings the motherboard sets it to. 11-11-11-24 with DIMM at 1.5v I will be RMA'ing this memory within the next few days if the OCZ reps cannot solve my issue.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry that you are having difficulties. Please continue to work with our support techs on a resolution to your issues. Thank you
9/4/2009 3:27:13 PM

Pros: Sound Quality: Amazing Comfort: Amazing Durability: Incredible

Cons: Don't get caught wearing them, you will look goofy :)

Overall Review: I used this headset all summer at my job. The big winner here is the rope material used to protect the wiring. I have broken countless headsets due to rolling over and snagging the wire, but the rope material is the best idea to combat that issue. Also, the headset is designed to cover your ears entirely, making the headphones large, but the comfort is very much worth it.

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