Beautiful case! Pleanty of room and clean fit and finish.4/27/2021 7:25:55 PM

Cons: Cables for the fron USB could be more flexible.

Overall Review: This is a very nice case. Extremely well built, full glass sides showcase your build. Dust filters, great cable management and elegantly techy. I removed the 2 hot swap bays from the back and had plenty of room to tie off cables. It was very easy to build in this baby, Even the rad was easy to put in. Happy this ended up being my choice.

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Fast and Cool2/2/2021 8:22:37 PM

Pros: Fast board, lots of cooling. Great asthetics. Functional original software as always from Asus. Cool Bios. AI overclock is slick. Clean power delivery.

Cons: None really, this is a gorgeous board. Maybe that is came with a dvd preloaded with the sofware. Umm Asus, I'm not putting a disc spinner in my new 3K+ build. How about including a thumb drive next time instead.

Overall Review: Too soon really unitil 11th gen land but for now this board runs fast and cool using a 10900kf until new cpu's in March (hopefully). Asthetics are perfect, Asus nailed the design here. There is a lot of talk about the m.2 and pcie lanes but there is so much more to this board. Honestly I only put a single m.2 drive in anyway. A 2TB M.2 is plently, brought a 500gb ssd and a 250gb ssd from last build so lots of storage for my needs, You can always get a 4tb m.2 drive if you really need it. It's not good to fill all the lanes anyway. I guess you can't be everything to everyone. Can't wait to put the new chip in. Overall an Asus quality board, always been a fan and nothings changed that here.

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See-Ya Green Team!2/23/2010 9:05:31 PM

Pros: I replaced 2 - 9800 GX2's with this card and I couldn't be happier. Runs at rated speeds no problem, packaging was awesome, and the transferrable warranty is the best on the market. Asus even put out a bios update for the 790i ultra Striker II Extreme mobo I am using to resolve a delayed boot issue. I score an avg. of 70fps @1920X1200 4x AA in Dirt 2. As high as 90fps! DragonAge origins maxed out 8x AA, pretty much every game maxed out no glitches. All the Catalyst software works great! Card runs much cooler than my GX2's ever did. Some of these reviews are ridiculous, don't put this card on a $90 mobo, buy a new mobo first! I was a long time Nvidia fan, but first they stop making new chipsets, now they are slow to release their cards. Some reverse engineering going on perhaps? AMD is doing wonders with ATI, I had to ask myself why am I still buying Nvidia. I am glad I switched, I can't wait to pick up an X58 board so I can run CrossfireX, not that you need two of these :)

Cons: None, this is a fabulous card! Believe it and buy it! Don't believe what you read, this thing flies!!

Overall Review: Intel Q9650 @3.6GHz Asus Striker II Extreme 790i Ultra SLI 4GB - Patriot Viper II Extreme DDR3 @ 1600MHz Linked and Sync'd Radeon HD5870 Tagan BZ1100 1100watt PSU Antec 1200 case

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Awesome12/11/2008 10:00:40 PM

Pros: Great memory, easily runs at rated speed or higher if you loosen the timings abit. OCZ's EVP is a nice cushion to have. I prefer not to use the XMP profiles, rather I prefer to set the timings myself but they are there if you need/want them. Heatspreaders are standard OCZ high quality, the Blue Intel logo looks great on the black heatspreader.

Cons: None to speak of.

Overall Review: Very fast, reliable memory backed by OCZ's lifetime warranty

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Very Nice11/8/2008 12:01:06 PM

Pros: This is a great cpu cooler. I am running an evga 680i with a q6600 oc'd to 3.2Ghz at 1.35v FSB at 1425MHz. This cooler keeps my cpu at 40c idle/33c at stock. Under full load using AutoCAD's rendering engine(uses all 4 cores at 100%@3.2ghz)temp peaks at 56c. When the stock cooler was on I would have to shut down the render as temps would climb to mid 60's and keep going if allowed. I had a Scythe Ninja Copper before, and I would say it was more effective, but it was larger and the mounting was bad. This baby looks super cool. The whole shroud glows, great mod! Very good fastening system for an lga775. I had to pull out a dimm of Ram to tighten one of the thumbscrews but that's minor. It doesn't interfere with a single thing on a 680i mb. Designed well, nice quality, too bads the base isn't polished, but perhaps this finish gives better conductivity. The fan is great quality as well, at up to 80% it is relatively quiet.

Cons: None, I like it alot. Maybe watching the UPS milkrun get it here, NewEgg shipped it out same day though :)

Overall Review: This is a nice cooler if you have a blue theme. With a couple of LED fans the whole cooler glows like dry ice. You can actually unplug the lights if you desired. This isn't the best cooler on the market as far as effectiveness goes, but for modding it is one of the nicest. Recommended.

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