Great range1/18/2011 8:57:44 AM

Pros: I use this wireless combo for a computer that is connected to my TV, and it sits on shelf underneath it. I've gone through several wireless combos but this is the first that has performed flawlessly. The others struggled with the reception, went through batteries too fast or required a powered receptor/charger hub. This combo has an on/off switch on both the mouse AND the keyboard, and they both run off the same small USB receptor. My computer is about 8 feet away and it hasn't had any problems so far. The batteries look like they will last a long time, as well.

Cons: The mouse is pretty basic, with left and right click, and a click-able scroll wheel. I'd like to use the scroll-click as a browser-back-button but there is no software available to change these settings, that I could find. The keyboard keys are a bit flat, and the home/delete/end/etc section is unusually shaped, which may take some getting used to. I don't type too much on it though, so for me, it's not much of a problem.

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Quiet, with variable speeds1/18/2011 8:49:18 AM

Pros: This fan has 4 different speed settings, which can be adjusted in the BIOS. The 'ultra-low' setting is very quiet. I could barely hear it with the case open. The other settings (mid-high-full) increase the speed and are obviously louder. The full setting actually sounds like the computer is trying to lift off and fly away. But unless your system runs super-hot, it should never get to that point. I just have a single-core Celeron and it averages around 41C, which is about 45 degrees away from the fan speed increasing. The heatsink has a nice copper base, and while it's small, it does a good job cooling, in combination with the fan. I have a Shuttle mini case and the small size of this fan (my previous one was twice as high) really helps save space inside the case, and improves airflow. Installation was easy and the pins are easily removed as well, if you need to replace the fan in the future.

Cons: The heatsink blades are very thin, so if you're not careful, you may bend them. Similar with the fan blades, but as long as you're careful, it shouldn't be a problem.

Overall Review: For the price, I'm very satisfied. My computer now barely makes a sound and while it runs a little hotter than my previous fan, the size and noise reduction is more than worth it.

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Xbox360 compatible9/2/2010 8:19:22 AM

Pros: As mentioned by others, it works great with the non-slim Xbox360. The HDDHackr 2.2 version detects it automatically and also creates all the partitions. I have an Arcade xbox I'm using this on so I didn't have to format the drive afterwards. Just put it in a cheap case I found online and it was ready to go. 228Gb of usable space for a great price. Received the disk the day after I ordered, can't beat that!

Cons: Nothing I can think of..

Overall Review: I was a bit hesitant to upgrade my xbox harddisk this way, and did a lot of research beforehand. It ended up being much much easier than I expected and I was up and running within half an hour. As opposed to most of the hddhackr guides online, in v2.2 all you need to type in the dos prompt is 'hddhackr' without any variables. It automatically detects and does everything for you.

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Does exactly what it's supposed to2/2/2010 3:24:06 PM

Pros: The price is very reasonable, especially with the free shipping I got. It works well and needs to drivers (for Windows7). I used it with two external IDE harddisks copying data to each other while also charging my mp3 player. It doesn't miss a beat and the speed was great. The USB cable you use to connect it to your PC folds into the unit itself so it's easy to transport. It also comes with a USB extension cable in case the one on the hub is too short.

Cons: The LED shifts between several colors when it's plugged in and it's pretty bright. It doesn't serve a purpose though, other than maybe highlight the UFO theme. It'd be nice to be able to turn it off though.

Overall Review: As other have said, this little hub works very well and is solidly built. Recommended

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