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Great product, but abysmal software package12/28/2018 1:18:58 PM

Pros: Compact VR computer, super portable Intel software package comes with approximately 2 worthwhile steam keys Full computer is roughly the size of an external hardrive Haven't had issues with overheating and was able to run my full VR library without major drops in performance

Cons: Need to purchase RAM and SSD to have a functional computer Software package is full of garbage bloatware/free trials Can't be upgraded

Overall Review: I have two of these wonderful little computers and currently have them mounted to the back of 32" TV's for a portable VR station. The computers work great, once you have all of the components purchased. Definitely a bit expensive for what they are, essentially a laptop in desktop form. I downloaded all of the software that looked interesting on the first NUC, but the second one came with an invalid key. If the software package had come with anything worthwhile, I would have been fairly upset. But alas, it was too much hassle working with the support at Intel to secure a few Steam keys and a bunch of garbage. And to think, a single Windows key would have been infinitely more useful than all of the "hundreds of dollars" worth of Intel software...

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