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Great game but little replay value9/25/2014 4:44:50 PM

Pros: Really awesome reboot of franchise. Cinematics are intense. Fun gameplay. Graphics look great.

Cons: Little 'replay value'- once you beat it, not much incentive to keep playing.

Overall Review: This is a fun, well-made reboot of the franchise. The story and cinematics keep you engaged, and the puzzles are fun too. The graphics look pretty crisp without needing an expensive video card. The only downfall is it has little replay value: it doesn't offer a "new game plus" feature (new game w/ upgraded stats) and while you can re-visit areas, there are little enemies encountered. I think this really hurts the replay value.. Overall, was well-worth what I paid and am looking forward to the next version.

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High performance "value" card9/4/2014 1:29:29 PM

Pros: Performance per price! Power efficient and stays cool (can't hear fan either). Short card can fit in virtually any case. "Sexy" looking card with connector dust caps.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: For an entry-level card, this card performs very well! I only do light gaming and paired with an i3-4360, it plays Tomb Raider 2013 mostly in ultra/max settings, starcraft 2 in ultra settings, and handles basic video editing without any problems. This card is NOT for hardcore gamers but its strength is power efficiency + size- can fit it small cases w/ power constraints. I could see the card being perfect for small yet very capable steam/gaming box.. or a really nice HTPC. Considering the current price ($130 w/ rebate), factory overclock, and efficient design, this is a great performing 'value' card that will be relevant/useful for months to come.

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Solid product!7/30/2014 3:54:50 PM

Pros: - BIOS is user friendly and has cool features - Current features (usb 3, sata 6gb, HDMI, etc.) - Priced competitively

Cons: - Instructions are meh.. (then again, most instructions are) - Adding a pci slot would be nice (not a con, just a wish)

Overall Review: This is a really solid, stable mobo for a budget build. While it's always nice to have more of the features (USB 3, sata 6gb), MSI gives you an adequate amount to be priced competitively. I'm using this with an i3-4360, Windows 8.1, 2 HDDs, optical and has been running great. FYI- I had an issue where the board wasn't rebooting after Windows restarted (the power would stay on but no video signal). I learned that you'll need to update the BIOS and Intel ME firmware- which you can do via USB in the BIOS. Not a negative on MSI, just something to be aware.

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Great price, good product!7/23/2014 8:25:24 AM

Pros: - Price! - Easy setup - Stable connection (read below)

Cons: - None so far

Overall Review: Installed this on Windows 8.1 and it worked right out of the box (didn't have to use the install CD). Can't comment on the range of wireless (my PC is near router) but a speed test showed that I got max download speed per my internet subscription. Considering the price & easy install, good product!

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Great fan, quiet, PWM!7/22/2014 4:33:30 PM

Pros: Great price for PWM! Quiet at max rpm.

Cons: Wiring the "PWM Sharing technology" is kinda funky and if you don't use it (as i think most won't) it just adds clutter. Not a huge con tho. Also, would be nice if RPM maxed higher.

Overall Review: The "PWM Sharing" concept is to daisy chain multiple fans if only one 4-pin connector is available- so it comes with 4-pin, 3-pin and adapter. If you're not "sharing," just plug the 4-pin directly to the mobo- and then connect the extra 3-pin to the adapter, neatly tie and you should be good to go. (The directions are pictures only so figuring all this out took a few extra minutes)

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Good for Home PCs7/22/2014 12:26:27 PM

Pros: Includes power supply & fan. 5" and 3" drive tray helps organization. Reasonably priced. Adequate ventilation. Comes with case stands for vertical setup.

Cons: Biggest con for me was using a 5" optical drive was very awkward and kinda annoying. The button to engage the optical drive tray is a flimsy piece of plastic that literally just pushes the open/close button of your optical drive.. for me, this meant having to push very hard.. Also, about 50% of the time, the gray plastic covering the optical drive would get caught when the drive tray is open- thus, preventing the tray from closing.

Overall Review: The 80mm fan is adequate for non-intensive uses and not too loud. Since it is a slim case, be sure to plan your build beforehand to minimize headaches. While I did end up returning this due to preference (mainly my con above), the case is a good value and is well suited for Home PCs with minimal components- anything more intensive is at your own risk.

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