Works in phone, windows won't recognize it10/31/2009 10:54:35 AM

Pros: 4 gb of space. Works in my phone.

Cons: Can't get it recognized by Windows. I can put it in my phone and my phone reads it, but I am unable to add anything to it since I can't hook it up to windows. I tried the card in my card reader and windows won't recognize it's even there. I tried 3 other micro sd cards int he same reader, windows recognizes ALL of them EXCEPT this card.

Overall Review: I'll have to return it and try a different brand. I got it to play in my DS but since I can't even get windows to recognize it to put files on it (music,vids, etc.), it's pretty much useless to me.

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I Don't See What the Problem is With the Rebate.11/18/2008 11:54:47 AM

Pros: RAM works I love it. And once I get my second set of ocz 800 Mhz RAM I'm going to do some overclocking of it!

Cons: Well It's been nearly a month since i sent in my rebate and still nothing. SEE OTHER THOUGHTS.

Overall Review: So, I called up ocz and the woman there in charge of rebates was extremely nice and told me they hadn't received my rebate, SO they had me e-mail them my invoice from newegg and now they are going to send me my rebate! Simple, easy, and painless. I really don't understand the problems everyone is having with their rebates, as long as YOU stay on top of them. No it's not some mass global scam to squeeze an extra few bucks out of you. I wonder if most of the people complaining about rebates even thought to follow up and call OCZ and e-mail them their invoices. Oh well, don't let those other reviews scare you, just STAY ON TOP OF IT YOURSELF. AND KEEP ALL YOUR NEWEGG PURCHASE INVOICES!!!!!!!!

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Extremely Respectable11/14/2008 4:12:51 PM

Pros: 2 Cores to process information. 45 NM which runs nice and cool. The price for this processor is GREAT especially if your building on a budget yet still want great performance. Nothing I've thrown at it gaming wise has slowed it down. (FarCry2, Crysis Warhead, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky, Call of Duty 4 AND World at War, Fallout 3, Oblivion, Warhammer Online, Turok, getting the picture? Sure it has 3 mb less of l2 cache then the e8400 but the price difference more than makes up for it. I've got mine overclocked to 3.18 Ghz with an aftermarket typhoon cooler and it hits 55-57 Celcius at max loads. I could push it even further no problem but I'm more than satisfied with these speeds.

Cons: Cons, well really none. a con to me is something that i was hoping to get or was promised to get when i buy something and the manufacturer doesn't deliver. I could say the 3 MB less of l2 cache but that's not fair to Intel seeing as I bought it fully knowing this, so in all honesty no cons for me. It's a great processor and even calling it a "budget" processor sort of does it injustice. If you can't afford the e8400 and up, get this. You won't regret it.

Overall Review: PC Specs- EvGA 680i SE Motherboard Intel Core 2 Duo e7200 EvGA 8800gt 2 Ghz of OCZ nvidia RAM 1 Ghz of PQI RAM (I know, I'm getting 2 more sticks of the OCZ soon, so it need not be said.) Thermaltake Big Typhoon (cpu cooler) Antec 700 watt psu (ALSO needs upgrading i know, but I'm on a bidget and it will come soon, so it need not be said.) With this set if you see the games listed above I'll tell you what settings I can play on using the most graphically intense of the bunch. Crysis warhead- All set to enthusiast at a 1280xsomething resolution. FarCry 2- 1400x1050 res. and all settings maxed with 2x AA. Fallout 3- 1400x1050 res. with everything maxed S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky- 1400x1050 res. with AA slider almost pushed up all the way and everything else maxed. Hope this review helped someone.

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