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no brainer for an SG01-Evolution4/29/2008 7:49:11 PM

Pros: Perfect with the SG01-Evo case for mini silent system. Straightforward to install. Keeps my low watt CPU cool without a noisy fan. When gaming hard, CPU stays cooler than GPU on my setup even with a *small* step of O/C - Barely 38C while the poor 8600GT starts alarming at almost 50C :-/

Cons: Bought 2 & one item came a little bent, it was hard to remove the protective foam between heatsink & radiator w/o bending the fins. I was unwilling to bend the heat pipes back to make it sit perfectly against the PSU (only off by a few mm) In spite of that absolutely no cooling problems or issues as compared to an identically spec'd setup both running 24/7 for 6 mos.

Overall Review: Built 2 SG01-Evo's each using an NT06 LITE (fanless) with A64 X2 5200+ brisbane 65W, Fanless 8600GT, & seasonic 600w PSU with the 120mm & extra little 40mm fan. Running 2 80mm exhaust fans + 80mm hard drive fan controlled by an SST FP-52. Excellent quiet gaming SFF PC that fit my budget- right around $1000

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