Good feature set, works well once it posts, but takes 20-30 seconds to post9/9/2019 8:37:23 PM

Overall Review: Given the number of other x570 boards out there with similar feature sets, I would pass on this board and go with one that can post quickly. It's honestly not that much of a problem (how many times a day do you turn your computer on?), but it is frustrating to have a board that supports blazingly fast nvme drives that can boot in a handful of seconds...only to have a half-minute lead time while it waits to post every time you turn it on. The annoyance is just that I'm reminded of it every single day when I go to turn the computer on. And I'll admit the annoyance is well out of proportion with the harm (I lose 60-90 seconds of my day waiting for it to post! boo hoo...). But it remains irrationally annoying.

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