Great Little 2 in 1 Tablet11/13/2016 1:58:47 PM

Pros: Very handy personal computer. Weighs in at about a pound as a computer, much less as a tablet. Does everything you need in a small package. Great deal on a sub-$200 computer.

Cons: The major drawback is the 32gb SSD. It's quick and fast, but fills up quickly and eventually will stop updating (Windows 10) due to lack of space. The only cure is to do a factory reset and start all over again. The SSD is hard wired, making it irreplaceable by a casual user. The 2gb RAM is also irreplaceable and maxes out with continued use, causing you to reboot every so often.

Overall Review: Nice little unit for the price, definitely not for power users. I would recommend it to friends after explaining the down side of its limitations.

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