Amazing7/24/2012 9:00:26 PM

Pros: On a core i5 3550 with 8GB of RAM. My old drive gave an abysmal 50MB/s benchmark for sequential read and write and this drive scored just over 250MB/s. And that's using SATA 2. I used a cloning tool to copy my old install to the new drive and the system boots up lightening fast. There is no delay between the fully rendered Windows 7 logo and the prompt to login. Just a flash and then the login. After logging in the system is immediately responsive unlike before where it took 20-30 seconds before things would start running properly.

Cons: Doesn't come with mounting bracket for larger bays in desktop cases. Annoying more than anything but not unforgivable.

Overall Review: Decent price; I've seen cheaper at times on similar or slower drives. Overall the performance is well worth the price though and I will be getting another one for my build machine at work.

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Great processor, don't bother with the integrated graphics6/8/2012 6:25:07 PM

Pros: Quad core processor with a high clock speed. Very fast. Reasonable price although could be cheaper.

Cons: Integrated graphics are a joke. I have a low-end PCIe graphics card that I bought almost 5 years ago and it outperforms the integrated graphics on this chip (although it does not support DirectX11). Spend some extra money on a new mid-range or low-end card if you're doing gaming because it's almost positive to be better than the integrated graphics chipset.

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Poorly made6/8/2012 6:18:12 PM

Pros: When it turns on, it works fine. This is the only reason it got two eggs.

Cons: It seems not to be able to handle any sort of USB hub and the fact that I have front panels in my case. If I connect those, the system will not power on. If I run only with the motherboard connected to my drives and rear USB connections it works as long as my keyboard (Apple wired USB which is also a hub) is not connected. So, I have to disconnect the keyboard, press the power button several times and then it comes on. Speaking to their tech support about this but so far it is a big dead end.

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