Solid with DD-WRT3/2/2012 9:50:18 PM

Pros: Cheap, DD-WRT compatible, reliable, runs very cool

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I flashed with DD-WRT upon receipt, so I can't comment on stock firmware. With DD-WRT this router has been up and rock solid since 11/2011. The range is decent. I picked it up for $20, and although I know better than to buy $20 routers this one seems to be holding up very well. I'll be buying a second router for family.

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works well, bad repair service7/4/2010 7:44:59 AM

Pros: Cheap! Full color, LAN, Duplex, all for $225! Worked VERY well for 9 months or so. (still works quite well for black) It is a bit large, but not bad for a color laser with DUPLEX.

Cons: After 9 months or so, we started seeing red streaks in the color output. FAQs on Brother's website suggested it was a bad toner cartridge, so I put it off for a few months before deciding to contact a Brother repair facility. The told me there was nothing wrong with the printer. Well, turns out the brush on the bottom of the drum unit (of magenta) is not staying in position. Put it back in position, and it prints great for 3 or 4 pages, then it pops out again. At least I know what the problem is now, but now I have to pay $130 to fix the problem the certified Brother repair shop said didn't exist (I don't think they even looked!)

Overall Review: My wife runs a small business, and prints about 200 pages per month. Not much as lasers go, but more than your average consumer/student. It's really a good printer... if not for the drum problems, I think I would have given it 5 stars.

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don't bash what you don't own1/15/2010 8:18:17 AM

Pros: OEM

Cons: Faithful, why are you bashing a product you don't even own? If Rosewill cartridges suck, then review the Rosewill cartridge, not the brother. ... Just one more reason online reviews are totally worthless.

Overall Review: Perhaps his tech level is "somewhat less" than "somewhat high".

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
not bad10/4/2008 8:04:45 AM

Pros: Works well. I purchased this for a family member and it does the job. Cheap...

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: It's $7. I didn't have very high expectations to begin with, but it's worked quite well so far. My biggest concern is the reader being lost :)

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not too bad7/16/2007 7:47:45 AM

Pros: Lots of room & cheap. It has plenty of rail mounting holes, so I was able to use some leftover SUN mounting rails with it (had to drill a few holes in the SUN rails)

Cons: Front Bezel fell (half) off within 2 days. I didn't really like it anyway, so I took it off-brackets and all.

Overall Review: You will probably need to buy a 4-pin CPU power extension.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
No power for 2.5"5/10/2007 10:51:21 AM

Pros: Small size, easy to use, no wires to break off (only well secured USB cable). I have tested it with SATA and 3.5" PATA (both work well).

Cons: Doesn't work for 2.5" drives at all. It simply won't power them up. I have tried on multiple systems and hubs, so I know it isn't a USB issue. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to test this I was beyond my 30 days. Also, won't work without jumper. I've used a few other 2.5-3.5 adapters without a need for the jumper, but this little guy won't do anything without it (even with a 3.5"-2.5" adapter).

Overall Review: Unfortunately, I needed it mostly for 2.5" and the occasional SATA/3.5" PATA drives, so it's pretty much useless to me.

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Switch locks up A LOT10/11/2006 4:50:27 PM

Pros: Easy to setup, easy to use (when working)

Cons: I use this for a linux server sitting next to my desktop. I seldom have to actually switch to the console (thanks to Putty), but when I do the kvm is almost ALWAYS (4 out of 5 times) locked up. No mouse movement, no keyboard, not even the Num Lock works. I used to fix it by plugging something into my keyboard's USB hub, which would overload the switch and reset. I don't have that keyboard anymore, so now I have to completely unhook it and wait 5 minutes. Pain in the but !!!

Overall Review: This thing worked OK for a few months, but this problem increased in regularity to the point it is at now (nearly always frozen). There is a way you can perform a reset using specific keys, but I have never gotten it to work. Most of the time I don't need to be on the console, which is the only reason I haven't replaced it yet. I don't think I'll buy another IOGear anything.

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