1600 resolution4/7/2013 9:45:41 AM

Pros: This refurbish in particular had, as other stated, 1600 resolution, as opposed to what is shown here. Computer had very light dents and overall looks pretty new. Changer is really scratched - but comes with a protective film so after removing it it looks fine. Where are these refurbs from? Comp/USA. Mine came with a sticker that reads exactly that. Another company bough Comp/USA as it was backrupt, and now decided to get rid of Comp/USA name, and this happened during Dec 2012. So these Refurbs likely have to do with that reoganization and may be the reason why there are so many of these refurbs. I got this for my sister, and it came with Adata SSHD and Elan touchpad, which was the best possible options. I hope my sister would like it. I looks great - like timeless. Since it all aluminum, the computer doesn't look modern, or old. My only concern is the battery, as there's no indication on how to change it - or if easy at all. Software: it came with all drivers updated, and a fresh Windows install. In general, the computer is nice looking. The only con is that the HD 3000 integrated card is not great - but you can't have everything. For light games, it'll be superb, and for 995 of tasks this computer works perfectly. The solid state disc makes things really blazing fast, but this has been mentioned already.

Cons: Touchpad...maybe due to multitouch gestures, sometimes behaves strangely. I also think the design is flawed. The button surface is shared with the main touchable area, and there's no clue except for lots of practice of when you reached the limit. It will just "stop working" at some point...where the buttons start. You can get used to it and it's not a huge deal.

Overall Review: A nice buy if you value style, compactness and your budget. The Solid state disc is a must. I also have one and never regretted for one second the extra cost. It sames you a couple of days of waiting (combined) during the year. I've gone from minutes to seconds for Outlook searches, for example, and I do like 10 searches a day at least - to name one example. But stand by to On in 2 seconds - I no longer care to disable Stand By in 5 min. It's like an iPad.

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Leaks, ruined the floor7/15/2012 10:37:43 AM

Pros: Cheaper than the ones that work well

Cons: It leaks internally. If you have wooden floor, expect to replace them every month: this machine will leak in through the most unexpected places. It doesn't matter if you use the continuous system, or just use the internal reservoir, it will leak from the front, or maybe a side, or from any place, and ruin your floors. It's also noisy, inefficient (our window unit cools twice fast and a much larger area), leaks hot air from the cheap tube that runs from the back to the front. No way to return this "scrap", box designed to be non-returnable. One of a a very short list of regrets. The exhaust hose is SO low it seems a joke. It's impossible to use it unless you happen to have a hole in the floor in EVERY place where you expect to use this scrap. If you don't mind water running through the floor, don't pay extremely cheap electricity for some reason, or expect to half the performance of any other AC, this scrap will suit you.

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