Excellent product from Deep Cool6/26/2021 12:38:15 PM

Pros: Sturdy construction Hides cables Relieves sag from card weight Has ARGB lighting. Uses 3 pin 5v , ( not for 4 pin 12v RGB system ) Lighting is out standing, works well with any mainstream app/software to control lighting effects Has 3M adhesive pad pre affixed / just peel and stick. Packaged well.

Cons: Not really any cons : but..... Make sure this will work with your card /and case before purchasing , was not able to use for Video card support as intended , the Zotac video card I am using is to large : 11.50" long x 5.60" wide - and 2.5 slots thick When placed in case, side cover will not go on, card support sticks out past side panel, due to width of card not Deep Cool's fault. (no eggs deducted)

Overall Review: Overall it is a great product, coming from a reputable company. Sturdy construction along with top notch materials, will provide support for video cards that are quite heavy. Nice looking ARGB lighting. I would recommend this card to other pc builders / users to reduce sag and or damage to vid card and or motherboard alike.

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Another Outstanding Product from Phanteks !6/15/2021 11:08:03 AM

Pros: Used to power Nvidia 3070 GPU Replaced awful 8 pin connections cables from PSU Enables proper routing of cables from Psu to Gpu ( 19.68 " in length ) Quality sleeves and connections ( white sleeves ) Looks Trick ! connections are of high quality sturdy cables, not too thick nor flimsy - perfect balance all around came with standard cable comb - clear / does not look cheap at all Phanteks is a reputable company producing Quality parts and accessories This cable was not made / designed to replace cables from PSU ,but Intended to extend cables from psu to GPU with better cable routing / management / and aesthetics

Cons: none at all Just buy it ! - wont be disappointed

Overall Review: A must have to clean up interior of case/cable management Gives that pro Look Recommend to use for custom builds - especially when the card has power connections smack dab in middle of PCB - reference Nvidia 3070 boards well worth the reasonable cost

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Wonderful Lighting accent6/15/2021 10:50:15 AM

Pros: No dead leds Flexible Bright leds , not washed out Recognized by various software and controllers Light diffusers are outstanding came with magnetic mounting hardware Very impressive product from Airgoo

Cons: none

Overall Review: Recommend to add lighting to any case , a great value and product all around !

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Works Great- Looks great - a Value add to any pc6/15/2021 10:49:22 AM

Pros: Reputable company no dead leds recognized by MSI mobo software and CM software / and cm controller as well Very bright not washed out - compliments Argb lighting from fans/GPU/and AIO loop easy to mount using supplied magnetic fixture , stays secure no flopping around looks great in case and under tower for that " under glow " effect

Cons: none - outstanding product

Overall Review: A must have for complementary lighting in any case well worth the money - top notch product Will continue to use Airgoo products in builds and recommend to others as well

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Faster Than Superman6/14/2021 9:39:33 AM

Pros: Upgraded from an EVGA 2080 Super KO - Install in a MSI Z590 A Pro Motherboard paired with an I7 10700KF cpu + 32 gb ddr4@ 4000 Mhz by G.Skill (Trident Z series) Outstanding performance - big leap from the 2080 Super Crushes any AAA+ titled Game Uses PCI Express 4.0 x16 connection along with 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores and 3rd Gen Tensor Cores. Hefty card , pretty wide as well , length is not outrageous, will fit most mid towers and probably a few mini's as well . Does stay cool with (2) 100 mm fans - did plot custom fan curve. Holographic shroud is eye candy - Has argb - Looks nice, not washed out nor dim. Sturdy metal backplate that is also illuminated , looks Awesome in MHO. Very secure packaging for shipping purposes - very impressed Did came with some goodies , cables in case you did not have (2) 8 pins avail - ( I just tossed those to the side ) also came with a couple of stickers - not bad looking just wont bother affixing to my case. When registering the card, got an extra year of warranty from Zotac - for a total of 3 years - Awesome Thank you Zotac. Benchmarked this card and was floored by its performance out of the box - stands right there with the higher end 3070 / 3070 ti cards. Even though the OC from factory is enough punch out of the box , was able to over clock both ram frequency and GPU core clocks. Had plenty of headroom to stretch , did prefer to use precision X software versus the Zotac Firestorm utility for overclocking purposes. When manually OC'd it out performed 85 % of so called higher end cards, Ranked # 259 Globally on high - using superposition bechmark ( again amazing ). The firestorm app does a great job with fan curve and ARGB lighting selection The version performs better than Zotac's own 3070 Twin Edge card (not Knocking it , just a point) Does have great cooling so any gpu throttling is kept to a minimum if any at all. Card cooling fans are a little droning, but at 100% what fan(s) wouldn't be annoying ?

Cons: Not really any cons, but it is a reference board and has the two 8 pin power connections smack dab in the middle - looks ugly as sin with regular cables from PSU - had to buy some extensions to have a more appealing look -used Phanteks 8 Pin VGA Premium Sleeved Extension cable to clean up the eyesore ( picture posted with review is before installing extensions ) A lil higher price than an Evga card - (Tariffs) and the Nvidia 3070 series cards are hard enough to find as it is, this happened to be what was available - no eggs deducted Has 4 outputs, 1 HDMI , 3 Mini DP , would have liked to have seen this card with 2 HDMI outputs for VR use- not a deal breaker of enough to knock off an egg as well

Overall Review: I would recommend this card to anyone looking to upgrade and take advantage of the new features from Nvidia , especially if using a 1060 /1070 1080 and any 20** series as well Size is perfect , will fit most mid towers with ease . Looks better than any other card out there and the Performance is outstanding - Another Great product from Zotac !

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Faster Than Superman himself !6/13/2021 4:13:22 PM

Pros: Runs at advertised speeds -@ 4000 Mhz 32 gig kit 4 X 8 Gb sticks Has fancy ARG lighting Hefty heat spreaders all 4 sticks passed mem test no fails - not that i have ever received bad ram from G.Skill have been using G.Skill ram forever lifetime warranty

Cons: none

Overall Review: A must have for 10th and 11th gen Intel cpus Awesome for office data compiling or gaming ! Will never use another brand or ram - stick with G.Skill for the Win !

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Excellent buy for 10th and 11th gen intel cpus6/13/2021 3:50:31 PM

Pros: recognized intel 10700kf right out of the box recognized and runs G.Skill Trident Z argb DDR4 Ram @ 4000 Mhz right out of the box Runs a Nvidia 3070 no issues Plenty of usb 3.2 gen 1 and 3.2 gen 2 headers plenty of sata connections has argb headers if your into that Plenty of fan headers - dont have to wory about using splitters of any sort Water cooling supported supports 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps on lan has 3 x M.2 slots (Key M)

Cons: none

Overall Review: A must have for any office solution or gamers alike

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Fast as a speeding bullet !6/13/2021 3:43:11 PM

Pros: Ultra fast - Faster than superman himself upgraded from Skylake 6700k - difference is like night and day 8 cores / 16 Threads - perfect for todays/ future computing needs recognized by MSI Z590 A pro motherboard out of the box Runs G.Skill Trident Z ARGB @ 4000 Mhz with no issues Cooled with 240 mm AIO loop idle @ 89 deg f with ac off /ac on about 73 deg f Max temp at 100% load was 110 deg f with ac on and cooled by AIO 240 mm loop

Cons: None

Overall Review: A must have for gamers - creators alike FAST FAST FAST

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keeps cpu cool6/13/2021 3:36:04 PM

Pros: been using arctic silver since the Athlon days burn in time 24 hours - perfect heat transfer to WATER block / or air cooler base Dont over apply paste - size of a large sweet pea is good Dont get on your fingers and do not touch everything - wear rubber/ latex gloves to minimize mess

Cons: none

Overall Review: a must for cpus/ and gpus alike

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Wonderful add on for any pc6/13/2021 3:29:05 PM

Pros: Provides more stable output from power supply _ ( has caps ) Provides 90 deg connection to motherboard

Cons: none

Overall Review: defiantly recommend for all pc users

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AWESOME CASE6/12/2021 4:51:28 PM

Pros: Lots of room for air flow - did have to change the front side grill air flow by removing screen material that ran inside along with the structural ribbing - Installed 3- 120 mm fans in front and 3 on top for exhaust and another 120 mm in the rear to aid with exhaust Installed an addition 120 mm in basement to pull in cool air Installed 240 mm AIO loop with ease - can easily upgrade to 360 mm with no worries Cable routing holes are ok no sharp edges - just wish dust grommets were present/provided Rear slot covers are mesh - I do prefer solid plates not really a deal breaker has illuminated Psu shroud - well i had to provide my own argb strip since this case option did not come equipped with such has Glass basement cover - looks trick Upper IO's and power/ reset buttons are illuminated - awesome feature Front panel is Glass as well as side panel Plenty of room for SSD's behind mobo and exposed as well Did remove HDD cage in basement to aid in better air flow and free up room for cables Every inlet is filtered lower, front and top ( which is kind useless since i am using that as an exhaust - it would look horrid to remove anyways)

Cons: Would like to have seen some sort of Plastic /metal grill on roof instead of the magnetic filter since most configurations are using exhaust at the roof of the case. Hope to see some update/upgrade from Deepcool . NOT REALLY A CON , BUT MY PREFRENCE , no eggs deducted as well.

Overall Review: I recommend this case to beginners to seasoned builders alike. Awesome case from DeepCool.

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great air movers with argb leds7/5/2020 11:02:26 AM

Pros: From a long time manufacture of excellent designed , perfect fit , ARGB leds cooler master makes the best coolers ! All the way around , the best bang for your Buck!

Cons: none really , out side the fact the unit could have incorporated more leds?

Overall Review: square design and matched the other (2) MASATERFAN SF360R ARGB in case looks beautiful and keeps the case cool with tons of air circulating in and out , not to loud un less the ambient air temps rises to 99 then the fan curve calls for more air movement and does have a lil droning to it , but @ 100% what fan wouldn't ? Will keep buying cooler master products.

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extra storage7/5/2020 10:53:49 AM

Pros: made by time tested manufacture / always high end data storage, this ssd has hight storage cap. and is ultra fast read and write speeds

Cons: a drop in price would be nice , it is 2020

Overall Review: great product from western digital , works great , fast read and write speeds always happy with western digital products

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
awesome product5/24/2020 4:53:29 PM

Pros: expands argb capabilities works as intended a great cooler master product

Cons: none

Overall Review: cooler master products are top of the line in quality and performance added value to your rig/pc along with the biggest bang for your buck!

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great buy5/24/2020 4:50:50 PM

Pros: needed for a non usb head set works as intended very nice product pro look ultra fast shipping , very impressed

Cons: none

Overall Review: will buy from again

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works great !5/17/2020 3:47:19 AM

Pros: Used to iluminate logo on EVGA DG 7 CASE

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bright white LED , works as intended, fast processing, fast shipping , will buy from again

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Wow EVGA RTX 2080 Super KO , knocks out the competition!5/16/2020 9:40:26 PM

Pros: Really great performance for a reasonable cost. Using an Evga DG 7 case, fits nicely with room to spare. Replaced an evga GeForce gtx 1060 ftw 6 GB dual fan solution.

Cons: Can't get led logo to iluminate. Not quit sure why , not knocking an egg off just yet. Took 2 days to get delivered even though I paid for 1 day air,/newegg rep did refund 50 % of shipping .

Overall Review: Very impressed with performance, a big step up from a 1060 ,was waiting for the evga rtx 2080 Super ftw triple fan version to come back in stock, but they were selling out of every variant within hours ,do I settled for the 2080 Super KO, glad I did everything is now sold out . A lot of bang for your buck, plays any triple A+ title I throw at it. In modern warfare with every thing turned up to max and rtx on still get over 144 fps @ 4k . Impressive, hands down a winner. Paired with I7 6700k @ 4.2 GHZ Msi z170a-sli pro mobo 16 GB(4X4) KIT GSKILL rip jaws v @ 3600 1000 wtt cooler MASTER m2 power supply COOLERMASTER ML240L R AIO LOOP 500 GB WD BLUE SSD for OS + 1 TB Western Digital BLUE ssd for storage EVGA DG 7 SERIES CASE Not a triple fan solution , will fit in most main stream cases with ease. Hands down winner winner chicken dinner ! Big bang for your buck !

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Masterfan SF120R ARGB5/12/2020 1:07:28 AM

Pros: Matches the MASTERFAN SF360R ARGB I have installed my case , works great as additional exhaust. Synced up with 6 other ARGB fans : 1 COOLERMASTER master masterfan SF360R ARGB and 3 single COOLER MASTER MASTERFAN SF120R ARGB Fans used on 240 mm radiator and intake.

Cons: Didnt get a free coolermaster T-shirt.

Overall Review: Another great product from COOLER MASTER!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
MasterFan SF360R ARGB5/12/2020 12:58:02 AM

Pros: One power lead for 3 fans. One ARGB connection for 3 fans. ARGB ! Argb lighting effects are bright and look awesome. Comes with compact Cooler Master ARGB controller. Moves an ok amount of air for 3 - 120 mm fans . Square frame gives professional look. Can be used in front of case to intake air , or used as exhaust system mounted on the top of case.

Cons: Not a high cfm rating for 3 120 mm fans, would not recommend for use on a 360 mm radiator. Get 3 single cooler master masterfan sickle flow sf120r ARGB Fans to increase cfm for water cooling.

Overall Review: Great product to light up your case and move air . Professional product that adds value to your rig. Manufactured by a reputable company that's able to provide quality computer accessories and products that stand and deliver performance. ARGB effects are eye candy and will bring new life to your case.

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Wow, impressed .5/12/2020 12:28:49 AM

Pros: Manufacted by COOLERMASTER. Looks great, works great, also has large surface , very sturdy, has a usb connection, and is rgb. Affordable must have accessory.

Cons: Wasn't free and did not get a Xl Cooler master T-shirt .

Overall Review: Have been a COOLER MASTER product junky from the beginning of time. This is my first hard surface gaming pad, and was a great decision, very impressed with it. Not expensive, reasonably priced, professional accessory. Has a large surface area, very sturdy, and smooth mouse movement during game play. Also has braided wrap on usb lead, that prevents snagging. The rgb effects are pleasing to the eye, and has several modes to choose from : static color of choice , breathing change of color , and chase the rainbow, with 2 sub modes. The LED RGB lighting effects are bright with no stuttering , and has smooth transition during modes and static color choice . It really looks snazzy with my COOLER MASTER Devastator 3 RGB Keyboard and mouse combo. Overall another great product from COOLER MASTER ! Recommended as bang for your buck.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
COOLER MASTER SF240R ARGB5/6/2020 12:28:35 PM

Pros: Matches the rest of my CM series Argb Fan(S) setup - a COOLERMASTER MASTERFAN SF360 R ARGB and 2 single 120s COOLER MASTER MASTERFAN SF120R ARGB -Fans great -Argb lighting and effects are awesome except it does not have the ARGB extension connection as advertised see cons.

Cons: Second one that does not have the Argb extension so you can daisy chain them this time I took off 2 eggs for it last review I did look it up cm rep acted like I am lying and crazy MR CM rep Now I have to buy an ARGB 1 to 3 splitter An added cost that I did not expect from advertisement. If mr cm would like I can send you a pic of both products with no extension as advertised again minus 2 eggs for it not being as advertised

Overall Review: Ok but does not match description

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Manufacturer Response:
No one called you a liar, but some of these models have the pigrtail extenders coming off the end connector, and some do not. You can go place a support ticket if you believe that all the models you have are suppose to have them. CM-PNguyen
Ok for time being4/30/2020 12:52:43 PM

Pros: ARGB Looks cool fit and function well

Cons: Did not have the extended RGB connection to daisy chain them as advertised That's why I knocked two eggs off because of this alone : I am very disappointed

Overall Review: works good_ leds are bright and its ARGB , over all happy with it _ except the fact it did not have the ARGB extension to daisy chain them together

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, The extension that the listing is referring to is the extra extension that comes off the end of the ARGB connector(not a removable connector). It isn't an extra extension, so I am not quite sure how that is missing. CM-PNguyen
Best Bang 4 Your $ !10/8/2019 6:12:46 PM

Pros: First price point, second very easy installation and third works Awesome ! Installed this on an I7 6700k @4.2 Ghz on a MSI Z170A -SLI Motherboard - sitting at idle @ 62 deg F with Ambient air temp around 72 deg F - low noise - if any at all - on a 100% load @ 115/118 Deg F - with out any AC running in Office - ( with the ac on, it idles at 53 / 55 F - and with 100% load about 110 Deg F ). SO It keeps it pretty freaking Chill ! Pump installation onto cpu /motherboard was quick and easy - removed the CM120 pro AIO - cleaned lid on cpu - re applied new thermal paste -provided in packaging (Thank You - CM ) - and was easy to mount and then snug down . Radiator was easy to mount in front area of an EVGA DG-73 case - could also mount on top - but does not make a difference in temps either way, cable management was easy as long as you have the right case. The RGB lighting is Grand, really brought my case to life - also was real easy to install - came with all the parts as listed in packaging list - It has been about 6 months since I have installed the AIO onto my CPU and it is still going strong as on day 1 ! NO leaks - No noise - No high temps - No failed Leds - No disappointment ! This AIO unit is well worth the money spent - as far as a budget component - it is very underrated and and performs beyond expectations- I have recently purchased 2 more of these same units, one for my daughters pc and one for my nephews pc - both units came with all parts and were installed with ease - will continue to use these AIO for future builds as well.

Cons: Didn't come with a free T -Shirt ! - its not really a con but would love to be able to not have to used the small rgb controller - it works great - just a pain to crack the case open to push a couple of buttons just to change the rgb effects - since my mobo doesn't support such feature I had no choice but to use it - def not nocking an egg for that -

Overall Review: I have Used Cooler Master products for over 20 years and always have been extremely happy with the products from Cooler Master- got my first All in One Liquid Cooler from Cm around 2003 to cool a AMD X2 cpu - was a 80 mm rad - and sealed pump unit - was very satisfied with CM - was my first liquid cpu cooler the installation was easy then as it is now - lasted a very long time - Had a great experience with being a first timer and for that I, have stuck with them thru the years , have purchased many cases, power supplies, key boards, mice and hard rgb game pads as well - again the best bang for your buck - All around great products from CM - will continue to purchase products from Cooler Master !

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very impressed5/11/2017 9:28:58 PM

Pros: installed I7 6700k cpu with a cooler master pro 120 AIO loop / and gskill 32 gb ddr 2400 MHz memory kit ..installed win 10 pro 64 on 500 gb ssd ..works flawless

Cons: no on board video / make sure you have a decent vid card ,,, evga NVidia 780 FTW and above will do wonders

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works great5/11/2017 9:24:23 PM

Pros: installed on z170 msi mobo runs at advertised speed ..looks pretty .. installed easy .. set timings in bios / works wonderful as expected from gskill. I have never received a bad piece of ram from gskill

Cons: wish I would have waited and saved money and got a 16 gb kit of 3600 MHz instead

Overall Review: 32 gb kit is a lil over kill for a gamer but as a work station works wonders

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