Sleek and sexy5/25/2014 7:21:55 AM

Pros: It is made of metal which should help dissipate heat. It surrounds the drive tightly. It is thin and is contoured so that it feels sleek and sexy. Seems to work OK. I haven't run benchmarks on it, since I don't care because I don't do a lot of moving files back and forth off from it.

Cons: The screws used to assemble the case are VERY small, and the screwdriver provided is lousy (and not magnetized). This makes it relatively difficult to assemble.

Overall Review: As I put the drive into it, I invented many new and special words, and thought "I am glad I won't ever need to do this again". But I like the feel of the case so well that I will probably swap the drives between what I put in this case and a better drive that I put into another case that I don't like the feel of nearly as well. Technically both cases are OK, but the overall experience of carrying and using this case is superior.

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Feels big and bulky5/25/2014 7:14:25 AM

Pros: Metal enclosure which should dissipate heat. It was relatively easy to install the hard drive, and the screwdriver included was better than most. Seems to work well for its intended use, which was to reuse a left-over laptop hard drive.

Cons: None at this time

Overall Review: The enclosure feels big and bulky with squarish corners compared to other enclosures. It is hard to slide it into the cheap leatherette sleeve provided.

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Working well so far5/25/2014 7:08:59 AM

Pros: Easy to install the disk drive into the enclosure. Runs relatively fast on its USB3 interface.

Cons: Not my favorite tool less design. Once when I was inserting the USB cord in the front, it pushed the drive back and opened the back as well. This does not harm anything, but now I hold the back as I insert the cable to prevent it from happening again.

Overall Review: White plastic feels relatively cheap. Oh wait, it was cheap. I normally like metal cases for heat dissipation, but since I was putting an SSD into it, I didn't think it was necessary in this case.

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Fast and reliable12/23/2013 12:36:30 PM

Pros: Bought as an upgrade to stock memory. Runs fast, cool, and I have never had g.skill memory fail in any build.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Not using any of the extended configurations to overclock the RAM, but it is fast enough and is totally reliable. The extra RAM in the system is has reduced paging and made the development system much more responsive.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Physically pleasing12/23/2013 12:33:23 PM

Pros: Large enough physically that it won't be easily lost. Has a drive activity light that is subtle but useful. Big enough (logically) to hold a Win Server OS installation plus utilities plus drivers.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: This is a relatively large drive (physically), but that is what I wanted it for. It has mediocre write speeds, but I knew that when I purchased it. It met my needs perfectly at an appropriate price point.

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Great Deal on fast drive12/19/2013 1:27:35 PM

Pros: It's an SSD and does what SSDs are supposed to do. It reads and writes date fast. The controller and NAND used should make for long-term reliability. It was obtained at a fantastic price.

Cons: Seagate doesn't have a dedicated toolbox for their SSD product, and hasn't added SSD specific features to their general SeaTools software. The three-year warranty provided on this product is shorter than that available for other top-of-the line SSD products (see other thoughts for more).

Overall Review: Probably not in top tier of SSD drive speeds as measured by benchmarks, but it speeds up the booting process of the laptop where it is now installed so much that I often turn the laptop off instead of just putting it to sleep. I haven't benchmarked it, but it is fast enough! Great upgrade. It comes with only a 3-year warranty, and when I went to the Seagate site to check the warranty status, almost 6 months of that warranty had expired. Perhaps it has been sitting on a shelf somewhere (with lots of other drives) and that is why they were offered at such an attractive price.

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Good so far12/19/2013 1:15:15 PM

Pros: Low Price. Large Capacity. Drive runs quiet. It is happily backing up data from a server. Still working :>) The case was easy to open.

Cons: Runs a little hot in the enclosure, but still within tolerance limits of drive. Only one year warranty.

Overall Review: Got the drive on sale more cheaply than I could have purchased the same drive bare. However the expansion drive had only a 1 year warranty while the bare drive carried a 2 year warranty. But... I immediately voided whatever warranty it had by popping the case open (it is pretty easy, see YouTube video for instruction) and moving the drive to a better case with an eSATA interface. Many of the negative reviews seemed to point to a weakness of the USB3 cable, or port, or adapter in the case as the problem with the original product, and I like the speed and reliability of the drive in its new home. Will post another review if drive reliability becomes an issue.

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An inauspicious start12/19/2013 1:03:13 PM

Pros: Large Cache. Good Spindle Speed. Long Warranty.

Cons: Of two ordered and placed into service as part of an array in a server, one has failed already. Any drive can fail, but expected better from higher priced enterprise class drive. -1 egg for early failure. -1 egg for having to pay shipping to replace a defective product (see other thoughts).

Overall Review: Ordered Enterprise class drives as the OS/Program drives in a server mostly due to their speed and longer warranty. Higher Priced Enterprise Drive + Early Failure + General pain in the patoot to RMA the drive + Having to pay shipping to replace defective product = Disgruntled Customer. My customer is understanding about failing drives, but is on pins and needles until the replacement drive arrives and is rebuilt into the array. I find it very irritating that I have to pay the shipping (almost 10% of the price of the product) to return a defective product for exchange. If I had just changed my mind that would be one thing, but having to pay to return a bricked drive is extremely galling.

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Great drive for the price10/31/2013 9:12:27 PM

Pros: Good speed, boots the system up fast. Runs cool and quiet. Toshiba's toggle NAND is used in lots of the fastest SSDs currently sold. Drive was well packaged.

Cons: Package doesn't include any tools and makes no mention of the free NTI clone software that they make available. They also don't have any sophisticated tools on their website to monitor and tune the disk. Toshiba has been an OEM supplier of SSDs to laptop manufacturers up to this point, and they haven't quite made a smooth transition to SSD retailer yet.

Overall Review: Drive went into an older mid-range desktop which had already had a CPU upgrade but was still slow to boot. Bought an SSD because I was tired of hearing that computer's disk clicking away and hearing about how slowly it booted. Installing this drive (256GB) as the boot drive solved both of those issues. Computer only has SATA II capabilities, so the drive is not currently the bottleneck. Drive will also run faster if/when we upgrade the computer to something more modern. Don't know about reliability yet. Toshiba makes OEM drives for several PC makers and makes the NAND that goes into this drive. So I have hope:O). Got it at a great price, so it was worth taking the chance.

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Great for the price9/2/2013 2:21:24 PM

Pros: Installed easily and connected with good signal (but it is only about 20 ft from my wireless router).

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Bought this as a backup unit, so it has mostly been sitting on the closet shelf. Needed to hook an XP box up to the network to download updates. Installed the drivers and it worked well. Don't know about range (see above), nor about longevity, but didn't want to dock eggs over unknown.

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Works great, less filling8/25/2011 7:53:05 AM

Pros: Small and light. Was easy to set up. Does what it was purchased for. Was on sale at the time

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Bought a Sony TV that was "internet ready". They wanted 70 - 80 dollars for their wireless dongle. Bought a couple of these, one for the TV, one for travelling. Set it up according to the instruction given by PRIORITY (also available with pictures at Connected this router via cables (USB for power & Ethenet) to back of TV. It is small enough to stick it there with double sided tape. About 10 minutes after unpacking I was streaming content wirelessly to the TV at 1/3 the price of the other solution.

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Installed easily, good performance11/7/2010 5:08:24 PM

Pros: Installed easily in an older system. Recognized immediately by Win 7 on install. Catalyst and updated drivers from the Sapphire website (10/26/2010) version installed and ran OK. Gives respectable scores on Win 7 performance experience. Breathed new life into an old beast.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: There were lots of comments in the reviews about driver difficulty, so I was prepared to spend time and anguish to get this working. It may be that I was lucky or it just liked my motherboard, but it was recognized by the Win 7 install and worked immediately.

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A reason to upgrade11/7/2010 5:03:50 PM

Pros: A good price if this is what you are looking for. Win 7 is a little better than XP, and a lot better than Vista.

Cons: No XP mode in Home Premium.

Overall Review: I like Apple's marketing model much better. Microsoft drives me nuts trying to segment the market, making lots of artificial divisions in the products, and charging too much for the Professional package that has several features I want/need.

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Plug and Play11/7/2010 4:58:35 PM

Pros: Lots of memory at a good price. Installed in an HP 8540w and works flawlessly. Tested/burned it in for 24 hours with Memtest86+ with no errors.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Comes in a cool box. Nice packaging. Box says made in Taiwan.

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Runnin Good9/4/2009 8:14:09 AM

Pros: They are running cool and quiet. Slipped them into an external enclosure and running them as a RAID without any problems.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: Haven't measured the speed because it doesn't matter much in the application I use them for (shared data and backups).

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Fun while it lasted4/11/2006 5:05:50 PM

Pros: Fast drive. Was relatively cheap for the capacity and the large cache.

Cons: After owning it for about 1.5 years, the drive began reallocating sectors until it got into the S.M.A.R.T. failure mode. It was in a laptop that was powered on for long periods of time, but with relatively few power on/power off cycles. It started scrambling the data, and finally wouldn't boot. I was able to recover most of the data files and now have the drive in for repair or replacement.

Overall Review: Yes the drive was relatively cheap, but I consider my data valuable enough that I would prefer to have the option to pay more money and receive a high reliability drive. I would gladly pay twice what I paid for this drive to get one that would last for 5 years without failure.

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