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Was Excited, Now Disappointed10/11/2016 8:39:12 PM

Pros: Looked awesome. Packaged well. Presented well.

Cons: I didn't get to even run this cooler. I bought this to mount on a new power pc build. Followed instructions to a T. Crossbar screws wouldn't reach. Did some research that quoted these newer beefier cpu coolers may take a bit of even pressure to get screws to meet. Got screws to meet and one of them sheered in half. So. . . now I have a worthless hunk of aluminum. I'm delayed on my first new power build in nearly a decade as my last rig was a gaming laptop. And, I have to spend even further money on a new cooler. . . of which I think I'm just going to go ahead and spend a few more pennies on an AIO solution. I also have to hope that the "pressure" I was recommended to use by others that have used this cooler didn't end up damaging other parts. Thankfully I purchased extended accidental installation damage warranties on everything I could as well as ASUS and Intel products that actually do what they are intended to do and stand by their products.

Overall Review: I bought this due to previous good experience with their products. This one did not live up to that. Also. . . more dimensional specs would have been handy. Seeing as aftermarket coolers are for more extreme builds, one should be designing these or at least providing dimensional specs all around so that clearance for "Cool" or "High End" tall sitting ram and/or graphics card space can be taken into better consideration. This just goes to show me that I should have just gone for AIO or complete water cooling for my build to begin with rather than try to budget out a few pieces.

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