Horrible write speeds!7/29/2019 3:11:16 PM

Pros: Below average price for storage.

Cons: Horrible Write speeds! Slow memory!

Overall Review: As a simple storage drive it's good enough. Read speeds are average for a sata SSD but writing files to it after cache get filled up comes to a crawl! I'd find something a little better at similar price

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7/3/2014 9:32:44 AM

Pros: Thick cable preventing it from being broken easily

Cons: Broke within a couple of weeks

Overall Review: I purchased 10 of these at one time to have some spares. Well about every 2 or 3 weeks they would fail at the micro end. Usually the spring clips would fail but sometimes the plug itself would just come out or break. The wires weren't heavily used either , simple 4-5 times a day of use. I would definitely not recommend these unless you feel like replacing every couple of weeks.

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7/18/2013 7:23:58 PM

Pros: Good performing, looks nice XMP

Cons: Might be to high for some air cpu cooler/motherboard combos. XMP

Overall Review: This is to those having issue running this ram at specified timings: If you cannot get this ram to run/boot at specified speeds do this. (all within BIOS) 1st load up the XMP profile and write down all the ram timings. 2nd. set or load optimized defaults or plain defaults in your BIOS/UEFI and click save etc. 3rd go back to the ram timings section and manually change the timings to the ones you wrote earlier. 4th Set the ram voltage to the 1.5v (not auto) After that try booting up to the OS and see if that helps you run the timings correctly. You might have to change boot order and any other settings you wish to change as well in the BIOS. If that doesn't work sometimes the problem is not the ram sticks but the built in memory controller in your cpu. Look up adjusting VCCIO voltage. Its normally only adjusted when trying to overclock ram but might help you trying to run at specified timings on a cpu with a weak imc. Basically follow guides that tell how to overclock ram for your particular motherboard. Technically the default speed on Ivy (and I believe Sandy as well) is 1600mhz. Anything above that is considered an overclock speed even though its normally done through XMP. Sometimes XMP changes other values that make boot fail and your motherboard spits out at you "overclocking failed" even though your not overclocking. This goes for not only this particular ram but any that run over 1600mhz.

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12/9/2012 6:56:18 PM

Pros: Quiet, PWM Sharing, Good strong airflow

Cons: Short flimsy cable

Overall Review: These fans themselves flow a good amount of air while being quiet. I know the "Sone" thing seems to throw off how quiet these are at full blast of 1350-1400 rpm or so. They are quieter than my corsair af120 performance edition fans. Those are rated at 30db so I would say these are at about 25-28db at full blast. They push a good amount of air as well. They push almost as much as my corsair AF120's. One thing these fans have is pressure. I put some fan filters on my coolermaster sycleflows and just adding a filter to those dropped the rpm by 200 or so. Same filter on these and they kept pulling at 1350-1400 rpm with no noticeable drop in flow. The only downfall is the cables, they're too short. The pwm sharing works and works well. It also keeps you from having to buy an extra pwm fan splitter. I have installed these vertically as intake and exhaust fans. and work well. I have installed these as top exhaust fans and at low rpm they are fine (600 rpm), but at full blast I noticed a slight vibration that is only noticeable if you touch them. No sound difference and hopefully it wont hurt longevity. As top intake there is no vibration at high rpm and are smooth like butter. This is a good all around case fan. Would definately recomend.

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12/9/2012 6:20:37 PM

Pros: Very quiet. Cheap

Cons: No RPM. Could push a little more air but then it would probably make noise.

Overall Review: If you need quiet with decent amount of airflow at a VERY cheap price then these are for you. I have them hooked up directly to the power supply (no 3 pin) and have pretty much forgot about them. they are in front of my hard drives since they're in a seperate inclosure in my case and keep the airflow going with no probs. In my mid atx case the loudest fan noise comes from a hyper 212+ at 600 rpm (which is pretty quiet) and these 80mm which are at the front at the case pulling in air cannot be heard. I literally have to put my ear withing 12 inches of it to hear them in a quiet room. Only had them for a couple of days but if they last me at least a year or 2 they'll be more than worth the 4 dollars I paid being I bought 2 of them. Even if they fail in a year or 2 I'd purchase again. If you have a small case or need to cool specific componenets and stay quiet and cant go with a larger size then this fan will do you well. Have coolermaster, arctic, corsair, masscool fans and these little fans have impressed.

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Stylish. thin9/11/2012 10:16:45 AM

Pros: This case fits very well and adds just enough heft to the EVO LTE. When I say heft its not in a bad way as this is one of the thinnes cases for the EVO 4G LTE. Its designed very well and looks very stylish. The combination of matte black and gloss black goes well with the phones colors. It aslo has a slight lip around the camera to protect against scratches when you lay your phone down.The front also has a nice lip that enable you to lay your phone screen side down on a desk etc withou worries of scratching the screen. It has nicely done "grippy" areas on the side that actually do work.

Cons: There are a ouple of cons though. First one being that the kickstand is slightly harder to get at. if you dont have a bit of fingernail it will be very hard to take out. Second thing might be a pro for others, but not me. The buttons are covered by the case (camera/power/vol) so while theyre originally too easy to press accidentally without a case, with this case it becomes a little too dificult. I did however find a simple fix that worked for me. i used some electrical vynil tape and cut it out to fill in the space inside the case where the buttons go. This made it easire for button presses and when i swap cases i have no issues since the tape stays inside the recesses where i put them. I did have to use 2-3 layers of tape till i got the feel i wanted but you might not need it at all.

Overall Review: Thinnest best looking case around for a decent price. Would definately recomend. Just wish they had more colors.

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8/29/2012 1:53:56 PM

Pros: Fairly easy to apply compared to other thermal pastes.

Cons: Only con is a small one. The dispenser hole is rather large. It would be better if it was slightly smaller to be able to have more control on how you apply.

Overall Review: Ive only used a couple of other pastes including zalman, arctic silver 5, and some stock stuff and this has kept my components the coolest. It beat arctic silver 5 by a couple of degrees on my processor and dropped temps by ten degrees on my amd video cards stock stuff. Spreads easier than arctic silver 5 if anyones interested. For me it worked better than arctic silver 5 even after its lengthy burn in time.

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you get what you pay for8/29/2012 1:46:40 PM

Pros: Cheap and replaceable panels to atch you case.

Cons: Cheap. It died after a couple of weeks and stopped reading cards.

Overall Review: For the price its worth a shot. Newegg replaced the faulty one, but im hoping this second one lasts more than a month for me.

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