Love this Product11/22/2020 11:57:41 AM

Pros: - Able to customize what you'd like to see (i.e. CPU temp, CPU/GPU usage, allows GIF upload) - Software to configure the LCD Display is very user friendly

Cons: - Installation could be a bit tricky if you don't plan ahead where to mount the radiator in your case to get optimal cable management (had to research how others installed theirs)

Overall Review: Great product, looks really cool through a windowed PC and definitely would recommend :D

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Great Product! Easy Setup and Use11/22/2020 10:56:12 AM

Overall Review: Bought this product since I wanted to save a bit to build a new PC during the pandemic. The box contains what you'd expect you'll need to do Win10 installation; the USB and the product key. In case anything goes wrong with installation, they also provide contact information to reach them. The shipping was pretty fast; came within 2 days (Toronto - GTA). Overall, I was completely satisfied and would buy it again from this vendor, they gained my trust!

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