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RL-26 come in two flavors, old=good, new=bad DO NOT PURCHASE9/27/2011 10:57:27 PM

Pros: Read "Other thoughts" section first New RL-26: None.... Old RL-26: Slide smooth as butter. Sturdy. Can be installed without getting grease on your hand. Good value. Fit inside XrackPro2 with RPC-4220 & RPC-470. Would buy again... if they made them.

Cons: New RL-26: They are inferior to their predecessor. False advertisement (Manufacturers fault). The new rails are NOT BALL BEARING. The rails do not slide smooth. Covered in grease. Both outside and inside. Impossible to install without getting grease on your hand. Last but not least, they are overpriced. You can get far better rails for your money. Old RL-26: They no longer make them....

Overall Review: Norco changed the design of the RL-26 sometime around May of 2010. They did not tell any of their resellers (like newegg). This would be fine if the new product was not inferior to the old. Instead the new rails are no longer "ball bearing" and do not slide smooth like the old rails. It took newegg 2 MONTHS to resolve this problem. They have refunded me in full (and then some) and they have updated the pictures for the RL-26. They still need to change the text which states "Ball Bearing Sliding Rail" as the rails are no longer ball bearing. Norco was kind enough to accept a trade in of the new RL-26 for the old RL-26, however, they have not stated they plan on reverting back to their old design. They have not alerted their resellers of the change or updated their website. I am displeased with Norco and to a lesser extent Newegg. They have both apologized and refunded me, but I feel both parties have not taken all the steps needed to correct the problem. TL;DR DO NOT BUY

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Both RL-26 and RL-20 rails are ball bearing version now. Thank you. Best Regards, Norco Support Team
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Whew its compatible!9/16/2011 12:40:41 PM

Pros: Solved the problem of a 32-bit xp computer and a 64-bit vista computer that could not share a USB printer with each other due to 32-bit 64-bit driver problems. Used with HP LaserJet p3015. This printer was not listed on the compatibility list, but I took a chance and it works flawlessly. taking the time to write this review so others know that this device works with the hp laserjet p3015.

Cons: Would like to see more printers listed on the compatibility list, so that its not a guessing game as to whether or not the device will work with your printer.

Overall Review: Their anime artwork and lame mission statements make this device less appealing as a business class solution to a problem. They should reconsider their packaging. I spent 4 hours trying to solve the 32-bit 64-bit printing problem the "correct" way, but it was taking far too much time and this device was a convenient alternative with a moderate price. Saves time frustration and money.

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Love this case, but its not perfect7/2/2011 12:31:14 AM

Pros: Great Value, Simple but not ugly, Removable front air filter, thumb screws!, Great airflow for CPU, bottom mount PSU,

Cons: If you plan on using a full length graphics card think again. There is not much space between the hard drive area which will be a problem for when you plug a beefy graphics card in. Poor wire management space. Mediocre airflow for add in cards (GPU) Cables for front panel usb/audio/etc are short. Good chance your audio cable wont reach. Only 2 120mm fan included (leaving front 2 for your purchase)

Overall Review: Love this case, I own 2, but alas they are too small to handle full length graphics cards and there is little space to neatly tie/tuck all your wires. (even if your using modular PSU) Also a pain to remove hard drives because of the direction the face.

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7/2/2011 12:20:38 AM

Pros: Provided you set this ram to the correct timings it will perform flawlessly.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I would not put this ram in a non-enthusiast motherboard.

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would buy again7/2/2011 12:16:41 AM

Pros: Does exactly what the specifications say it does.

Cons: None

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Will purchase again7/2/2011 12:14:55 AM

Pros: Stable Fast Compatible

Cons: None

Overall Review: Using inside my ESXi 4.1 server because the onboard realtek nics are not compatible

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Good first impression, will buy again.12/29/2010 8:57:28 PM

Pros: -Slides nice and smooth. -Fits in Apple XrackPro2 -seem sturdy -Price

Cons: -No instructions. This was my first time using rails and instructions would have greatly sped up the process. Had to do a bit of trial and error, but I eventually figured it all out. -Greasy, be careful where you hold these or you will be coated in grease.

Overall Review: Mine arrived bent. (Shipping damage) It took all of 2 minutes to repair the damage. Mounted a Norco RPC-470 in an apple xrackpro2. Fit without any problems.

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Bought a second because its so good!6/11/2010 9:14:49 AM

Pros: 7 YEAR WARRANTY..... 80+ SILVER..... MODULAR..... QUIET..... 750W..... VELVET BAG....ForTheWin

Cons: It is definitely is a much longer than small PSU's but what do you expect for something this elite.

Overall Review: The price dropped since I purchased my first one, it was originally about $17x

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Great mobo, would buy again.11/14/2009 11:59:39 AM

Pros: Ultimate tweakability. Don't have to shutdown your PC to overclock or change pretty much any BIOS setting. All available through the nvidia control panel. Once you get used to this, you will never want to buy a mobo without these features. Saves you loads of time when overclocking or initial setup. Good for pairing with fast ram that requires specific memory timings.

Cons: Max ram is 8GB, wish it supported 16GB. Takes a little while to get used to saving bios settings and ram timings and such. (through the operating system) The box mine came in fell apart. (the glue wasn't strong enough), not really a big problem, but i like to hang onto my boxes in case i resell.

Overall Review: I did not buy into the SLI ram gimmick. Honestly. Even if i blew the extra cash on the ram that operates at DDR 2000 or whatever, I don't think the benefit would have outweighed the cost. Your better off getting some decent DDR1333 or 1600 ram. and spending the rest of your cash on a SSD. You will never reget getting an SSD. It's like your PC just got a fresh install of XP, everything pops open quickly. It never gets worse, it stays like that. Probably one of the best 775 mobo's out there. If your not going to jump into a core i7, this is a great mobo that will last your for quite some time. I will buy into a core i7 whe prices drop. This rig can handle anything i throw at it. I have no needs for upgrading for quite some time. q9550 gtx 260 4GB DDR 1600 intel X25 Gen2 windows 7 64-bit (previously xp 32-bit)

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Buy it, you wont regret it, if your on your PC alot10/9/2009 7:13:37 PM

Pros: Great drive, I feel like i never have hang time when switching between programs. its been a month and everything feels like it was a fresh install. You know when you wipe your harddrive and fresh install, everything just pops open quickly. its like that, except always. Slight improvement in boot times across all programs, some more than others, it leaves a little to be desired, but hey for $24X i think its the best buy out there. the velociraptor could be a better option for some, but if you compute like me, this will destroy the velociraptor.

Cons: High price, some slow write speeds. If you dont use your PC constantly, or your only using one program, this drive is not for you, Yea its only 80GB.. but it is helpful in away, i find myself installing less useless cr@p, like updates for foreign language packs im never going to use... useless stuff like that. although if you have alot of BIG games in mind, this might fall short. i honestly only play like 1 or 2 big <8GB games so this is not a problem. and programs really dont eat up that much space except for the ADOBE suite. I will surely enjoy the 160GB model when it drops in price. however, i will be content with this drive for atleast a year or two.

Overall Review: Sorry newegg, but your prices are not the best for this product, hence i don't get the pretty light blue text saying i bought it from you. actually at the moment your price is 3x what i just paid *lol its all good, these things are in high demand. newegg is still the best! i will hemorrhage my cash with you another day

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Good Stuff, Definitly Buy Again9/2/2009 8:38:14 AM

Pros: It's pretty cheap Has a lifetime warranty It's half height of normal ram! (I wish all memory was like this) It only goes up to the first notch in the retaining clips. Great for maxing out ram in older PC's that are getting sluggish. I put these in PC's that only support 1GB sticks.

Cons: None (It's not "gaming" memory, so don't bash it.)


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Good Professional Raid Card7/18/2009 11:12:30 PM

Pros: Quality Card. I have yet to notice any bottle-necking by the card. I am using it in a Server/NAS with RAID 5+1 hot spare setup. 4x 500GB Western Digital eco drives with variable RPM. Running great on a Celeron 440, thanks to the integrated 2.4ghz processor of this raid card.

Cons: As some other reviewers have run into issues. So did I. This card will not work with most single PCI-E 16x motherboards. Like the (Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L) It will have crashing issues. You will need a motherboard that has multiple PCI-E 8x/16x/32x slots. After a month of troubleshooting, I went and bought an Asus P5N-D and havent had a problem since. Also its a big price tag on this card. If you actually want to reap the benefits of this card you need to have this installed in the PC/system you plan to access the data at or have it in a server attached to some ridiculously overpowered network with greater than gigabit speeds. And the receiving computers will need SSD's or fast HDD's that can handle the throughput of this card. Or you need alot of PC's accessing this card at the same time. IT GETS HOT! Adequate cooling is a must! This card has a tiny heatsink and no fan. Airflow must be provided! I wish the heatsink was bigger! Doesn't dissapate heat well IMO.

Overall Review: Not for your average user. Cheaper cards will provide enough performance for most people. Enthusiasts or Professionals who have multiple PC's accessing large files will need this card, however your network infrastructure or receiving PC's will likely be your bottleneck. The benefit of this card is the 2.4ghz processor built into it. It is designed to take the load off of the PC's CPU. Again this would be good for a server that will be doing other things in addition to serving up files quickly.

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Adhesive problems6/3/2009 12:27:38 PM

Pros: Obviously this is a must as you can read any other review here that explains how this bracket makes installing the xigmatek heat sinks a breeze. I would still buy this product again even though It has issues... read cons....

Cons: The adhesive on the retention bracket is FAR TOO STRONG. Ever try removing one of these? (mobo died) Well your in for a surprise! You can try pulling and pulling it wont come off! I finally figured a way to get it off without breaking the PCB in half. If you twist it instead of pulling it it will come off. But... Guess what? The adhesive still didnt give.. the foam piece between the adhesive ripped in half. Yep...rather impressive. So then I had to scrape the back of the mobo with my fingernail for about an hour to get the rest of the foam/adhesive off the back. And there was still adhesive residue left when I stopped. You then have to do the same thing with the retention bracket. Although you can be a little rougher with it than a PCB. Solution? Call xigmatek they will send you a new one if yours met the same death as mine. OR get some screen door weatherstripping (cheap) (AND NOT REDICULOUSLY STICKY) and replace the stock adhesive foam before you install it.

Overall Review: Contacted xigmatek and they sent me a replacement. Apparently these are meant to be installed once! and only once! Forget transferring to a new mobo. If your comes off easier, your lucky. I must have had my heatsink on really tight. If you do get xigmatek to replace your busted bracket you can revive your old one with some weatherstripping like I did.

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Does what its supposed to, Newegg PSU cable is THICK ^^4/28/2009 2:04:10 PM

Pros: It works, its tiny. It does what its supposed to.

Cons: Its made in China. (cant seem to find many PC parts made in the USA, oh well)

Overall Review: New egg put a BEEFY 14AWG power cable in the box with this tiny 180watt powersupply lol. Not sure what their thinking was, but heck I took it and swapped it with my 700watt PSU computer... Not that thickness matters much but if it did, its got a better chance on a massive PSU. Newegg gets props for the nice cable. I dont think that came standard with the powersupply.

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Impressive4/2/2009 7:53:51 PM

Pros: Does its job. Nice compact little gigabit switch. Low power consumption. Replaced and old 10/100 16 port switch would have preferred getting a 16 port gigabit, but the prices on those are astronomical.

Cons: Standard Price is high Price - rebate = is ok.

Overall Review: Not worth the extra cash for the energy efficient version of this.

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Pretty good, not too overpriced4/2/2009 4:19:28 PM

Pros: Its good. Some strenuous workouts can be done on this thing.

Cons: Doesn't fix lazyness

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Good but it has a con to think about.1/23/2009 1:34:12 PM

Pros: If you dont like hurting your thumbs with pushpins this helps alot. Makes mounting the HS way easier. Highly reccomend, read the cons though.

Cons: The super strong sticky tape is far too strong. I almost broke my MOBO trying to get the bracket off. The tape eventually gave way... but get this, the tape split in two before it came off. Yep the foam core of the tape split before the tape separated from the motherboard or the metal bracket. You then have to pick at the remaining tape stuck to your motherboard and metal bracket with your fingernail. Which takes about another 5-10 minutes. Oh and if your struggling to get the bracket off, dont try lifting it, just twist it off. that way your not bending your mobo's pcb. try to use the edge of the board as a grip point when twisting. dont use the headers on the back of your board like the ps2 ports and such. you might break those off.

Overall Review: I originally gave this a 5, because it made mounting the HSF much easier. I'm making sure it looses 2 eggs on this review to make up for the 5 star review i posted before, either way, i think it should get 4 eggs because it does make mounting the HS a heck of alot easier. They just need to use weaker tape.

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Not for gaming or heavy multi tasking12/6/2008 12:50:12 AM

Pros: Good price/performance. IMO. AMD solutions will have better price/performance. But if you plan to upgrade to a quad core... well here is your starter CPU. Low energy requirements 35W Max (and very cool no need for a big heatsink, and if you are concerned about energy consumption) Small L2 Cache Size. Definitely not for any modern main stream gaming. Plays back 720p and 1080p video smoothly. good selling point.

Cons: Cant do much more than play 1080P video back. I wouldn't even recommended having any other programs or background programs open while playing back 1080p video. If that is what your using it for. So don't plan on heavy multi tasking either.

Overall Review: Bought two of these. One for a low power Nas server and one for a budget PC Sub $250. Work great. 35W is unbeatable. Plus it underclocks from 1.8ghz to 1.2ghz and reduces vcore for even better energy savings

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Good does what its supposed to.12/6/2008 12:26:28 AM

Pros: Does what its supposed to do. SATA so much nicer than EIDE ribbon cables.

Cons: I wish it were a dollar cheaper.

Overall Review: Definitely get this SATA drive over an EIDE provided your motherboard has at least 4 sata ports total. Gotta leave room for the other peripherals.

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AMAZING, BUY IT!!!10/21/2008 11:19:58 PM

Pros: Dead Silent, loudest thing in my case is the high pitched sound of the circuits when theyre working, or my hard drive if its in use. Will buy again if I ever decide to go SLI, Works great in Antec 300 case. Temps are much better than stock and I dont even have a fan in the side of my case, temps could drop drastically if you strap a 120mm fan to it.

Cons: Little tricky to install, but worth the time and effort, set aside 30~60 minutes to install this, can be done quicker, but i wouldnt reccomend rushing it.

Overall Review: Neweggs got the best price on this, i bought it elsewhere because i got free shipping with something else I was buying at the same time. Sorry egg, but i'm repaying you with this review.

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Not sure its really worth the money10/2/2008 10:53:32 PM

Pros: Well it works, it is somewhat easier to attach than the standard push pin style mount. I guess ill but it again, i wish it were a buck cheaper. My thumbs didn't hurt after installing this HSF :-), and i didn't have to play impostor thumb with a screwdriver either haha.

Cons: Requires you to carefully 'stick' the back plate to the back of your mobo, its very sticky so try not to mess up i felt like i was going to tear a hole in my mobo when trying to remove it to reposition it. Too expensive? meh inflation

Overall Review: I stuck the back plate to the back of my mobo while it was outside of my case, then attached the HSF. Its a little difficult to get the mobo back in the case with such a massive HSF attached. Other than that atle

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Seems pretty good9/28/2008 1:26:25 PM

Pros: Speed is eh, its a thumbdrive. Rock solid. Grips are nice feature. BIG & CHEAP, would buy again.

Cons: None, make sure you attach the empty canister to your keychain not the other way around--otherwise youl loose the canister.

Overall Review: Maybe they could have shrunk the container a tiny bit?

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Good fans, will buy again9/11/2008 10:29:08 PM

Pros: Dead silent push decent amount of air high quality. will buy again

Cons: none, its good.

Overall Review: would like to see a slightly higher cfm model, its so silent they have room to push a few more cfm without it becoming audible. 10.7db, id like to see one with 15db and say another 8+cfm cool japanese packaging.

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Amazing temps, hard to put in!9/11/2008 10:26:10 PM

Pros: It has amazing temps, hands down. Fan is almost silent, temps are so low it never has to spin up any more than its lowest speed. Looks pretty nice Cheap Fits in an antec 300, for those of you who were worried like me. will buy again.

Cons: Its big, may not fit in all chassis, check other posts to see if yours is mentioned. Could use better lapping on bottom. Hard as hell to install. I really felt like docking it a star for this but i wont since its so good and cheap

Overall Review: in the antec 300 there are about 5 razorblades of space between the HSF and the 200mm fan at the top of the case. Getting the Fan onto the HSF after you install it is difficult, i decided to put mine in with the fan half mounted, so i still had room to push down on the pegs, it was difficult and my thumb is sore, but I got it the stupid things to click in.

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Old School8/10/2008 11:27:08 PM

Pros: Good card, but seriously there are better options if you were thinking of getting this for gaming, even for a pci slot. Fan-less, works well in a low airflow case, doesn't get too hot. Excellent for any server type system where the motherboard does not have onboard video.

Cons: Not for gaming. Looses 1 star for the price, you can get a decent modern graphics card for a few bucks more, im surprized they can still sell these things without rebates. only bought because there was a XX rebate at the time, and you cant go wrong with a radeon 7000.

Overall Review: Use for replacing video cards in workstations and systems that don't need to do anything graphically intense.

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