Nice case11/30/2007 8:52:42 PM

Pros: Supports e-sata and usb, physical on/off switch, price

Cons: no cooling fan, connections can become loose, does not support 3.0g/b sata drive, only 1.5

Overall Review: good price for a case that supports e-sata but i was disappointed to find out that it does not support 3.0gb sata drives. i like the on/off switch as it wont randomly power down but the cords can sometimes become loose, especially the power cord. gave it a 5 cause these are minor gripes to me, but others may say 4.

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Great Harddrive11/30/2007 8:47:10 PM

Pros: Large capacity, speed, durability and good pricing.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I used this HD to make an external drive and it runs like a champ. I even dropped it once and absolutely nothing happened to it.

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Probably the last great AGP card5/8/2007 3:59:51 PM

Pros: 512 ram, AGP slotted (major upgrade delay = save money), easy to install (physcially), very high powered fan so no worries about over heating

Cons: AGP slotted (is already obsolete) cd software didnt work, a lot of effort to get this to work properly, not cheap for obsolete technology, that high powered fan is very loud

Overall Review: the only reason why im giving this a 4 and not a 5 is its not friendly to a casual computer user lookin for an easy edge... and it wasnt cheap. AGP is on its way out (if it already isnt) and this is the last of the great AGP. This replaced my 9800Pro which i was happy with but i was in the mood to upgrade so i got this. unfortunaly i bought ram along with this so i dont know where my edge is coming from but its a reasonable amount. i forgot to remove the drivers from my old card and that didnt make it any easier to install this card. if you have any on board stuff (sound or vid) uninstall that too unless its your primary source.

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good value5/8/2007 3:44:27 PM

Pros: Great value

Cons: none

Overall Review: i bought a video card upgrade with this ram so i dont know whats making my gaming smoother but this was easy to install and my computer noticed it right away. didnt need to update drivers or anything great for the moderate computer user lookin for some cheap power

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too good (no really, too good) Runing XP5/8/2007 3:41:50 PM

Pros: 7.1 channel, 96 Khz sample rate, software bundle

Cons: too good (this is actually my con)

Overall Review: The software bundled with this is amzaing. So many setting to chose from that its confusing until you do some trial an error. and the too good con is that you have to get used to being able to hear sounds that you didnt hear before. Highs that were drowned out before very crisp (almost harsh) and clear and bass is very very deep once you get the software to work for you instead of working you, its a great piece of gear.

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so much space for so little money5/8/2007 3:35:59 PM

Pros: storage space, sata 3.0Gb/s, 16MB cache, sturdy/tough

Cons: doesnt cook and clean for me

Overall Review: great piece of gear. the sturdy remark is from the fact that i drop one of these from about 3 feet (a desk) and still ran smoothly. also dont forget to intialize your drive (right click on "my computer" and select manage) as i thought my drives were doa until i realized i hadnt

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if bang for the buck is what you need, then you need this5/8/2007 3:27:38 PM

Pros: low price, good size (physcially), good size (usage space)

Cons: cap gets lost easily, even permanant marker doesnt stay on

Overall Review: bought one of these over a year ago and the only problem ive had is that i lost the clear cap in a week. i dont really care about read and write speeds as i only use this for documents and small pictures/files. if you need something for your office and dont want to worry about file sizes, this is your gear right here

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good stuff for a good price5/8/2007 3:21:34 PM

Pros: High capcity, low price, cool style (stack a few together side by side), ease of use, power save mode

Cons: no manual power switch to override the power save/spin down mode, very rarely doesn't read after being attached for long periods

Overall Review: Its great bang for the buck as far as external HD's are concerned even when it was more expnsive. I didn't like the auto power down but its a good feature to keep power use down and hard drive life up. If you can deal with the 5-10 seconds it takes for it spin back up, this hard drive is awsome. another con would have been that there was no esata connection but theres a higher level model that does have it

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great card6/20/2006 12:30:59 PM

Pros: definitly great bang for your buck

Cons: found other A-DATA cards that are smaller (like the 2G card) that when you buy 2, would add up to being less than this one i guess its the price you pay for convenience

Overall Review: bought 1 when it was $xxx bucks and thought it was a deal, now theyre $xx and i bought 2 more!

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