Great 43 inch 4k IPS monitor for the price10/18/2018 3:23:51 AM

Pros: Great monitor for the price, bought it during a Newegg shellshocker deal for $359. Image retention can be reduced greatly if the brightness is adjusted correctly. Have not seen any black screen issues reported by others. I run a Nvidia video card under Linux. Honestly, 43" is really too big to be a desk monitor, but this monitor is excellent for CAD work or reducing eye strain when concentrating on fine detailed work.

Cons: The 100x200 VESA mounting is small for most TV mounts, this monitor was designed for regular desk monitor mounts. The back of the monitor is not flat and only has 2" of clearance below the bottom two screw mounts and the top of the wider bottom portion of the monitor case. I ended up cutting off the bottom of the TV mounting plate that came with my wall mount to make it fit with the monitor. Wish it came with a DVI input or a DVI output to HDMI input cable or adapter.

Overall Review: For wall mounting options, I wish the monitor back was flat and the mounting screws set at a larger size like 400x400 to fit with most TV wall mounts.

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Great SAS 6G controller for the price11/8/2013 1:52:21 PM

Pros: Great SAS 6G adapter for the price, supports SAS/SATA drives and SAS expanders. Uses the LSI SAS2008 IO controller.

Cons: The mounting bracket is on the opposite side of the PCIe card along with all the components (side A instead of side B like other cards). It may not fit in all motherboards and/or chassis. The MegaRaid storage manager software does not have an option for JBOD mode. It only suports RAID 0/1 and requires an upgrade key to support RAID 5 volumes. The workaround is to create a 1 drive RAID 0 volume for each attached hard drive. The OS will then see each drive as a drive volume. I use this mode to run software RAID 5 pr RAID 6 across all my drives attached to this controller.

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Great Economical Shaver10/12/2009 11:47:18 PM

Pros: Comfortable to grip. I have arthritis and the shape of the razor plus the rubber grips are comfortable to use. I have used Wahl and Remmington screen shavers in the past, and this one shaves well and the small hole patterns in the screen lead to less razor burn than the other shavers I've used. Good shaver for sensistive skin that's prone to razor burn. Works very well to lift and shave hairs that are starting to ingrow. Very easy to clean with liquid hand soap and water.

Cons: I have thick, coarse beard hair. It sometimes takes extra time to hunt down and cut the hairs that grown in different directions, but that's expected for all shavers. Doesn't come with extra foils. Doesn't work when plugged into AC, only works when disconnected from charger base.

Overall Review: Excellent razor when it comes to cutting ability for the price. Just wish it came with extra foils or the ability to run off of AC power.

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