Works well with Asus X570-i5/22/2020 12:28:54 PM

Pros: -Fast -Temps are good under MB heatsink -OS boots up in a matter of seconds

Cons: -Is it really as fast as you think it is?

Overall Review: Synthetic benchmarks show that this nvme jumps at ludicrous speed without fail. Real world applications (atleast in my case) never see these speeds though. This is actually something I've been meaning to dive a bit deeper into. To me it runs comparable to an SSD, maybe it's my setup or maybe I just don't utilize it as well as it could be. Either way Its done right by me, no complaints, buy one if you want an affordable price compared to other brands.

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Great motherboard.....I think?2/14/2020 10:08:33 AM

Pros: -Well built VRM with active cooling. -Decent layout; worked well with Sliger SM560 Case. -RGB is minimal in a good way. -Includes all necessary hardware and cables

Cons: -Audio driver issues - Sonic Studio caused me some headaches. I recommend staying away from it. -Bios layout is cumbersome (OC options) -Lots of unneeded bloatware, make sure you don't install that junk.

Overall Review: At the time of writing I am on the latest bios version 1405, this coincides with the "I think?" Heading of my review. It's well known that AMD processors have conflict with some MB bios (Agesa) where they do not reach proper boost clocks. I don't believe 1405 has the updated Agesa fix and as such I question if this MB is just well optimized or still has problems. Allow me to elaborate - Out of the box the optimized settings with DOCP enabled I get a Max boost of about 4.321. Enabling OC settings to let the CPU attain higher boost clocks actually hurts performance and any sort of manual overclocking I tried hurt performance even worse. The voltage is set to about 1.42 in Auto which does cause higher temps and random temp spikes when boosting. I tried setting this anywhere from 1.3 to 1.4 manually and lost performance. As of right now the stock settings with DOCP on give me the best performance but the downside is higher temps (my Noctua NH-L9A struggles to keep temps down around 50-60c at idle and under a synthetic load I'm seeing temps over 80c.) In regards to the audio I was particularly having issues with my mic playing through my headset and there is no option in Sonic Studio to turn it off. Stay away from the Sonic Suite, I managed to find an older set of Realtek drivers that got everything working glitch free, I disabled Sonic Studio drivers as well and everything is handled through Windows 10. The bios does take a bit of time to figure out and even now it still is confusing. You have AI Tweaker which let's you play with OCing but you also have a separate section that digs deeper into OCing and gives you control over the infinity fabric. I'm still unsure which is better to use, AI Tweaker or the other as they share some of the same settings but changing one does not change the other so I would think there is a conflict of interest on which setting is used by the bios. Seems like I still have much to figure out. The Bottom line: If you are a set it and forget it kind of person, this MB is up your alley, out of the box it totes performance settings that you won't have to fiddle with much. Otherwise, If you like to get the most out of your hardware then be prepared for a challenge.

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This ram, Asus X570-I and Ryzen 3700x = ✓✓✓2/14/2020 8:50:19 AM

Pros: -XMP (DOCP) profile worked straight away. -RGB Syncs with Asus Aura (using Armoury Crate). -Sexy appearance despite the black on silver scheme.

Cons: -Did not overclock well for me, was able to get 1900mhz fclock with stock timings. I was able to tighten timings to 14,14,15,28 but at the expense of a much lower fclock (1066mhz).

Overall Review: The ram worked correctly out of the box which is honestly all I can ask for. My Motherboard and CPU accepted the XMP profile and all worked as it should. I did not try very hard to tighten timings so take my Con with a grain of salt. Your results may vary if you put the effort Into it.

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Great protector but man are these a bit of a paint to install12/22/2017 5:46:34 AM

Pros: -Thick -Feels great to touch, your fingers won't "Streak" across it but rather they will "Glide" -Fit nearly perfect, edge to edge against the bezel -Shipping was amazingly quick!

Cons: -PITA to install, I mean it's not super difficult but its a dry application with what, in my opinion, should be a wet application. -AIR BUBBLES, Granted they did come out, all of them infact but I had to work this protector for a good 10 mins to get the majority out. -Included micro-fiber is rough, I don't recommend using it.

Overall Review: I'm sitting here the next morning after the install and as far as I can tell all of the air bubbles have come out, it had to let it sit a bit, work them, let it sit, work them, etc. until last night to finish getting the out. This morning though I can say I am please with the results of the protector!!

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These are ok but I wouldn't expect to much from 'em...12/22/2017 5:39:24 AM

Pros: -Small form factor -LED to show when in use -Protection sleeve included in packaging

Cons: -HOT HOT HOT, these drives get very hot, very quickly and even when just sitting at an idle. Heat kills so I don't suspect you would get more than a year, if even that, out of these drives. -You only get 115gb of usable space even after full format. -SLOW, SLOW, SLOW speeds, granted I am only on USB 2.0 but still, the speeds Up/Down are slower than my old micro usb Passport external drive.

Overall Review: These go on sale a lot and during holiday sales I managed to round up 3 of them at a mere $30 each. I got one Samsung drive for $44 and man I wish I would of put my money all in Samsung's drives. They give you a good 4-5GB more space than these do, which in my situation was crucial, and they do not get HOT!! Seriously the Samsungs get warm at best after transfering 119GB over a 2 hour period. Take my advice and pay the little extra for the samsung drives.

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Great product for the price and for a lower end gaming machine!2/15/2016 9:15:13 PM

Pros: Biggest Pro by far is the cost, $815 for a laptop with these stats is pretty crazy I didn't believe it until I actually powered it on and checked the System Properties. If you go onto Lenovo's Website and built this exact laptop you will spend $1,130. The product specs that are not listed - Processor has Turbo Boost up to 3.1 Ghz, Bluetooth 4.1/4.0, Fingerprint Reader, 3x USB 3.0, 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, Anti-Glare, 250 nits, Windows 10 Pro License is included, VGA out, 4 in 1 Card Reader, OneLink, Cat5. Windows 7/10 Pro Recovery Media - The hardrive comes with a partition to create Windows 7 recovery discs. You also should have a slip of paper included with your laptop that will allow you to download or recieve a USB drive through the mail for the Windows 10 recovery media. The Windows 10 is tied to the laptop Serial Number so It most likely can only be used with the laptop. Ram - They were kind and smart enough to give you 1x 8GB stick rather than 2x 4GB allowing you room to immediatley upgrade to 16GB cheaply. You can pickup an extra stick of the same ram for about $40 depending on where you source it from. The particular stick of ram included with my laptop is Samsung M471B1G73EB0-YK0 (8GB 2Rx8 PC3L-12800S-11-13-F3). HDD - 500GB 7200 RPM drive included is pretty quick believe it or not and the nice thing is it can also be easily upgraded to an SSD by removing 3 screws and popping the bottom cover off. I Love that Lenovo is still one of the few companies to build "traditional" style cases allowing easy access to the guts. Keyboard - layout is nice IMO, chiclet style keys with a nice rebound. Keyboard has no flex under normal to slighty aggressive typing conditions. Intentionally pressing the middle (G,H area) of the keyboard introduces flex but it requires quite a bit of pressure. Screen - has a very wide viewing angle (I can still see clearly with a slight digression in brightness looking parrallel with the screen), in sun light conditions the screen does have a slight glare but still viewable. Touchpad - Very firm which is nice compared to last years model which was mushy and clanky. It has hidden left/right mouse buttons by clicking either bottom let or bottom right side of touchpad. Multi-Finger gestures such as pinch to zoom, double tap to select, double tap and hold to select and drag. Case Feel and Look - The inner case does not attract fingerprints at all so far from what I can tell, though could possibly change with extended use. The lid does pick up a little finger print but easily wiped away. The lid feels to be a slight rubbery texture but still very smooth. Battery Life - at high perfomance settings averaged about 3 hours with word processing, internet surfing (downloading Far Cry 4) and streaming music from Pandora. Heat - Generally heat is an issue with these mid sized laptops carrying higher end components, this laptop doesn't seem get hot under average multi-tasking conditions, Left side palm area is warm, right side is normal. While gaming I ran Far Cry 4 at full resolution and medium/high settings. I let the entire intro video play up to the point that you gain control of your character, the laptop only got a bit more warmer than while multi tasking Internet and word processing! Audio - Dolby Control panel allows you access to pre-configured Equalizer settings or a full custom Equalizer setting bar. Smart Audio Control panel allows you to change the single multi-jack settings from Headphones, Headset or Microphone while also allowing sound output from laptop speakers and headphones simultaneously. <br><br>Windows Rating - 5.1 due to Graphics card being on the lower end.

Cons: Audio - despite the fact that this is Dolby digital audio the sound quality is not as I expected it. Don't get me wrong it's plenty loud and clear but do not expect surround sound type quality.

Overall Review: ***Gaming - Originally I could not get a game to run but found the reason. If your having problems with games not running at all or not running properly make sure your Intel and AMD drivers are not conflicting with one another. Also make sure if you updated the AMD drivers that you run the AMD cleanup/uninstall tool after to rid the computer of conflicting files. I tested Far Cry 4 at full resolution on lowest settings the game is playable, Fallout 3 seems to run well at full resolution on medium settings, possibly even full settings. Also gave Quake 2 a go and besides not being able to run in widescreen format on the 3.20 patch it runs perfect. A cool feature I found is the left side corner USB doubles as a charge port while the Computer is completely turned off. All in all for the money this laptop IMO is well worth it if your looking for something to play low to medium end games and setup with Quality components.

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First Impressions!12/31/2010 12:02:04 AM

Pros: -Aluminum bezel and screen shell (Doesnt attract fingerprints) -Full keyboard (rare in a smaller laptop) -Sound quality, so far, has not distorted at max level -Keys are very responsive -Mousepad is very nice overall and quite responsive -Webcam quality is nice (so far best I have seen in a laptop) So far since I have had this out of the box this computer has performed nicely. I like the touch buttons being above the keyboard, I also like that they have adequate space between the number and "F" keys. The best game I have for a test was Fallout 3, I had to modify the .ini file so the game only runs on 2 cores but after doing so fallout ran flawlessly on high settings. The screen is very nice, crisp and bright! Like most laptops it does dull out when viewing from the sides but is still easy to see. I have not seen yet but Im hoping sunlight doesn't make the screen impossible to see.

Cons: -FN and CTRL keys are backwords as stated in previous reviews which kinda sucks but for gamers like myself nothing a Belkin n52te can't fix! -The quick access buttons on above the keyboard are not lit up unless turned on. Im under the impression this laptop can be used with a media remote control (What seems to be the sensor is located on the front under the right mouse key) like you get with almost every HP. If so I'm somewhat confused as to why they wouldn't of included one.

Overall Review: I keep seeing everyone complaining (it's also in the description of the product) that there are only 2 x USB ports. There are actually 3 x USB ports! The E-Sata port on the right hand side doubles as a USB port. For those that don't know this is the best place to hook up a USB external hardrive. You will get the maximum allowable transfer speeds through this port. With battery set to max power and plugged in just sitting here typing this the laptop runs hot (about 100 F). Whats to be expected from a "Gaming Laptop". My next investment will be a Targus HD3 chill mat! Well so far its a keeper! Anyone looking for a nice gaming laptop, this is a good pick for a decent price!

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Not as good as hoped.....11/7/2008 6:45:27 AM

Pros: Great drive external until I got ready to put into my laptop....

Cons: Well first off you dont get 320 gigs you get 298 gigs....wish seagate advertised as it is. I have actually noticed a decrease in speed in my laptop...I had a fujitsu 250 gig 5400 rpm.....Does that seem right to you? Not to me....I would think I would have a fairly good increase in data speed and loading vista 64-bit. Secondly Everytime I turn off my pc or restart I have to turn off then on again multiple times to get my hardrive going. Its like its trying to go out. So I guess I got an almost DOA drive...Untill it goes out what to do?

Overall Review: Seagates website is not very user friendly....Peeps I think I would try the WD Scorpio over this drive. I have always liked WD better than seagate neway. This is my second seagate that I have had problems with. Im not a happy camper right now.

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Cheap but...Worked Great11/6/2008 10:09:17 AM

Pros: Bought for discount when buying my seagate momentus 7200.3! So I got a good deal on it! Recieved Fast...Aluminum bezel and plastic ends...Has light to tell u when drive is good or having problems. Dual USB but only needed one~~~All in all good case

Cons: I dont like the 2.5 external drive thats written in big white letters on the oustide of the case....It kinda gives it away expecially if u were trying to conseal it. Ends could be better quality...

Overall Review: Worked fine for what I needed it...NewEgg is Great! Thanks newegg

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Robert Here with abit news3/17/2005 1:37:57 AM

Comments: Motherboard is awesome!!!! Ihave had for about 2 yrs. now and had OC'd nearly out of the box! Deevious I did have a little trouble with the sound myself. I couldnt figure out wether it was the color marking on the jacks was messed up or if the 5.1 surrround spkrs. i have or color coated wrong? Otherwise mb has be awesome and easy to use recommend for any first time builders!

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