Amazing keyboard. Fantastic tactile switches but a few MINOR issues...8/25/2019 11:16:57 AM

Pros: This keyboards is built like a tank. Aluminum/steel construction and Logitech's brand new GL Linear, GL Tactile, or GL Clicky switches (I got the tactile - reminiscent of Cherry MX Brown switches). All the keys are low profile and the travel and actuation distance is absolutely flawless! You can have it wired, use 2.4Ghz Lightspeed Wireless, or Bluetooth wireless (that's three ways to connect this keyboard to your PC). Minimalistic but still have 5 G keys and media controls as well as rotary volume knob (also made of metal). Overallall quality is top notch and probably the best keyboard Logitech has made so far.

Cons: If there is one thing missing from this keyboard it is definitely the lack or any kind of wrist rest. Most keyboards of this quality and size are fifty to one hundred dollars cheaper and come with a magnetic wrist rest. The way this keyboard is layed out would be behfitted majorly from even a small wrist rest.

Overall Review: Overall a solid if not a bit overpriced. If you like Logitech and you love quality keyboards with amazing mechanical switches (and CHOICE of clicky, linear, or tactile) you cannot go wrong with this board. If you are used to a wrist rest, then either but a seperate rest or lobby for Logitech's next revision of this keyboard to come with one. Other than that, this is a quality keyboard that has minor negative issues that keep it from achieving perfection.

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Still going VERY Strong!! Best board I have ever used!!11/23/2015 3:08:35 PM

Pros: The MSI G0DLIKE GAMING motherboard is the BEST motherboard I have ever used. I've had it working almos 24/7 since I first turned it on and it hasn't crashed on me once. This board is some crazy high end equipment. An Intel Core i7 5960X, Corsair AX1200i Power Supply, 3 Nvidia GTX Titan X cards in Tri-SLI, a Samsung NVMe 950 Pro SSD. The CPU and graphic cards are all watercooled with a custom designed water-loop keeping it nice and chilly. I've been able to overclock the processor to 5.0ghz stable, the cache at 4.5Ghz. Totally insane overclocks! This board also has MSI's special Turbo socket, which adds extra pins to the CPU socket (2036) in order to allow for higher CPU, cache, and memory overclocks amongst other excellent things.

Cons: Price is still high and the board is sold out almost EVERYWHERE!~

Overall Review: BIOS is easy ro update. Board is SUPER stable and it comes with a MSI branded CPU-Z and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. MSI's other software has been a lot more stable as of recently too. MSI's Command Center is MUCH improved as well. BUY THIS BOARD if you are on the search for a quality X99 motherboard. You will NOT regret it. It is G0DLIKE and almost perfect!!

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Almost Flawless!11/15/2015 2:20:36 PM

Pros: These are quality memory sticks. They're some of the heaviest and most substantial feeling RAMsticks I have EVER had the pleasure of handling. They look fantastic (wish the red plastic top part was a red or white LED instead though). These installed and booted fine in my MSI G0Dlike Gaming motherboard and Core i7 5960X CPU. Ran MEMTEST86 overnight and got not even one error. AIDA64 benchmarked this memory and it is FAST! Was able to get better timings by adjusting frequency and voltage so there is definitely lots of headroom for tighter timings and/or overclocking.

Cons: Only probaly I have is that when booting at 3200Mhz (using XMP or not), my system would freeze and hang whenever I stress tested it. What baffled me even more is that NO memory stress test could produce errors. The RAM was error free in MEMTEST yet would hang my system whenever I used a stress or torture test to verify stability at 3200Mhz. Maybe it is my motherboard's still immature BIOS; or maybe it is something else entirely. Mayhaps G.Skill could comment on this issue and/or try helping me out?

Overall Review: Uses SAMSUNG memory IC; in case you wanted to know. Will update review and score if/when issues are resolved.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Vincent Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the Trident Z memory kit is working well with your X99 system. DDR4-3200 is pushing the limits of the Haswell-E CPU, so additional tweaks may be necessary to stabilize the processor. Manually set the System Agent Voltage to see if that gives the memory controller the boost it needs to stabilize a higher DRAM frequency. Once the proper values are input, the computer should be perfectly stable. For any further questions or if you need additional help with set up, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
I love this board!9/13/2015 1:23:22 AM

Pros: This motherboard has everything you could want! I was able to get my Intel Core i7 4770k de-lidded up to 4.8Ghz on this motherboard and then my Core i7 4790k up to 4.7Ghz. Board hasn't ever crashed on me once and everything worked the moment I set it up. Worked out of the box. Even the MSI software was reliable and worked as it should!

Cons: Yellow and Black color scheme might not be for everybody (I like it though).

Overall Review: I don't know why people are having so many problems with this board but I think a lot of the reviews are from MSI bashers because a lot of the negative reviews are not from Verified Owners of this board.

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I was wrong...3/27/2014 9:17:21 AM

Pros: I previously reviewed this product and gave it 1 egg because I received a motherboard that was defective. Now that the replacement board has come (and it came rather quickly), I am revising my prior review (below this one) to 5-egg maximum. The motherboard now works as described and it is working FLAWLESSLY. I am having absolutely ZERO problems with the product now and I couldn't be happier! I realize that with any consumer product (electronics especially) that defects are the nature of the game. They can happen any time and any place and I jumped the gun on my previous review because I was upset. I now realize I should have waited because this motherboard is spectacular and I love everything about it. It looks incredible. The matte black PCB with matching black and yellow highlight heat sinks make this the best looking motherboard I have ever owned. I'm tired of black and red or blue and white. Other boards are either those colors or crazy colors like black and orange or black and green. Black and yellow on this board just looks fantastic and professional (not that it really matters). The board support SLI, Tri, and Quad-SLI as well as Crossfire, CrossfireX, etc. and does so with no problems as I am currently running three GTX Titan Black cards in triple-SLI with no hiccups (besides the crazy heat three gfx cards produce). This motherboard is a cinch to install big, gigantic heat sinks as well as water cooling components and the board layout is absolutely fantastic. Many people are complaining about the Killer LAN being faulty or bad or worse than an Intel or Realtek LAN but this just is not the case. Not only does it work wonderfully, but the amount of customization it holds in it's powerful software suite is a networking wet-dream. The board has ALC 1150 audio codec (the best Realtek audio codec out at time of release) w/ good Creative Labs sound software to enhance the sound even more (you don't have to use it). The amplified headphone jack also helps if you game or listen to music via a good pair of analog headphones. It has an insane amount of USB 3.0 ports and some USB 2.0 ports that also support quick charging to help charge your smartphones or tablets a lot faster than normal USB does. It also includes two USB 2.0 & two USB 3.0 motherboard headers to hook up any USB ports that your case may have as well as extra break-out brackets. You'll never run out of USB ports! It also has 10 SATA-III 6.0Gb/s internal connectors, two BIOS chips, two diferrent overclocking profiles, and a venerable wealth of on-board power, reset, discharge, overclocking buttons and so much more I just cannot list them all! Oh and this motherboard can overclock with the best of them! The on-board overclocking buttons provide pinpoint precision overclocking (as long as your CPU chip supports it and can handle it). I am currently running my Core i7 4770k @ 4.8Ghz custom water loop and my temps have never exceeded 72°C full load. 32-power phase capability h

Cons: The board could benefit from a 2nd LAN port. Most boards come with 2 LAN ports nowadays, so having the Killer NIC and an Intel NIC on there would have been a welcome bonus. MSI Command Center software suite that controls fan speed and overclocking in Windows is still a bit buggy. If you want to really get good overclocking results, do it the good way: Through the BIOS

Overall Review: Overall, this is one of the best motherboards I have ever used and is, in my new opinion, one of the top three Z87 motherboards you can buy! SYSTEM SPECS: Intel Core i7-4770k @ 4.8Ghz (under custom water cooling loop) MSI z87 XPower Motherboard (BIOS v1.5) 32GB Corsair Dominator PLATINUM DDR3-2400mhz (4 x 8GB) 3x Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK (Tri-SLI - under 2nd custom water cooling loop) CaseLabs TH10 Double Wide Ultra Tower Case 2x Corsair AX1200i Power Supplies 34x Akasa Viper Yellow 120mm PWM Fans

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