Great board.4/15/2021 5:57:51 PM

Pros: It's a beautiful board. Love the layout. Bios is easy as usual. Had to cut a piece of aluminum out of my Cougar Conquer Case to make the motherboard fit because the I/O is too bulky.

Cons: Ram slot too close to the cpu area. Liquid cooler touching the memory causing it to shift a bit.

Overall Review: I love it overall. Been a fan of Asus since I was 12 years old. Guess I'm being a little bias?

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Feedback1/6/2013 11:19:58 PM

Pros: Push alot of air while being silent.

Cons: Does't make BOV sounds. ;P

Overall Review: Highly recommend these fans.

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Feedback1/6/2013 10:26:23 PM

Pros: Work as advertised.

Cons: In my opinion, ugly heatspread.

Overall Review: A beast...

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Awesome8/15/2012 9:38:55 AM

Pros: ANC is amazing on this headset. Long cables. Love the look, how you can unplug the wires and mic, and love how its so comfortable.

Cons: Feels like the mic is low quality. Everytime I switch to ANC mode, sometimes it tinkers with my audio settings. And also if I put the volume high, it feels like my headphones is about to bust. But when I turn it up while ANC is off. Its good. Needed battery for ANC. So lame.

Overall Review: Paired this up with my ASUS Xonar Phoebus, its awesome!

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Awesome8/10/2012 4:15:28 AM

Pros: Loving the amplifier. It's fancy. Great sound. Love the LED lights on Xonar Phoebus. When turning up the amp it changes to red.

Cons: Need more features. I rather ASUS Xonar Essence SXT. Should not be costin 199.99. Should be 169.99.

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Awesome8/10/2012 4:09:41 AM

Pros: Fast. Looks good. Does not go into BSOD when hibernated.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Wish it came in black and red.

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BANG FOR ITS BUCK1/29/2012 7:15:12 PM

Pros: This is my first ASUS wifi adapter ever. All I have to say, its better than the top product Netgear and Cisco 40-100 bucks range.

Cons: Its not a dual band! :P Had to replace my Netgear N600 4 times. Netgear fell off. Found this cheap wifi adapter made by Asus. Didnt even know they made a wifi product. I always choose Cisco/Linksys or Netgear. Since they are well known in that category. I finally gave up. I'm only 20-30 feet away. The netgear n600 dualband barely detect my router, slow ****ing speed. With this Asus adapter, 80% signal plus and deliver the promising up to 300mbps. 200-300mbs mostly. the Netgear n600 even with 5ghz lower the ****ing signal and supposely to deliver up to 300mbps but didnt even break 54mbps.....

Overall Review: Wish it was dual band, and waiting on the new ASUS wifi adapter to come out. NETGEAR SUCKS. CISCO and ASUS my new favorite combo! Networking Specs: Cox Communication Premier Cable Internet Service 30mbps Cox Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPC-2100 Modem Cisco/Linksys WRT320N - Tomato Firmware ASUS USB N13 Wifi adapter - for the win....

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WOWZERS2/7/2009 10:20:35 PM

Pros: Very nice looking case!!!! Nice designs in the front. Its really nice overall for THE MONEY!!!

Cons: The case fan not really blowing out any air... lol..Not free shipping.........................................

Overall Review: You wont regret buying this!

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HMMM...1/16/2009 10:39:51 PM

Pros: Great motherboard. Love the features. ASUS all the way. DDR3. Nice layout. Love the power button and restart button on the board.

Cons: RAID drivers didnt work. It did not read it from the floppy. Bought 5 set of floppy drives and disks. Wont detect!!!! But its ok though...

Overall Review: Its not bad overall. Save alot of money on eletric bill for the EPU system. lol cant beat that baby!!!!

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WHOA!!1/15/2009 6:50:00 PM

Pros: First I started with the XFX GTX 280, sold that. Downgraded to this card. Believe me when I played Far Cry 2 Ultra High settings. CANNOT TELL A DIFFERENCE from my 280. I recommend this card if someone was thinking about getting the 280. This will not disappoint you.

Cons: Ummm... Doesnt have a HDMI slot. ahah

Overall Review: People say this card runs hot. Depending what kind of case you have. I have an ANTEC Skeleton Case. Runs 32c on Idle and 48c on full load! ANTEC Skeleton CASE ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi-AP-@n Q6600 G0 Stepping OC 3.5GHZ ASUS Silent Knight II CPU Cooler[Copper] 2x1GB DDR3 2000 Kingston HyperX x2 Western Digital SATA II 3.0 RAID 0 XFX GTX 260 Black Edition 650WATT LSP PSU All I need right there.

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Pretty neat case12/24/2008 2:17:21 AM

Pros: Pretty neat design. Open case. Nice airflow. Very different from other cases.

Cons: I had to mod this case to fit my ASUS Silent Knight II CPU cooler. Thats why I took an egg out. Came out very nice though. Paint it with a Gloss White color.

Overall Review: Don't get this case if you gonna have a big CPU Cooler. Will not fit. As for my ASUS Knight II that is. 4.0ghz Q6600 2gig Kingston Hyper X DDR3 2000 XFX GTX 260 P5Q3 Delux mobo x2 WD 500gb SATA II 32MB RAID 0

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WHOA12/4/2008 4:21:46 AM

Pros: Pros - Cheap, good price for its value. Good features. I recommend this board to beginners level. Easy to set up.

Cons: There's really not a con, but why not free shipping :P

Overall Review: build this board with a customer. with 2gigs 2x1gb consair xms 500gb Hard Drive SATA II 16mb cache ATI RADEON x700 PCI-E Pentium D 945 3.0ghz = happy customer

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