still beats vista and more memory!1/13/2009 7:33:15 AM

Pros: Installs like windows always installs. I put this on a machine built by cyberpower pc. THey did not offer xp x64 so I had to order it. I had no issues with the install.

Cons: be sure you have x64 drivers for your devices

Overall Review: I had to make sure i had drivers for my various components that support x64 - this is not something a newbie should mess with. Some things just do not work with x64. But now my adobe photoshop and lightroom run much faster than before on standard xp and it recognizes 8gig of memory.

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great memory at a great price1/13/2009 7:28:12 AM

Pros: Plugged right in and worked as designed.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought 8 gig for my new x64 machine. It plugged right in and was recognized immediatly. No issues at all.

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great box easy setup1/13/2009 7:26:36 AM

Pros: Very simple and easy setup. Comes with adapter to convert dvi to vga and even a ps2 adapter for the mouse. Simple plug and play and it booted right up. Super fast bootup. Comes with wireless and star office plus MS works.

Cons: I did have to do windows updates to make sure all the latest patches were there.. I also picked up new patches from the asus auto update software from their app - it was painless though

Overall Review: I got this box to run full time supporting my weather station software that uploads to my personal website. It runs really quite (you cant tell it is on except for the light) and not hot at all. Simply share a cd or dvd drive from another computer over your network if you need to load software from a cd. Highly recommend for someone who is looking for basic internet connectivity, email, and document publishing.

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