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Knew What I Was Signing Up For, No Disappointments Whatsoever4/12/2021 8:36:23 AM

Pros: -User friendly feeling across most ages-Super easy set up-Sizable game library to choose from-Wonderfully Cheap online pass. ($20 dollars for a year, as opposed to xbox which for online play is $60 a year)-Overall a fantastic product with a cheaper Nintendo Lite version if you dont mind the lack of dockability over computers, tv's and overall changable/customizable use for remotes.

Cons: -Battery Life, While not terrible by anymeans I just happen to be used to a bit of a bigger battery on products.

Overall Review: I would happily suggest this product to any of those interested, either for solo or multiplayer games it's superb. Either for yourself or gifting I'd say this is the right purchase.

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