Phenomenal price and performance9/11/2018 5:59:42 PM

Pros: This model outperforms my PM961 OEM Samsung EVO The pricepoint puts it in strong competition with the 970 EVO Excellent read performance and Stellar write performance Automatic recognition and compatibility with a new build and fresh install of Windows 10 Pro... no hassles and no issues whatsoever... awesome right out of the box

Cons: The heat sink is a nice touch as a bonus, but I'm not sure how effective it is... I put it on anyway, and it was easy to install The shipping could have been quicker... I could have picked it up from the warehouse myself if I were a little more ambitious... anything more than 3 days to ship from the next county over is not cool at all, especially in SoCal where the only thing more than 90 minutes away is Las Vegas

Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this to everyone looking for the best price/performance M.2 on the market... even if you're in a hurry, it's worth waiting for shipping.... as long as they dont raise the <$80 pricetag... you just cant find a better M.2 SSD with a generous portion of MLC onboard

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