Great Value2/23/2010 8:33:02 AM

Pros: This card may be the best choice available for the price tag it comes with. I plan on getting a second for Crossfire because refresh and shaders are not 100% diesel at the 5700 level, but still a surprising Vcard! Drivers are easy to install, update on Windows 7. Some have experienced problems but it's really just a matter of cleanly getting it on or off the system.. Catalyst Control let's you overclock your card, change fan speeds, etc. Getting a great deal on the Sapphire JunipXT

Cons: Not the most powerful card on the market. Some loss in frame, textures, AA isn't perfect, but not noticable on most games at the higher graphics settings. This card is still doing it's thang.

Overall Review: All FPS and RPGs, sims, racing, whatever, with an i7 along this system rocks.. hands down, best bang for buck. Go ATI

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so worth it..12/13/2009 12:20:50 PM

Pros: Card is amazing for under 200 bucks. Doesn't get hot with stock cooling and a modified Lian Li side window fan blowing right over her, not OC'd but even without any PCIe or GPU overclocking I'm playing Crysis, Knights of the Old Republic, Last Remnant, CS Source, COD Modern Warfare, all at darn-near maxed out settings, just straight beating these programs to death man its's awesome.. Movies, games, you want it the 5770 is the VERY above average cheap fix man!

Cons: I had no problems fitting it in, but it is kinda big, bout the size of an old school Game Gear.. yeahh, Game Gear. ATI's CATALYST program is not working on my computer, but it may have something to do with my AsRock mobo, drivers, etc. I think it's more of a system problem and not the software.

Overall Review: I'm never buying nVidia again.

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Good deal at $16011/23/2009 12:19:49 PM

Pros: Received the box with a large gaping hole in the side! Jeeez.. I was scared until I plugged my new monitor in and tested it. No dead pixels, colors are very bright and although blues are a little too grey by default, I think I can tweak and tinker with it a little bit if it becomes a bother. Very happy with my purchase, NewEgg shipping was fast and *almost perfect :). I hear a lot of bad things about Acer monitors after 4-6 months, but if it lasts me a half year with this quality I will still be satisfied.

Cons: Stand is not adjustable at all, and a little shaky.

Overall Review: Came with cords necessary for HDMI, adapters for the DVI. Very bold picture, no ghosting in games and no noticeable lag with video. Very good monitor, barring a future quality breakdown, and I'm sure for 160 bucks other customers would feel the same!

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