Awesome fan8/20/2015 12:31:47 PM

Pros: Very quiet, moves a lot of air

Cons: Zilch

Overall Review: I'm using this in the back of my entertainment center for cooling. It is dead quiet if you're more than 3 feet away, and it's not even loud up close. I have it hooked up to a digital thermostat, so the blue LED was an easy way to tell when it's on or not. Highly recommended!!!

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Great speaker for the price2/6/2015 11:50:10 AM

Pros: Sound quality, decent efficiency, build quality, binding posts

Cons: Large size

Overall Review: The low reviews on this speaker don't make any sense. These are not in the same league as $400/each Def. Tech. speakers, and anyone that can't determine the size from the provided specs deserves what they get. Banana plugs fit just fine once you remove the red and black plastic plugs from the binding posts. For those griping about lack of bass, a center (or most bookshelf speakers for that matter) aren't designed for full range. Floor standing speakers and/or subs are designed for that purpose. These speakers normally sell for $100, and can be found for about half that on occasion. In that price range, you won't find a better sounding, more clearly defined center channel. I'm actually waiting for the price to drop again so I can add 2 more as my L and R mains. I haven't listened to the Polk centers because they are too deep for my entertainment center shelf. For rear-facing ports, you should keep the same amount of space behind the speaker as the diameter of the port (1" port = 1" of space behind the speaker), which I cannot accommodate. The CSR would fit, but I want the front speakers timber-matched.

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unbeatable for the quality and price2/15/2013 12:44:24 AM

Pros: Small and easy to place anywhere. Sound amazing for the size/price. 150w RMS sub is small but has great depth. You can use banana plugs on all the speakers.

Cons: None yet...

Overall Review: These are ideal for a smaller room, but may not be enough for a medium to large room, especially if it combines with another room ( room into kitchen, etc).

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