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Nice, but...11/6/2019 4:49:30 AM

Pros: Very comfortable, adjustable tilt for even more comfort builtin rechargeable batteries

Cons: Same bad buttons that Logitech uses on all their trackballs and mice

Overall Review: I bought this to see if it had better buttons than the M570, sadly it does not so after 6 months to a year you have to add debouching software to keep it from double clicking on a single click. Also the buttons start feeling mushy edit: 11/6/2019 well that's it the left mouse button doubles clicks on a single press and dragging no longer works, right button is now sometimes works sometimes not. Order the Adesso iMouse T30 to see if it has better buttons

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Outstanding11/1/2019 9:30:00 AM

Pros: Very fast Good price

Overall Review: Can find nothing bad to say about it. It just works

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A Bit disappointing11/1/2019 9:28:13 AM

Pros: Good price

Cons: Does not functions at advertised clock

Overall Review: Will not work at 3000, but does at 2800

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Callie: We feel really sorry that your memory modules are failed and causing you inconvenience. Pls kindly advised how are your M/B and CPU model type and bios version. We hope to have the information to clarify your memory and find a solution for you. Sorry again the inconvenience we causing and if have a further question pls kindly let us know. Many thanks OLOy team
Works Great11/1/2019 9:26:34 AM

Pros: For every day computing it keeps my CPU under 40C,. and even running demanding games it keeps the CPU under 70C Lot less noise than a air cooler

Cons: Installation directions are not very clear but I managed

Overall Review: It keeps my CPU cooler than my old air cooler, so a thumbs up

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Love it11/1/2019 9:19:25 AM

Pros: Lights up so I can see how far I have my fingers off of the right keys Light can be turned off The price is right

Cons: Blue and only blue

Overall Review: I love it. I often am using the computer in the dark when playing games. It is only blue led, but it is very cheap and for someone like me who ruins their keyboard about once a year spilling stuff on it, it is perfect

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