So glad to see Prices of these have come down. Great product & services great purpose. So easy.4/16/2017 12:14:20 PM

Pros: Small, easy to setup and implement. can go anywhere you have a power outlet, or even extention cord really. The price is SO right, as these were expensive not that long ago, when I last researched them.

Cons: Not con (yet) curious to see how this reacts in a power outage; does it need to be reset up? Hasn't happened yet, but if so, this would be the only con.

Overall Review: Served great purpose. My kitchen appliances were between my smart TV and wireless router. I added this to a far wall to avoid the interference the appliances gave, and now my TV has full signal. I've watched streaming movies on it since, without any issues like before. I'm recommending my friends and family get one of these for their houses. This is something every house could use to cover low/blank wireless spots in their home or business.

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