A comfortable fit, superb sound quality and a long battery life8/14/2013 8:10:41 PM

Pros: * Easy pairing with my iPhone 5 and my Windows 7 laptop. * Comfortable. These headphones are very comfortable. I listen to audio books on a daily basis for several hours at a time and I haven't had any ear soreness caused by pressure from the headphone cups since they are truly over the ear. I barely noticed the band across the top of my head or the ear cups. * These headphones do not generate heat so my ears don't get hot or even warm after using them for 4-5 hours at a time. * The combination of a resizable band and swivel ear cups makes these a versatile pair of headphones in that they fit me very good as well as my husband and son. Between the three of us, we range from very small to large in head and ear sizes. * Music is a great experience on these headphones, easily hearing different ranges and with a full deep bass. * Can easily answer phone calls and can hear callers clearly. * Long battery life. I can listen to a complete audio book without having to switch to another headset. I have listened two audio books and music in between on one charge, that's over 17 hours. * I like the On/Off voice prompts when powering the headphones on and off. * Battery indicator on the iPhone's top right display area, letting you know how much power is left. * Can be used as wired headphones by plugging in a 3.5 mm audio cable, one is provided with this headset or you can use your own. * Comes with a standard miniUSB charging cable. * Easy to use controls that are easy to use and find by touch. There are three control buttons on each headphone: - Left side: Power/Answer/Reject/Hold/Cancel Call button, Volume control down and Volume control up - Right side: Next track, Play/Pause and Previous track

Cons: * While I can hear phones calls clearly, I've had callers say I sound like I'm in a tunnel or that I'm speaking right on top of the mic during calls.

Overall Review: * I have only one complaint about these headphones, is while it does block some ambient noise, they aren't complete noise canceling. These aren't advertised as being noise canceling but if they were these headphones would be near perfect.

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