Fantastic product...except for the connection10/3/2019 6:31:58 AM

Pros: A really great product. Pretty much a copy of the Jabra Elite's in everything but price. Case is well made and solid. Easy to use. Forgot my phone wasn't in my pocket, and didn't realize it until I'd walked four rooms away and then out the garage...never totally dropped connection (got really spotty of course).

Cons: Despite all of its positives, I would not purchase this product again due to spotty bluetooth connection. Even with the phone in your pocket, the connection goes in and out. Which is annoying if you are listening to music, impossibly if you are listening to a podcast, as you will sometimes lose entire sentences.

Overall Review: Overall, I would not recommend this product to others until they fix the Bluetooth connections issues. It's a real shame too, as other than the connection issue, I LOVE this product. You get so much value for your money...if only it weren't for the connection issue.

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